The MOMS, Denise Albert, Lily Hevesh and Discovery+

The MOMS (Denise Albert) hosted a Virtual Mamarazzi event with Lily Hevesh Tuesday, August 24th at 6:30 PM EST for the release of her new film, Lily Topples The World, coming out on Aug 26th. Lily is a You Tube Star with over 1 Billion Views and over 1 Million Followers. Lily shared with the audience of mom influencers and kids why Jimmy Fallon is her favorite celebrity she has worked with so far (and the list includes Will Smith and Katy Perry among others. When asked who she wants to work with, of all people in the world, her answer was Gary V. Read more and watch the video to hear why. Plus Lily shares how kids can also become You Tube stars, why Dominos and You Tube are great ways to learn….kind of like You Tube University…..