Earth Day Should Be Everyday – Products That Will Make It Happen

Earth day is upon us. It is actually just around the corner on April 22nd. This had me thinking…shouldn’t Earth Day be everyday?

We really have to take action now and start making everyday earth day, not just something we think about once a year. Simple, eco-friendly changes to our everyday routines can really have a lasting impact and I’ve teamed up with some great companies to share those ideas.

First, it can be simple changes to your everyday routine and what better way to do so than swapping out household and personal care products for ones that leave behind a happier and healthier world. Ology products, available exclusively at Walgreens, are safer for your family AND better for the environment – there are no harmful chemicals and the paper products are 100 percent tree-free. They have household products like paper towels All-Purpose cleaners and Laundry Detergent and personal care products like this shampoo and conditioner You can really feel good about using these products. If you have been searching for a suitable substitute for laundry detergent that doesn’t harm the environment, you may be able to find it around your home as well as using companies like this, people are very quick to go out and buy and not realize what is in what they’ve bought.

Another great, simple change for your kids is also in the kitchen – their food. As a mom, I always want to provide my children with the best products out there that contain proper nutrition for their growing bodies, and Happy Family is my go-to brand. Their products, like Happy Puffs and Happy Tot, are not only organic and non-GMO but include extra AND enlightened nutrition! They also source from sustainable family farms and use packaging without the use of BPA and from recycled materials whenever possible and they taste really good. You could also make an effort to purchase items that have been recycled or come in biodegradable packaging. There are many companies that utilize biodegradable buzzwords, so finding eco-friendly brands should not be difficult.

Your morning coffee can also make a big difference. Those plastic capsules you use in your coffee machine are anything but good for the planet, whilst the coffee beans you use are probably contributing to deforestation, groundwater depletion and modern-day slavery too. Switch to an ethical and sustainable coffee brand like Coffee with Conscience instead. You can get the caffeine kick you need without it costing the planet, and it won’t cost your bank account either. Skip the Costa and Starbucks and you’ll save a pretty penny whilst also reducing your single-use plastic usage.

You can even make a difference with water. Making a simple swap like using new Silk Almondmilk Protein Plus Fiber or other Silk beverages in your morning smoothie or kid’s morning cereal can actually save 500 gallons of water per half gallon compared to conventional dairy milk! Not only is it delicious, plant-based nourishment but you’re helping to save one of the planet’s most precious resources (those wanting to check out another plant-based protein may want to read these High Impact Plant Protein reviews to see how they have been received and how they have been used in people’s health and wellness routines). They also have a great campaign going on right now encouraging consumers to reflect and reduce their daily water footprint.

Evenflo Meets Woodloch – Our Favorite Family Spot

We had the pleasure of partnering with Evenflo last week on a new car seat launch for the Evenflo Platinum Protection Series. We hit the roads and headed to The Poconos to Woodloch Resort for a family action-packed adventure weekend.

Having a car like this 7 seater suv is great for people who have a family. It has more than enough room for all of our family and our bags and anything we need when we go for a road trip. Without doubt, it has been one of our best purchases. And we got an amazing deal on it because we researched how much is my Honda worth before buying it, meaning we knew the current prices and best deals available. With this new car, it is incredibly easy to put a new car seat in. I would hate to have a small two-door car and have to somehow get my children in. It doesn’t really matter though, as I got my new car seat into my car with ease. As I buckled up my youngest daughter in her new Evenflo booster car seat, I took a moment to reflect upon how big my baby was getting. This new car seat had so many new features that her old car seat did not have, including buckle pockets. In fact, I always struggled with those metal buckles on warm summer days, and with how hot they can get. I constantly wondered to myself, why is there no place for these shiny hot buckles and then one day, she got burned. Summers in St Louis can be brutal, many days over 100 degrees. With one careless move, the buckles can burn a child or even an adult, which happened a few years ago. But now, this won’t happen again with her new car seat. Having great car insurance also gave us peace of mind when buckling in our child into the our car, knowing that if the worst were to happen then we would get support.

photo (59) revise

All buckled up, we headed to The Poconos. Upon arriving at Woodloch, our children did not know where to run first. Was it to the Bumper Cars, or the Indoor Forest or Bingo or to play Family Feud? We started with dinner and reviewing the schedule of events. Woodloch is about bringing families together. This is through their many activities that include The Olympics, scavenger hunts, cake decorating, sports, swimming, hiking, tubing and staff shows all around amazing family meal time.

When I was first introduced to Woodloch a few years ago, I could not wait to go back. You get to see your family in a new light and see your children attempt new activities they might not try on a regular day. There is team building, competition and relaxation all nestled in a beautiful picturesque woodsy environment. Team building is not only for your family but for the workplace too. If you are able to build up and progress with your team then you will have a better outcome. You can conduct survey questions for employees satisfaction to add to your team building and see where things can be improved not only in the workplace but outside it too.

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I think we will be headed back as soon as we can, with our Evenflo car seat joining us, and it is a great feeling to know your children are not only safe, but extra comfortable for the car ride. Thank you to our amazing sponsor, Evenflo!

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