Moments That Make You Go “Ugh."

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles® and SC Johnson.

As moms we can agree that raising kids is one of the toughest jobs out there, but also the most rewarding. From their first steps to their graduation procession and every moment and mess in-between, we have, or will see it all.

We’re talking about those small moments that make motherhood a bit more interesting. We’re sure you’re familiar with those toothpaste paintings that appear in your bathroom sink that have you screaming “ugh” in your mind but also have you thinking that you have a mini Picasso or two on your hands. You wouldn’t mind so much except for the fact that they did it in your polaris vessel sink and although you can’t help but love them, you just wish they would leave it alone. Or the trail of dirt that your little soccer star brought home after a tough soccer game after school on an afternoon leading right up to and into the bathtub that always leaves a small ring of dirt to remind you of the hard work left on the field and for you later… We’ve just had our bathroom redecorated with after choosing to buy frameless shower doors and going on from there, and so I’m a bit protective of it. It’s funny though, when you get into the swing of remodeling a space there are so many things to think about! Honestly, it can be helpful to look around online for advice. Check out this guide for more help if you’re thinking of redecorating your bathroom. If you plan on renovating your bathroom, it might be worth keeping a reputable plumbing company in mind to make sure anything new is fitted correctly. One of my friends actually recommended these Vancouver plumbers for any plumbing needs that we might have when remodeling. It’s always good to keep a company like that in mind.

You never know what you’re going to find behind those closed doors, especially in the bathroom. That is why Scrubbing Bubbles®, the bathroom cleaning expert, is The MOMS go-to brand to clean up those “ugh” moments. It’s not easy dealing with the tough messes that happen when you share the bathroom with your kiddos, but Scrubbing Bubbles® helps with an array of products to tackle everyday messes. Read more

Chronicles Of A #FutureCancerSurvivor "In Cancer and in Health: The Vows My Partners Never Took"

“When someone is diagnosed with cancer, so is that person’s significant other.” ~ Denise Albert, The MOMS #FutureCancerSurvivor

Denise Albert

Do you, [insert partner’s name)] take Denise Albert to be your partner? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or with cancer, for richer or poorer, with cancer and in health?

My two partners never officially took those vows…at least not knowingly. Read more

The MOMS & Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter’s Love & Friendship MAMARAZZI® With Kate Beckinsale

“For me it’s very important to have a very solid inner circle of girls and gay men and that’s how I operate.” ~ KATE BECKINSALE on the Importance of Friendship, The MOMS & Peter Pan Peanut Butter Love & Friendship MAMARAZZI®, 2016

The MOMS and Peter Pan Peanut Butter hosted a MAMARAZZI event with Kate Beckinsale for her latest filmLove & Friendship.

Special MOMents were captured at this event as The MOMS guests went on #SimplyGroundAdventures creating their very own Peter Pan Peanut Butter treats at the snacking station and laughed out loud with Kate Beckinsale during an intimate talkback.

For More with Kate Beckinsale click the links below.


{Photo/Video Credit: Fredy Mfuko/[email protected]}

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