ArtMuse Offers a Unique Valentines Day Opportunity

As moms, we know it may be difficult to find the time to plan something for Valentine’s Day- but love shouldn’t go uncelebrated, whether in a couple or with your closest girlfriends! That’s why our friends at ArtMuse are offering a UNIQUE Valentine’s Day experience this year- and what mom doesn’t want (dare we say need) to break away from routine and try something new? Okay, trying something new on Valentine’s Day usually means one thing… SEX TOYS! However, if you are thinking butt plugs this year, please don’t use it until you read this.

Anyway, on February 14th, ArtMuse is offering a special tour of The Art Of Seduction: Women, Scandal, Portraits: 18-20th century at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Glimpse into intertwined love stories and passionate love affairs between many who wanted to feel your breath (or the breath of their lovers), and get to know the women behind them. If that’s not a different experience, we don’t know what is! It sounds like a beautiful experience all around. And, if you’re going with your partner, you could be using the visit as a warmup before a night with a fucking machine of your own (or some other raunchy toy).

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To schedule, contact Natasha Schlesinger at (646) 785-9759 or [email protected]

About ArtMuse: ArtMuse takes a unique perspective on art tours, providing custom experiences in New York City and select European cities, exploring museums, galleries, auction houses, art fairs and artist studios. To ensure a high level of interest, tours are customized by interests and existing knowledge of participants. The best part? ArtMuse offers special tours designed for kids and families. ArtMuse has ArtXplorers, acquainting kids with the world of art and aesthetics in a fun, engaging and interactive way. If you want to not only introduce your kids to a bit of culture, but to get them to pay attention to it, as well, we suggest giving ArtMuse a try!


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