I never take a back seat in life, but I will in a Chrysler Pacifica

Road trips have never interested me. They just aren’t my thing. I find them exhausting and I become the “server” to all the little people in the backseat all day long. I like to get to our destinations quickly. There are so many direct flight options out of New York City that you can pretty much get to anywhere you want to go very easily.

But, for some reason this past Fall we took to the roads over the skies. I thought about all the foliage and autumn scenery that it might make for a nice change. We headed to Montreal last month in the new Chrysler Pacifica, which my youngest says is like having our own house but on wheels. This time she asked me to sit in the back with her, which I have never done. She said, “Mommy come join the movie theatre.” She has such an imagination, but she was right, it was like having your own personal movie theatre.

First off, the middle section seats recline back like theatre seating and the sound system is amazing. We held hands while watching movies together and laughed and it was such a change for me from sitting in the front seat head down into my phone. It made all the difference in the world. The Pacifica has this incredible Uconnect ® Theater features with dual 10.1-inch HD touchscreens with Blu-ray™ player, dual HDMI inputs, wireless headphones, Bluetooth ® remotes, downloadable games and apps. My kids were in heaven!

When you are a family of five and you are on the road for hours, everyone needs their own space. Initially, we checked if we could rent an SUV or caravan (you can check it here) for the trip as it could offer enough space for each of us. However, the Pacifica offers more room than any other vehicle we have ever driven and my kids never quarreled once while we drove to Montreal. They could stretch out and relax with their own screens and plenty of space. There was even room in the back for one of these High Quality Fridge Slides, for example, which are essential for keeping all those important road trip snacks nice and cool.

For all those families out there with teenagers, this vehicle is packed with outlets. You might think how silly, but when you are on those long road trips, outlets are a moms best friend, to keep all those devices charged up. This allows the parents a more relaxing experience so you are not hearing every 5 minutes, “are we there yet?”

Yes, the most important factor to any family on any road trip to anywhere is their safety. The Chrysler Pacifica has the highest safety ranking in its class. At the end of the day, that is all that really matters. Besides, it’s even safe for babies and toddlers if you’re traveling with them, as it has plenty of space for installing 5 point harness car seats to sit your baby in. Space, comfort, and safety, all make this an excellent car for a short drive as well as longer road trips.

Additionally, while we are on the topic of safety during the road trip it is also recommended by many to contact this injury lawyer or elsewhere before planning the road trip. Having an injury lawyer on contact would also save the latter trouble if at all things go downhill and you are in need of a lawyer.

The comfort of the Pacifica and all it’s high tech new features are impressive but safety is first and foremost and that is what will put our family back on the road in this vehicle time and time again.

So here’s to my next road trip adventure and always taking a back seat with The Chrysler Pacifica.

*This post is in partnership with Chrysler*

After Surviving Breast Cancer, I Was Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis

I’m still here. I can still do things to feel good. I can still enjoy life with my kids and family. Many people who have been in my position, and experienced the conditions that I too have experienced, discovered that coping with it all was made easier through using high quality CBD products due to their pain and inflammation reliving properties. Those suffering from a myriad of conditions that would otherwise seem as if there’s no natural remedy to manage associated pain and discomfort found a product that they felt really helped them through this period of their lives, which is amazing news. CBD is extracted from cannabis, which can also help those suffering from pain and inflammation. Some people like to use CBD products, some like to smoke cannabis, and others like to use bc vapes. However they consume it, people are utilising the healing properties of cannabis to great effect. I’ve written this piece so many times in my head. Now that I’m actually typing it … I realize it is hard to share these thoughts. Each time I share something I try to convey my experiences; my life, my journey with breast cancer, my experience with the TSA, my divorce, parenting and my work, in an authentic way that perhaps also may help others.

I have written and said I have never thought, “Why Me?” when dealing with my cancer. I have said that I knew why. I felt I had a voice and a way to help others. I would be lying though if I didn’t admit that in the past few months I did think, “Why Me?” I wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t admit I have felt sorry for myself. You know what … I think that’s okay too. I have gone through a lot beyond my chemo and radiation treatments. This is just another step on the ladder of life, and I’m still climbing it. I am grateful for everything that I have and all my experiences. I’m even thankful to my friend, who suggested that I use Gorilla glue 4, a cannabis strain, to help with my pain. I probably won’t be doing that, but I know they are just looking out for me. I know there are many people who are going through what I’m going through, and I’m not alone.

To read the full story visit Good Housekeeping.

One Of The Greatest Gifts I’ll Ever Give….It’s Not A Secret Anymore

Many of you know Sarah as part of my village. Many of you have followed my #futurecancersurvior journey and know that I was able to continue being the mom I wanted to be and the #fulltimeworkingstayathomemom that I am because of Sarah. This is more than just a village. This is love. This is family.

Most of all…always being there for all of us. All the time. Always available to come early or stay late. Always available. Always with a smile. Always with love. Always with all she has. So now as she married the love of her life, we welcome him to our great, big, what some would say is functional dysfunction unique, loving village and we couldn’t wait to share their honeymoon at Secrets Akumal with you!

By Sarah Uhrman:

Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya was beyond special from the moment we arrived to the last second that we left. When we first arrived, we were instantly greeted with champagne and a bouquet of roses for me. Our luggage was taken to our room for us and we met with our concierge. His name was “JD” and he greeted us every morning, afternoon, and night whenever we would see him. He was so attentive to all of our needs. We felt the special attention to detail that we were there for our honeymoon right when we walked into our room. The hotel had laid rose petals all across our room, with a heart made out of rose petals, and heart shaped balloons on our bed. If check in was this amazing and seamless, we knew we were in for an amazing time! If you’re trying to plan an amazing holiday, take a look at private jet hire with Jettly.

Each day we would wake up and go have breakfast at one of the many restaurant options. We were served by the same man, Jose, every morning and always with a huge smile and a joke asking if we were ready for our tequila yet! After enjoying our breakfast, we would go straight to the beach and lounge for most of the day. The service again, was amazing on the beach. Right when you get to your chairs, the men who work serving food and drinks on the beach come up to you and ask if you need anything. This goes on until you leave which was amazing. After a long day of lounging at the beach, we peeled ourselves off our chairs, and would eventually make it to dinner. Whenever you go to all-inclusive resorts, the food is always questionable. Not with Secrets Akumal. All of their food, and all of the restaurants that they had on location were great! In fact, everything from the gourmet a la carte dining to top shelf spirits and day to night entertainment is included in every stay under the resort’s signature Unlimited-Luxury offering.

Although we could lay on the beach all day, the hotel offered us an amazing couples massage. The spa there is huge and has everything you could ever imagine to offer as far as treatments go. The couples massage was a nice way for my husband and I to unwind and relax with one another, plus my husband tends to suffer from back pain so often has to use things like deep relief gel to make him feel more comfortable, so a massage was absolutely perfect for us to do together. The staff again was very attentive and so friendly and nice. They made us feel comfortable and that everything was taken care of. We also were given breakfast in bed so that we could enjoy our time together. My husband seemed to have something like a delay spray for men with him, which as you can imagine was all the more useful, during our stay. The dinner on the beach was so romantic and perfect. We had a 4-course meal in our own private cabana with the sand at our toes and the ocean right in front of us.

If you want an amazing honeymoon experience, with romance, fun, and excellent everything, then you will want to definitely check out Secrets Akumal. Not only was this the most romantic vacation my husband and I have ever been on, but it was filled with fun, laughter, and everything you can possibly imagine for your special honeymoon. I can’t thank the staff and hotel enough for everything that they did for us during our stay. It will be a trip to remember and one we will want to revisit again sometime soon! Of course, we can always recreate our beautiful honeymoon experiences at home using a spa session and champagne! I might just do a little research and find some sensuous massage oils like those sold at True Pheromones, as well as other websites, to keep the spark alive in our monotonous lives. Love on a plate with a side of pampering is always a good way to keep your love life healthy and exciting!

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