Who works from The B’office?

Working from home has its challenges. I work out of my Boffice aka, the bedroom and office.  There are many pros and also cons to this.  Everyone’s situation is different.  For me, it allows me to be more present with my children everyday. It allows me to be there when they get home from school, it allows me to run to school pick up for my little one and yet it is also a curse.

I hate when they are home and I am stuck on calls in another room and I hate when I have to shove them aside while focused on work.  I guess I dont like that they have to see that.  I want to give them all my attention when they want it. On the other hand, I love that they see a hard working mom, who is trying to do it all.

Today I have found the balance while working from home.  It could possibly be because my children are older now and more independent.  It could be that they are more self sufficient.  It could be that I am out at meetings most of the day, so not constantly at home.  It could be that I own a company called The MOMS, and people are more undestanding given the nature of our business.

There have been those moments, where you go on mute during a call and tell your kids to shut up nicely or where you go on mute while cooking dinner and cleaning dishes so your clients dont hear the pots and pans and water. It is almost quite comical sometimes all the chaos, but that is also parenting.

I think the bottom line is that we are just trying to do the best that we can as working parents, and we are now blessed and cursed with devices that allow to us work from really anywhere.

So, on that note, this video just made our day over here at The MOMS.

Take a look…..