It’s My 1-Year Chemoversary — Here’s What I’ve Learned Since

Looking back, I did look sick … but now I look and feel like myself again.

Happy Anniversary to me. It’s not romantic. It’s not a gold, silver or even bronze. It’s my first chemoversary It’s been a year since I completed chemo. While in the midst of treatment I decided to celebrate all of the time. With the end of each treatment I had a party or dinner. I also decided to travel more. Having things to look forward to got me through each day. That philosophy has continued for me. I celebrate as much as possible and want to continue to travel as much as possible. I also got engaged, which is super exciting news right? I spent hours looking at engagement rings on websites like Moissanite to try and find the perfect one. I actually knew my boyfriend was going to propose so I decided to help him out with ring choices too! We’re so happy and we seriously can’t wait to get married. So many good things have happened since chemo. I feel so much more positive now and my life is finally looking up. I can’t wait to be a wife and see what else I can achieve!

So, with my boys off to camp, I planned a girls’ trip to Canyon Ranch . This trip though was more than being with friends. This trip was more about feeling like me again. This trip was me for the first time in a year finally feeling like it is okay to push myself. This trip was me for the first time finally with a full appetite again. This trip for me was healthy.

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