The MOMS & Windex My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 MAMARAZZI®

“I was waiting for motherhood and at the end of the first movie I wrote that I was a mom and so I knew if I was going to take the story into the next generation that I would have to know these feelings and well now I am a mother and my daughter is almost 11 years old and began writing.” ~Nia Vardalos, The MOMS Big Fat Greek MAMARAZZI® 2016

The MOMS and Windex hosted a MAMARAZZI® event for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 at the New York Institute of TechnologyTake a look at some of our #GreekMOMS who and how they #PutSomeWindexOnIt with The MOMS at this MAMARAZZI®. 

“I definitely think it’s about balance in all aspects about your life.” ~Nia Vardalos, The MOMS Big Fat Greek MAMARAZZI® 2016 Read more

Chronicles of a #FutureCancerSurvivor "Cancer Means No Hair, Don't Care"

“I shaved all my hair off before chemo could take it from me.” ~ Denise Albert, The MOMS #FutureCancerSurvivor

For the first time in my life, I don’t have hair issues. When I was a teenager I hated my 1980s thick, long, curly pouf. All I wanted was straight hair. In college, I spent at least an hour a day dealing with my hair and learning every trick in the book to get it straight. I finally did – but it was hard work and God forbid if it was humid.

I’ll never forget the time I went backpacking in Europe after college. I was staying in youth hostels blowing my hair in the stairwell because our rooms didn’t have outlets. When going on vacation to warm climates, my hair was always on my mind and a topic of conversation. Brown, dark blonde, wavy, beachy, ironed straight, keratin-treated – I’d gotten so sick of dealing with my hair.

Then the unimaginable happened. My hair started to thin out, mostly in the back. Was it having kids, or was it stress and divorce? I would have done anything to get all of my hair problems back. Extensions became my new best friend – though they came with their own drama. When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, she recommended that I tried products like full spectrum hemp to try and strengthen my hair. This wasn’t something I was familiar with, but I was willing to do anything to get my hair back. I’ve also been told to take a look at stress-reducing treatments like medical marijuana where washington dc marijuana delivery is available for those who are having a hard time leaving their house. These types of deliveries, I’ve been told, are in quite a lot of places so that bodes well for people like me and other sufferers.

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The MOMS "Talk Faith & Family" On Pix11 Morning News


The MOMS were on Pix11 Morning News sharing their MOMmentary on the new family film “Miracles from Heaven” which tells the story of a family searching for answers for their daughter’s rare disease and miraculous recovery.

The MOMS held a MAMARAZZI® event with Good Housekeeping and AriZona Beverages where they held a conversation with Jennifer Garner and discussed the impact her role had on her approach to faith and family.

The MOMS & INSTAX Fujifilm My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 MAMARAZZI® 

{Video Credit: Fredy Mfuko, Mission 101 Media}

“In our world, we can’t exclude anyone especially women working in the industry, if a reviewer says something mean about you, just hope she has a better childhood in the next life.” ~Nia Vardalos, The MOMS Big Fat Greek MAMARAZZI® 2016 

The MOMS and FUJIFILM INSTAX hosted a MAMARAZZI® event for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with Nia Vardalos and Elena Kampouris.  Read more

The MOMS Miracles MAMARAZZI® With Jennifer Garner

“I have to say, the fact that you guys are helping these women be able to be moms, and have a job and feel great and be involved, have a career and do exciting things and come to New York. Its just, I am so inspired by you guys.” ~ Jennifer Garner, The MOMS Miracles MAMARAZZI® 2016

The MOMS, Good Housekeeping and Arizona Beverages hosted a MAMARAZZI® event with Jennifer Garner for her latest film, Miracles from Heaven. Take a look at some special MOMents captured at this MAMARAZZI® event.

“When I’ve gone through anything hard in life I have had a sense of something to fall back on there’s a floor under my feet and I just assumed that my kids would I don’t know receive that by osmosis because it is so strong in my family” ~Jennifer Garner, The MOMS Miracles from Heaven MAMARAZZI® 2016 

“I love that message there’s like that fighter instinct in a mom that they just know and they have to listen to their gut.”~Jennifer Garner, The MOMS Miracles MAMARAZZI® 2016 

Photo Credit: Fredu Mfuko, Mission 101 Media

Chronicles Of A #FutureCancer Survivor "Why I Booked A "Chemo-Moon"

“Before treatment started, I wanted to pack in as much fun as possible.” ~Denise Albert, The MOMS, #FutureCancerSurvivor #ThisIsChemo

In many ways, the build up to chemotherapy compares to giving birth. I wanted to get everything done beforehand. So instead of a baby-moon, I planned a couple “chemo-moons” – the trips before life would change.

My lumpectomy was scheduled for January 23. I wanted to plan the surgery around trips I had planned with my kids. My boys were supposed to be ball boys at The NBA All-Star Game in Toronto the weekend of February 13, and I wasn’t going to miss it.

Luckily, chemo doesn’t start until 4-6 weeks after surgery. I had even more time to play with since my kids were off from school the whole week after the All-Star Game. Why not plan another trip?

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How I'm Surviving Cancer

“For now, I’ll continue to live as I always do. With some little bumps in the road.?” ~ Denise Albert, The MOMS #FutureCancerSurvivor


Denise Albert did everything you’re supposed to do. Her routine mammograms at ages 35 and 40 were clear, as was one last August. “I’ve been careful. I don’t have any family history,” says Albert, co-founder of The MOMS. But she received a notification letter last fall about having dense breast tissue. Then in November, she felt a lump in one breast which hurt – a lot. A December ultrasound and biopsy revealed that she tested positive for early stage breast cancer. Because she’s been open about divorce, parenting, dating, and much of her life, Albert decided to share her journey through treatment.

Since I first shared my story, I have been inundated with calls, texts, emails and messages from friends and strangers. Some are asking me questions like “if other family members have been diagnosed with cancer, do I need critical illness insurance?” or “How long does the treatment take?” and I have done my best to answer them as honestly as possible. But most people are saying how brave I am. In this moment I didn’t feel so brave. Then I re-read some of the emails. Read more