Fussy Eaters Equals Organic For Me


Mealtime in our house has turned me into a short order cook. I have three children with three different palettes and I am making three different meals almost every night. The one night which I have coined “brunch munch” night is however a huge success.
My son who is ten will eat anything. My two girls who are six and three are picky eaters and lean towards breakfast types of foods. This can consist of French toast, pancakes, cereals and even bacon. I used to think that I might have to go online to sites like the 1-800-Dentist Dental Network to get in touch with a reliable dentist if such a situation continues.

I really used to fight this tooth and nail and give ultimatums – but now I am embracing their brunch desires and making breakfast for dinner.

With their pickiness, I am also going more of an organic route with my food selections. I cannot bare one more hot dog or chicken nugget. If they want this then it will be organic. So until they expand their palette, I will have to rely on healthier choices like Cascadian Farm.

As we approach Earth Day, my children are also coming home from school educating me on their green missions and they are discussing our planet and the problems we face. They want to make a difference too no matter how simple it might be. We have been discussing recycling and healthier food choices which I am now purchasing.

My family’s “brunch munch” night has now turned into waffles, granola and berries and their favorite is the Oat & Honey Granola. In fact, yogurt and granola often turns into dessert in our house too. They love to make it and mix it all up with honey as well. Having my children cook and prep food alongside of me, has improved their eating habits too.

So my new attitude is if my daughters are reluctant to try new foods then feed them what they like and throwing in the organic makes me feel a bit better along the way.

I was not paid for this post. I was given some Cascadian Farm products and recipe ideas.

Mamarazzi® Fashion


It was a week full of Mamarazzi ®. We had a fashion frenzy this week with three major events. What to wear when you are hosting a Broadway Show about the greatest Baskteball sports legends of our time? Easy..you get into the spirit and wear team t-shirts! We hopped over to the new NBA store on 5th Avenue and found Lakers and Celtics tees that we matched with cool AG jeans ,jackets, jeans and shoes. This look is always hip and cool, and the Cabe white leather blazer is a staple for over any look.

Denise grew up a New Yorker and die-hard Knicks fan, so there was no way she would sport Celtics Pride. Probably, she could be interested if I had bought her mets tickets and shared the spirit that she feels with her homegrown players. Had it been another day, I might have supported her. However, for the current situation, I took one for the team and proudly wore my Larry Bird tee. And Laker purple suits here better anyway…and we had a blast with the cast of Magic/Bird.

Then the Mamarazzi continued with actress, author and entrepreneur Tori Spelling. Tori weighed in on her staples in her closet. She said it is all about the little black blazer. Thanks to our friends at Laundry by Shelli Segal, we were styled in two chic looks with a touch of leather.

Then to finish off our busy week we hosted Amanda Beard who is by far the coolest swimming Olympic mom we have met. Luckily…we didn’t have to wear swimsuits! I chose some bright BCBG Spring looks for the afternoon and Denise was stunning in Camilla at The Printing House Equinox.

And to make all of our looks the best, we have to thank our friends at Stuart Weitzman who showed us the hottest looks for spring and we are told that it is all about white white and ankle straps!

May the Fashion Frenzy continue next week. Happy Spring! Easter Passover and Happy Birthday to Denise!