The MOMS MAMARAZZI® With Frigidaire Sarah Michelle Gellar & Foodstirs

The MOMS hosted a MAMARAZZI® event at Make Meaning on the Upper East Side with Frigidaire Appliances and Sarah Michelle Gellar for Foodstirs, a unique cooking company that sends themed baking kits directly to your door so you and your family can discover your inner chefs and create lasting memories together! #Spon

Video Credit: Fredy Mfuko, Mission 101 Media

The MOMS made lasting memories at their MAMARAZZI® event check out the gallery below to see some MOMments that were captured! Read more

CC Sabathia's Rehab News Is A Perfect Game In My Home

BY: Denise Albert

I’m the kind of mom who doesn’t hide the news from my kids.

Most days.

Yesterday, I actually hid the newspaper when the headline was “Doc Death Mystery”. There’s no reason for my kids to have to think about a mom who partied all night and died from an apparent drug overdose.

But today when my 7-year-old son, Jaylan, picked up the paper outside my door I couldn’t cover up what he saw. And if I did, he would have heard about it minutes later on Sportscenter. “CC On The Rocks. Yank star in rehab for booze”, it read.

Jaylan didn’t even have to read it fully to know that one of his baseball hero’s was in trouble. He didn’t know the life lesson he was about to learn. In just that moment, my son would learn about alcoholism.

Jaylan: “Mom, what happened to CC?”

Me: “Good question honey. He has a problem with drinking too much alcohol and it wasn’t good for him so he’s going to a place where he can learn to stop drinking so it can make his life better.

Jaylan:”But he’s over 21…”

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