The MOMS partnered with KIND the makers of The MOMS favorite snacks this month and invited families across the country to join the KINDness Safari team to show how easy and fun simple acts of kindness can be everyday.

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“It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what you do”- Hugh Jackman, The MOMS Pure Sun Defense #JackmanMAMARAZZI Event

The MOMS hosted an event with Pure Sun Defense and Hugh Jackman at the Hunt & Fish Club check out some images from our #JackmanMamarazzi event. Go to the bottom of this webpage and click the link to watch a video from The MOMS event and find out why it’s very important to make apply sunscreen a part of your family’s daily routine! 

Looking for more HUGH?! Click here to watch a video from The MOMS #JackmanMamarazzi Event!

Photo Credit: Fredy Mfuko and Jason Shaltz


By Alexa Wilberton

As we get older work of any kind whether it’s at home or in an office becomes our regular routine where the term “PLAY” is a distant memory. Do you remember when you were a kid and the only thing on your mind was what snack your mom packed in your lunchbox, Dunk-A-Roos or a Pudding SnackPack, or who was going to be “IT” during recess or when the final bell at school rang and everyone raced to the playground full of pure joy and excitement? Would you believe me if I told you there is actually a place where you can feel that same rush of happiness just like the one you felt when you were a kid? Well, there is! Casinos are great for this and you can even gamble online. From casino slot machines (or casino spielautomaten as they’d say in Germany), Blackjack and roulette, there are many games that can be played online, instead of visiting an actual casino.

Additionally, there are plenty of reviews to help you decide where to go too, for example, this Leovegas casino review.
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By Melissa Gerstein

I love a vacation as much as the next person. The thrill of being able to leave your normal life behind and revel in the sunshine and the sound of the ocean in a new place is something that greatly excites me. When I was younger, getting in touch with luxury travel agencies would have definitely been at the top of the travel bucket list because exploring the world and experiencing new cultures is what life is all about. As I’ve got older though, and I have left those years behind, I now see vacations as the perfect opportunity to spend time with my family and to make memories that can last a lifetime. Sometimes, I also do tend to feel like looking for a private jet hire and traveling to some exotic locations, and spending quality time over time. This way, at least I can travel in style and create exciting memories throughout.

My family has vacationed at Boca Raton over the years. We usually stay with relatives in the surrounding area and take day trips to the beach. It is a lot of “schlepping” back and forth to the beach, which is not the ideal scenario when on a vacation. Every year, we usually plan to take vacations to countries like Italy (check out this blog that talks about best places to visit on Italy) and Greece and enjoy for a longer period. But mostly, we end up at this place itself! Can’t wait for the day when we actually get to put those plans into action.

Just recently we headed back down to Boca Raton for a few days to the Boca Beach Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort,
and actually stayed right on the beach.”and actually stayed right on the beach. It was dreamy! There are no other words for this property. It is absolute modern elegance. It was brilliant to be somewhere so beautiful, I should have got myself a new bikini from, this website has such a wide range I could have worn a different one for each day.
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A Surprise For My MOM

By Denise AlbertIMG_2340

How do you thank your mom for everything she does for you? And I mean, besides words. My mom is my everything. My mom is another mother to my children. My mom is a daily part of my life with my kids so I can be me. So I can work. So I can chase my dreams. So I can provide for my children. So I can enjoy my life too. Read more


Moms love to talk to each other about everything – friendship, children, our partners and of course, sex. As you know moms, we can always learn from each other and support each other. But truth be told, sex is not always an easy conversation for many women and moms. Women, even though some frequently watch videos on the watch my gf website, don’t always enjoy talking about their sexual fantasies and experiences. This has been miscontrued by some people to resemble a lack of interest in sex. Many women aren’t always as interested in sex as they’d like to be. A friend of mine went to Dubai with her husband recently and they were so tempted to invite one of the dubai escorts over to their hotel to spice things up a little bit but they decided against it. They have regretted it ever since! We recently learned that as one-third of women experience low sexual desire that is actually a chronic problem that can have a profoundly negative impact on intimate relationships and even self-esteem. However, many women, such as those seen on sites similar to TubeV Sex, do not appear to suffer from a decreased desire for sex – you can watch some of their videos for yourself if you don’t believe me! Read more

The MOMS Mother's Day Gift Ideas On Pix11 Morning News

smZp9OaSBuF5n0UydxhzQXiwMOpMjBDTCNgT2oG45usThis week The MOMS joined Pix11 Morning News and shared their favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. So if you are on the lookout to find some earrings or perfume, then click here to watch The MOMS share their favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Don’t have time to watch The MOMS full segment on Pix11 Morning News?! No worries we’ve listed Denise and Melissa’s favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas below! Check It Out: Read more