Scrubbing the Comedic Dirt with Marlon Wayans & Scrubbing Bubbles ®

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles® and SC Johnson.

As Moms we are all aware that both cleaning and comedy go hand in hand. We’ve shared those moments that make us go “Ugh” with you before and not too long ago we were invited by Scrubbing Bubbles® to spend the afternoon at New York City’s iconic Gotham Comedy Club for an exclusive comedic event with Marlon Wayans! His performance focused on those surprising, yet amusing moments he experienced both growing up and as a father.

Upon arrival guests were invited to a pre-reception down in the Scrubbing Bubbles® lounge where the kiddos got in on the act and fellow moms shared their utmost hilarious “Ugh” moments with one another. Do we spy future comedians in the room?

Guests were then brought to the main stage where Marlon brought a full supply of giggles and delivered laughter for all! We laughed out loud, because who doesn’t love a good joke? We cried, because we were laughing so hard. To be able to laugh along with Marlon with our kids by our sides was a great bonus. Both Marlon & Scrubbing Bubbles® delivered a comedic sketch that was genuinely hilarious and appropriate for all ages, proving that Scrubbing Bubbles® can clean even the toughest of jobs.

Laughter is the best medicine and lucky for you we’ve got it on tape! Check out the highlights from Marlon’s Scrubbing Bubbles® routine below!



The MOMS & Chevy Tri-State’s Equity MAMARAZZI® 

The MOMS & Chevy Tri-State hosted an Equity Mamarazzi® event with the film’s cast including, Alysia Reiner from Orange Is The New Black, Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad, Sarah Megan Thomas and writer Amy Fox at the Crosby Street Hotel.

Guests from the tri-state area enjoyed a special screening of the film followed by a talkback with the cast and crew!

Can’t Get Enough? Us either take a look at even MORE MAMARAZZI® Highlights:

The Moms on Pix 11: Parents Negotiating with Children

Young children are masters of power plays to get what they want. Parents, at their wit’s end, often turn to negotiating with children to avoid public meltdowns and temper tantrums.

The Moms’ Melissa Musen Gerstein and child psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere talk about the positives and downfalls of negotiating with your kids.

Comment below and weigh in, are you a parent that negotiates?

The MOMS & Dreams Resorts & Spas Keke Palmer MAMARAZZI® Event

The MOMS & Dreams Resorts & Spas hosted a Mamarazzi® event at Dolby 88 in the city for an exclusive screening of Ice Age Collision Course and talkback with Keke Palmer and directors Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu.

Guests joined The MOMS for a pre-reception with Dreams Resorts & Spas where the kids got a taste of Dreams Resorts & Spas Explorer Club activities and moms entered to win a free #MomsEscape to Dreams Resorts Golf & Spas resort in  Playa Mujeres! Take a look of special MOMents that were captured at this MAMARAZZI® event!


So often we hear of the notorious “stage mom/dad” pressuring their kids into show business.

The MOMS sat down with Keke Palmer yesterday and to their surprise discovered that her parent were quite the opposite of your typical stage parents!

Keke Palmer says her main role model and biggest influencer is her mom! The MOMS and Dreams Resorts & Spas found out why at their Mamarazzi® event for Ice Age Collision Course!

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