Not “Wasted Away” at The Margaritaville Beach Resort

I take my 3 kids away by myself a lot now. At first, it was quite overwhelming; the thought of me alone on a plane and in a hotel with all 3 of my kids by myself was kind of scary. However, a friend of mine helped me to see that it’s not all that scary. She would take her kids on vacation to Australia from time to time. Staying in warrnambool accommodation she told me, at first she felt a little nervous, but when she got there, it was fun to have her kids together with her. I have been doing this for over 8 years now, since my 3rd was only a few weeks old.

I am tough and they listen. This is how it has always been in our home. We practice “tough love.” When you have a consistency in your house, your kids know and understand how you operate, so it is not any different when we travel.

I took my 3 children last month to Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort for a few days to explore and relax over Presidents Break. I had no idea what to expect. Was Jimmy Buffett going to be at the front door? Would we hear “Wasted Away Again At Margaritaville,” all day long?

We arrived to a gigantic flip flop in one of the most gorgeous hotel lobby’s I have ever seen. The kids instantly went for the flip-flop, it was a sight! We checked in and hit the pool and the beach. The pool was a beautiful oasis that was no deeper than 4 feet, which meant I could relax a little too and not worry about the deep end. I knew I was going to have some fun, sipping cocktails and not thinking about anything at all. One of my mom friends did suggest that I take something stronger with me; she even told me I can get it from websites like getkush! It did sound like a great idea-just the thought of relaxing by myself and doing whatever I wanted to sounded amazing. You know, believe it or not, we all need some time with ourselves. It is one of the best ways of recreation. Of course, you don’t need to ignore your kids or spouse to achieve that, especially when you have something like what I was suggested (that many people get hold of from a renowned dispensary pittsfield mass, or elsewhere), which can help you get the most out of the little time you have at hand. So yes, relaxing was the aim of the vacation, but since I couldn’t order some before leaving for the vacation, I had to decide otherwise. There are always the cocktails to help me out though!
The hotel also has the FlowRider, which was a huge hit. It is a surfing simulator and what I liked the most, was they had a surf “coach” who really helped the kids improve and attempt standing up.

We also loved the location of Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, it is right on the Broadwalk so you have instant access to great restaurants, stroll fun shops, and of course the beach! As I walked around the place, I noticed many houses and cafes had sunshades, such as awnings installed on them, either in the front or backyard. In fact, I have been planning a mini-makeover of my backyard, and I think I’d take a leaf out of this trip and add some colorful retractable awnings sarasota or any other place for that matter. Kids would just love it! However, if you are someone who wants to just stay close to the resort, there is The Landshark Bar and Grill and of course Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant which the kids loved, because you can sit in a boat that also has a TV. This is great for the kids and for Mom and Dad who may want to have a conversation together.

Another great aspect of this hotel are the rooms. They are all spacious and beachy and renovated with beautiful accents. They have a fridge, which is helpful with kids and snacks and drinks, and they also have a fabulous view of the beach, so you can sit on your balcony and take in the sunrise or sunset.

We happened to be at Margaritaville on National Margarita Day. So this Mom, at 45 years old had her first Margarita ever. It was fun to celebrate the day with others, who couldn’t believe I had never experienced this drink.

We do hope to be back at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort soon. We will never be “wasted away” but I will always remember the fun we had and the joy I get being able to take my 3 kids away by myself even if I read the same chapter of my book over and over again. Every mom knows what I am talking about…