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Denise Albert | The Moms
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Denise Albert

Denise Albert is an award-winning journalist and television producer and a guilt-free workaholic mom of two boys.  She is the co-founder of the mulit-platform brand, The Moms.  Prior to the Moms, Denise co-founded Moms and the City where she hosted and produced a television show within the NBC family, and wrote for the NY Daily News online, BabyCenter.com and created, hosted, and produced celebrity events.  Denise and her partner Melissa also serve as spokesmoms for many national household brands.

Denise says she is a better mom because she works.  She is proud to say out loud that she hated being pregnant.   She loves business trips because those are the real vacations!  Denise really believes she can do it all and doesn’t understand why so many moms feel like they can’t.  But it’s much easier to manage her career and life as a mom since she co-founded Moms and the City. Moms and the City is a multi-platform brand with exposure on the web, television and in print.  Albert thinks it’s ironic that, she, “the anti-mommy-world-mom” is living and working in the mom space.  But it all makes sense since it’s combined with her true passions of journalism and television.

Albert most recently served as President of David Blaine’s production company where she was an Executive Producer and Director of Development. Before she figured out her way “to do it all”, Albert spent time interviewing everyone from Michael Jordan, Paula Jones, John and Patsy Ramsey and inmates at a women’s penitentiary in North Carolina.  Albert’s career in news has included stints both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as an award-winning producer.
 From 2002 – 2005 she was a Producer and Deputy Editorial Producer for ABC’s Good Morning America.  Albert also served as a feature reporter for NBA TV from 2002-2008.

  She began her professional career as story coordinator for King World’s “Inside Edition” and “American Journal”; and a features correspondent for  “New York Central” on the Metro Channel. She received the 2001 Gracie Allen Award from American Women in Radio & Television and the 2001 Exceptional Merit Media Award from the National Women’s Political Caucus.

She attended Boston University, where she also co-hosted a sports talk show on WTBU Radio.  Albert is the fifth member of her family to enter the world of broadcasting, following father Marv, uncles Al and Steve, and brother Kenny.  Twin brother Brian is an entrepreneur, and sister Jackie wants nothing to do with the family business.  Denise is a better mom because she works and a better worker because she’s a mom (and able to do it all because of her mom, Benita!)   She lives in NYC with her two boys, Jaron and Jaylan.

TheMoms.com is all about the edgy, honest and sometimes controversial opinions of real moms of New York City. Comprised of award-winning journalists: Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein. Learn more about us here.