The MOMS MAMARAZZI® MOMmentary With Lucy Liu

“It’s not about talking about ethnicity. Everyone’s always asking me what it’s like to be an Asian American actress and I’m like, I really don’t know.” ~Lucy Liu, The MOMS MAMARAZZI® 2016

Lucy Liu did not hold back during this MAMARAZZI® talkback and we’ve gathered and shared her wisest words for you! Watch this MAMARAZZI® MOMmentary Media Highlight Reel you won’t be disappointed!

This video was shot during The MOMS MAMARAZZI®  with Lucy Liu, Kate Hudson, Lynx fitness & Chevy Tri-State for DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 3. 

Video Credit: Fredy Mfuko, Mission 101 Media 





The MOMS Lynx fitness & Chevy Tri-State Kate Hudson & Lucy Liu Kung Fu Panda 3 MAMARAZZI® 

What I love about this particular movie is that it talks about  love and acceptance. Even if you have a birth father or an adoptive father it doesn’t really matter its your family or the people you surround yourself with. There is enough love to go around..” ~Lucy Liu, The MOMS MAMARAZZI® 2016 

The MOMS, LynX Fitness & Chevy Tri-State hosted a MAMARAZZI® talkback with Kate Hudson & Lucy Liu at the Union Square Regal Cinemasfor DreamWorks Animation Kung Fu Panda 3Take a look at some‪ special MOMents‬ captured at this MAMARAZZI® event below!

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By: Denise Albert


Part 1 of ‪#‎FUTURECANCERSURVIVOR‬ now past me! Before and afters! So grateful for my “D*A* Team”, the rest of my family and friends and for all of YOU! Your messages, personal stories, love and support are truly incredible and have helped me get to this point. My doctor must know me well and made me promise to rest this week…as much as I wanted to pop into The Moms Mamarazzi event tomorrow with Kate Hudson and Lucy Liu. So will be back in action soon before rest of treatment begins!

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By: Denise Albert

As I prep for surgery tomorrow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I can’t stop thinking about my intro years ago to Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson through someone else I had just met through work. I was inspired by Elizabeth, not only as a mom of 4, a radiation oncologist but also as an entrepreneur. She started BFFL Co (“Best Friends for Life”), it provides information, 12644899_10153340506667966_383255150925218396_nsupport and a wide range of products that help patients recover from surgery and other medical treatments in comfort and with dignity. We connected immediately.
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'I Call Myself a Future Survivor'~Denise Albert, co founder of The MOMS Shares Shocking Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When Denise Albert, co founder of The MOMS – a multi-media mom-centric brand and event company – found out she had breast cancer five weeks ago, she made a decision to share her discovery. “On our radio show, on our TV segments and at our events we talk about our lives,” Denise, 41, tells PEOPLE. “If I wasn’t open about this, I wouldn’t feel I was being honest.


The mom of two, who brings together celebrity moms with moms across the country to talk about parenting, has been open about everything from her divorce to dating on her blog Divorce Diaries for The Huffington Post and on the weekly Sirius XM radio show The MOMS. Divorce is always a heavy situation to deal with, with many choosing to go to Wolfe & Stec or other similar legal help. Here, she writes about the lump she discovered last December. Read more