MOMS Back to School Tips

For most of us, we’re still focused on enjoying Summer with our families and don’t realize how fast the school year creeps back up on us. It’s almost like you blink and the end of the summer holidays are over. It happens that quickly. Though there will be many of us who have decided to check out catchment areas to see which schools your children could be eligible to attend come the start of the school year, there will be others who have appeared to forget about their kids going back to school completely that they don’t have a single thing in place.

But don’t worry. Over the years, we have found that the trick is to get organized early so you don’t have to stress out later. Denise is going to be speaking to moms and dads all over the country about some of The MOMS back to school tips.

Most schools send out back-to-school materials early so some simple tips include writing important school dates in your calendar so you don’t miss them, writing your child’s new teacher a short note of introduction to get to know each other, and planning school supply shopping in advance so you don’t aimlessly wander from store to store wasting time and money at the last minute. Additionally, within the materials that schools send out, some parents might also find a survey to fill out. Some schools like to do this to see how nervous children are about coming back, helping the school to find ways to relax children when they return. Schools will normally follow a template like the ones from Qualtrics (visit here) to make sure the survey is structured correctly. Furthermore, schools have to ensure your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance and this is why they send a checklist to make sure they are receiving safe and educational supplies. Health and safety within schools include having an up-to-date first aid kit for school, safety signs, and other regulations. So, getting the correct supplies is important to educators and therefore, important to you. Here is Denise’s back-to-school tips.

First, don’t be afraid to ask for help; and this is the 21st century, after all, so help can come in the form of technology if you know what to use.

There are certain supplies on every back-to-school list that you can get a jumpstart on purchasing. Scissors are always one of the top items on the list and Fiskars Kid Scissors are the #1 teacher-recommended brand. They have safety-edge blades to protect kids, yet still cut all classroom materials and fit kids’ hands comfortably. Made for ages 4 and up, they make cutting fun, easy and safe for all the students in your house. Kids enjoy using them and teachers recommend them so that means moms love them too!

And there are great, inexpensive products, like Duck ® brand tapes, that will allow your kids to express their creativity by personalizing back-to-school supplies. With Duck Tape ®, students can show off their sense of style by adding flair to book covers, decorating lockers, personalizing book bags and so much more! It’s available in a vibrant range of colors, designs, and licenses. And, new tape technologies, like sheets, new Ducklings mini rolls, and even new prism tapes make it easy to top off any project. Now, you’re simply limited by your imagination. You also can get back-to-school supplies that are not just beneficial to your children, but to you as well. Going back to school can be tiring for both children and parents, so if you were struggling for energy in the mornings you may want to research things such as ‘what is the Morning Complete top ingredient?’ for example. This way you could possibly look for products containing a similar ingredient if you were in need of a potential energy boost, for both you and your children in this busy period of time.

So we talked about how important it is to start back to school shopping early, but where you shop is also important and can be a real-life-saver when you’re strapped for time. Places like Walgreens offer great deals on an assortment of products to fill your entire back to school shopping list and with over 8,000 locations nationwide, it’s a super convenient one-stop-shop which saves you from running from store to store to check off that school list. Plus, many schools mandate certain immunizations and some Walgreens stores even offer flu shots and other Back to School immunizations, without having to make an appointment ahead of time. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!