The MOMS and Amazon Studios Tumble Leaf Mamarazzi

What’s better than a mix of one of our favorite places to shop online with education and entertainment for our kids? We found out…nothing….when we hosted a recent Mamarazzi event with Amazon Studios for the launch of their 1st original kids program Tumble Leaf.

As moms, we know that keeping the kids busy during the summer can a big challenge, so we are thrilled that Amazon Studios is giving us new ways to keep them occupied, while learning at the same time. Tumble Leaf, and all other Amazon Studios streaming content, is available through Prime Instant Video.

You can stream Prime Instant Video on your Amazon Fire TV– or on a Kindle Fire HD, Ruku, and a zillion other devices. And if you didn’t know about Amazon Prime, it is a great resource for families – you can stream content on-demand and get free two-day shipping on millions of items. Amazon seems to be really stepping up their services lately. However, Prime Video’s content is only stream-able, and is usually geolocation specific! So, many who would want to look at movies that are unavailable in their country would end up with a DRM Protected Content Error Amazon Prime. Even while watching normal content that is available in the region, there is a possibility that one can get a similar issue. Online tutorials blogs can have a variety of options at their disposal, which could provide tricks to remove such errors. And even if you cannot access Amazon Prime in your location, you can look at this expressvpn review and maybe opt for it to get access to unlimited access to the best of Prime Video’s repository.

With new TV shows now streaming on Prime, it’s no wonder that Amazon is one of the most successful companies in the world. With all of their new ventures, it’s likely that Amazon will only grow in profits, so some people may want to be apart of this. Some people have already purchased an amazon aktie (Amazon share) and are reaping the rewards. Due to the success of the business, investors are able to watch their investment grow over time, giving them more money. Maybe it’s worth supporting Amazon and their innovative ideas.

The series will debut this Friday, May 23rd.

Check out pictures below and more from the event HERE.

Rick Springfield Rocks With The MOMS

When you say the name Rick Springfield, most women in our generation immediately respond by saying, “that was my first concert.” So the feeling when Springfield arrived at our Mamarazzi event with AriZona Beverages at Planet Hollywood in NYC this week. Springfield just released his novel, Magnificent Vibration and was sure to tell the moms in the room that it’s not based on him. Rick spoke honestly about depression, parenting, and being a rock star dad. Check out our video on The Huffington Post

Old Navy Baby Carnival with The MOMS

Shopping with a carnival…what can be better than that! Well we found out, when we hosted the Old Navy Baby Carnival Sale event right before Mothers Day. Not only was there the most adorable fashions to be had, but there was cotton candy, carnival games, hot dogs, prizes, crafts, photo booths and just about anything to make ones kiddos happy while shopping. Our kids didn’t want to leave and when we did leave, we were asked “when is the next Old Navy Kids carnival?” We walked away with lots of summer fun fashions for our kids, and even had time to pick a few stylish items for ourselves without breaking the bank. That’s the thing about Old Navy…it’s fun, easy and on trend, which makes it easy breezy shopping and the Carnival made it all the more fabulous!

Check out the fun day with these photos and for more of course please visit Happy Summer Shopping!


Moms Night Out with Patricia Heaton and Sarah Drew

For us, this week, it was along side the cast of Moms Night Out at our Mamarazzi event in NYC with Martini. We spoke to Patricia Heaton, Sarah Drew, David Hunt and Sean Astin about raising kids, working and the feeling of striving for perfection, whether they have guilt… and of course what they do for a night out. We spoke to all of the cast-members live at our screening and also at the same time for our Sirius XM Stars radio show, The MOMS with Denise and Melissa. CLICK HERE for the video on The Huffington Post.

Mother's Day Gifts – The MOMS on PIX11

Looking for last minute Mother’s Day Gifts?

We’ll make it easy for you — we did your homework for everything under 20, under 40 and of course DIY.

Take a look at our segment on PIX11, CLICK HERE.

and for more great gifts from some of our favorite places, click below!

For DIY Yourself head to Office Depot!



Pottery Barn Kids

Just Fab Online




The Dry Bar

The Sweet Shop NYC

Lia Sophia

Rustic Cuff

The Aloe Source

Sur La Table



Bauble Bar


Top 20 Things Every Mamarazzi® Mom Cannot Live Without

A Mamarazzi® mom is a mom who wants to look and feel like a star. Since we founded our company, The MOMS, less than three years ago, we have hosted our brand of Mamarazzi events to bring together moms with celebrities to include and expand the parenting conversations. We work every day to empower families, one mom, at a time….all because we feel every mom can follow her dreams. Every mom can reach for the stars. Every mom can empower another mom-even with the little things. Along with some other great experts, Amex selected us as a panel of ambassadors for their new Amex EveryDay Credit Card. For many of us, we have various incomes, whether that be from a full-time job, investments in air nz stock and the stock market or even owning a business so we need a card that makes managing money easy. Since we are always looking for a deal and new ways to maximize our wallets, we are thrilled to share with you how the new Card can help you in your life- and for no annual fee!. Of course, while many of us are trying our best to maximize our wallets, others are trying to find a way to stay on top of any accounts that may look unpleasant on our credit reports. Credit Cards and accounts can have different effects on your credit score, for example, here’s how long a derogatory account stays on a credit report. Luckily you can enjoy your new card while making sure that your credit score is not being affected. With so many of us using credit cards to help with everyday expenses it always helps to keep on top of your finances. It also helps to have a card that rewards us with great perks and opportunities.

With the Amex EveryDay Credit Card, when you make 20 purchases a month (one billing cycle), you get a 20% boost in the Membership Rewards points you earned that month. It is so useful! We use the rewards all of the time. Investing in an American Express Credit Card was well worth it and the perks are great. And if you’ve moved to the US from another country, you might think it would be more difficult to get a decent credit card but there are companies like Novecredit that can help you get approved. This isn’t a Novacredit Scam, it’s a legitimate way you can enjoy the perks of an AmEx card! As an ode to the “20”, we wanted to share our Top 20 items we can’t live without. And for all those everyday items you purchase every month….you get more points for more free things! Do you have a top 20 list of items you can’t live without –the things you find yourself buying over and over? Are there items from your EveryDay that we should add to ours?


  • Iphone and my clip case! Yes I clip it on! (And I even think it looks cool. The phone is obvious but the clip means I’m never looking for it)
  • Chargers for everyone. You need one, I have one!


  • Souffer’s – As a multitasking mom, non-guilty mom, I don’t cook so Stouffer’s saves my life 🙂


  • Coffee – Keurig Machine at home (Starbucks talk skim misto when out)
  • Lululemon – the fit is perfect and always looks good for my spin class at equinox or a walk in the park.
  • Gum (trident and 5) – I’m usually chomping but the good news is my breath is always fresh.
  • American Express of course (because we are cardholders!)
  • Leather biker jacket from Le Marque – it goes with everything – and makes any outfit look like the rock star in me…


  • Stuart Weitzman wedges – comfort is key and with wedges I get height and comfort and can walk anywhere.
  • Massimo tank tops from Target. Well anything from target but the tanks are affordable and look and for better than ones triple the price.


  • My Apple iphone4 – scared to upgrade and lose data and need to always be in touch with my family
  • Balance Bars – Or you will see a daily meltdown, it is my emergency food on the go.
  • Water – Purchase this often and forget to drink it.
  • Tropicana Orange Juice – My daily boost of Vitamin C
  • Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Wipes – I deserve a nice few minutes for my bum
  • MetroCard – This saves me daily around Manhattan, it is the fastest and only way when I am late
  • Equinox Gym – so I can yoga or zumba once a week, my everyday or actually every week moment.


  • Aquafor – I put it on everything..lips, bums, make up remover, dry skin and my scalp (don’t ask)
  • Eggs – My go to food for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • My Musen Albert Cross body Bag – The only bag that keeps me hands free!