The MOMS on Pix11 "How To Give Parenting Advice To New Mothers"

When you become a new parent, everything in your life changes. Your body has changed, your routine is gone, you have another mouth to feed, many couples need to find a way to add to their income like investing (check out this motley fool review if this interests you), and so much more. nd because of this big chance, ​everyone wants to give you advice and while it is usually given with the best of intentions, a recent poll shows that more than half of mothers say they received too much of it, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. For one in five mothers, the study says it left them feeling unprepared.

If you’re a mom, you will learn the majority of the things you need to through real-life experience. It’s not helpful to fill your mind with information that was important for your friend’s child because every child is different and perhaps you don’t need to hear that advice for the situation you’re in. Moms learn and grow, just like their children. This being said, no mom is perfect. You will make mistakes – especially if you’re bringing up a daughter in today’s toxic society. For example, you might not even realize that you’re unconsciously body shaming your daughter, simply through the way society has shaped you. You can click here to find out more about how you can avoid doing this. But if you’re a new mother then all of this is years ahead and you need to be focused on the now.

Despite people thinking they’re helping, they can sometimes overwhelm new mothers with a range of different advice. Family and close friends might be the people you’re more likely to listen to, but don’t worry if you still feel unprepared. Some new mothers find it useful to attend different pregnancy classes or to visit one of the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Portland. No matter where you live though, you’ll most likely be able to find a center that offers advice for pregnant women. More often than not, having more advice is better than having none at all. Be sure to raise your child as you want though. If you still feel unprepared after talking to other women, don’t worry. Sometimes the best way to learn is through first hand experience.

Did you receive too much parenting advice? Was it overwhelming? Tommee Tippee conducted a survey and found that many moms are overwhelmed with all the advice they were receiving. Although people think they’re being helpful, they can sometimes make expecting mothers more worried instead of prepared! As overwhelming as this could be to some new parents, some women may welcome advice that could help them to start their parenting journey off with ease. Even if it’s something small like whether or not you should avoid reheating baby formula, as some people may have to feed their baby this way if they are unable to breastfeed their baby themselves. For the most part, the majority of people feel overwhelmed when receiving advice that they didn’t ask for in the first place. What do you think about receiving advice? We would love you to join the conversation #ParentOn or go to

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And check out what advice Denise listened to and what she didn’t! And another mom shares her story too! Denise Albert and Lourdes Ramon, mother of two and president of “Kids Candor,” talk about their experiences with friends and family members dishing out too much advice.

The MOMS on Pix11: "Talking To Children About Health Crises"

Parents have a lot of difficult conversations with their children about drugs and sex, but there’s one topic that isn’t discussed as much and that’s how to tell kids when a parent is sick.

The MOMS’ Denise Albert and Shari Schnall, who is celebrating her 10-year “Liver-versary,” share insight into the best ways to get a child involved in a parent’s recovery while still protecting them. Following a liver transplant, Schnall is now healthy and a mom to 4-year-old Lexi.

For more information on how to become an organ donor in New York, click here.

Have you ever had to talk to your children about any family health crises? Comment below and tell us your story!

"The six little words that changed my life"


By: Shari Schnall

It was about two months before my wedding. I was lying awake in bed after another restless night, staring at my stunning engagement ring, like the ones from Naturesparkle. It was my way of reminding myself why I’m here today. I often do it to distract myself with thoughts of our upcoming nuptials: images of myself walking down the aisle toward my fiance, our idyllic honeymoon in Hawaii, the life ahead we had envisioned for ourselves, happily married, with children.

Suddenly, someone shuffled the sheet around my feet, and the friendly, familiar face of one of my favorite hospital residents peered behind my curtain, “Shari, we have a liver for you. Read more


The MOMS hosted a MAMARAZZI® with RICK SPRINGFIELD today at the SONY SCREENING ROOM for the new movie RICKI AND THE FLASH! Check out some great MOMments from The MOMS #RickiAndTheFlashMOMS event today!

“If you hear about my song with Rick Springfield, here is where it began at our MAMARAZZI® for the new film Ricki And The Flash.

Denise – How has your marriage lasted?
Rick – Marry my wife, she’s unbelievable. The secret, uh no there’s no secret it’s just, you gotta talk you know, if you cant talk with each other you find a third person that you can talk it through with you know and once the communication stops lets face it, it’s all over. There is rough spots, very often and you sort of go through them and you must work your way through it you cant just let it sit an hope that it’ll go away cause it wont.
Denise: That sounds like a song!
Rick: Let me think about it. 
Denise: Are we writing it together? 
Rick: Yea, you want writing credit? 
Denise: Yea.”

~Denise Albert & Rick Springfield, August 2015  Read more