Believe It Or Not … It’s Time To Talk Back To School!


Even though it seems like summer has just begun, it’s time to start thinking about getting back into the swing of all things school and here are some of my favorite Back To School deals that you do not want to miss!

First let’s start with fashion!

H&M is gearing up for the fall with the best Back To School styles starting at $9.99! From top trends, to sustainable style, and transitional staples, the have it ALL! For girls this season it’s all about the faux leather and suede jackets, chunky knitwear and denim. H&M has a huge selection and some are even made from sustainable materials. Accessorize with a cool fringe backpack or trendy lunchbox. For boys the falls’ trends gear towards a cool downtown feel with playful pops of color! Plaid button downs, graphic tee’s and sweatshirts paired with padded bomber jacket and high top sneakers are a must! Not only is H&M the best stop for the latest fashion trends but they also give back! Donate any old or unused clothing during your next visit to H&M and get 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE! Read more

The MOMS' Denise Albert On Wake Up With Al "Keep Your Kids Safe In The Sun"

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The MOMS’ Denise Albert was on Wake Up With Al on The Weather Channel! Click here to watch her segment with Al Roker on Keeping Your Kids Safe In The Sun This Summer!

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Sometimes You Have To Get Far Away From Your Children….

After you have children, it is all about the children. Sure there is date night but that lasts only a few hours and you often return home and the kids are still up. Those days of lying in bed, long talks and intimacy slowly trickle away unless you can get away and after a long time, that is exactly what we did!

This was the first time we have ever left our children for almost two weeks. My husband continued to remind me that they would be ok but would I be ok? Packing up everyone and getting the children to St Louis to stay with my parents was the only real obstacle unless you want to include my nerves. In the last hour I felt unsure about going away and for so long. My youngest is only 6 and would she completely understand? They were in the best care with my folks; it was just more about me missing them and letting go a little. Luckily, my parents had a Wireless alarm fitted not too long ago. This was just to add more security to their home, making them feel much safer. With having an alarm system, it did help to ease my nerves because I knew they were being looked after in a secured home with my parents. Unfortunately, it was still difficult leaving them. I think I need my kids more than they need me.

As we headed to the airport, I had anxiety about being so far away. We were heading overseas to Europe and that is not around the corner. I have always wanted to visit England and stay somewhere like the voco Oxford Spires hotel, but I’ve always been worried about being far away from my kids for so long. Europe is a little closer for us so that seemed the best option (although I’d definitely like to go to London at some point in the future). I became anxious and nervous, and began to wish that I looked for a medical marijuana card online before leaving so I wouldn’t be feeling as anxious as I am now. I just knew that I had to calm down, and quick. But then something happened… I boarded the plane, and relaxed and I remembered what it was like to be alone with my husband. We completely immersed ourselves into each other. We were just a “young” couple in love all over again and even the plane ride was dreamy.

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Join The MOMS At #BlogHer15


The MOMS will be among other strong media presence like TODAY and International Public Radio (IPR) will be covering #BlogHer15,  the nation’s largest gathering of predominantly women content creators designed to inspire and empower women taking place in New York, July 16-18. Content creators, entrepreneurs, brand executive, social media influencers and industry luminaries are expected to attend this year’s event, co-produced for the first time by SheKnows Media and BlogHer. Click here to read the press release and find out other big name influencers will be in attendance.

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