5 Year Cancerversary Brings New Questions

Are you counting down the days until New Year’s Eve? 2020 has been a difficult year for so many of us. I often feel reflective in December. I use this time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one. For me, this year, it’s my most important year since I was diagnosed.  For me, this year will be crucial.  This year is my 5 year mark from diagnosis.  There’s so much that comes with that but especially the questions surrounding one of the medicines I’m on.  I’m on an aromatase inhibitor, which is like insurance.  It’s supposed to help make sure my cancer doesn’t come back.  Traditionally, doctors prescribed this medicine, for my kind of cancer and treatment for 10 years.  But as is always the case with science and medicine, there are always advancements. When you rely on medication to get you through your illness can be pretty daunting, as you are afraid to miss out on any doses or accidentally run out, we are lucky that nowadays there are things like an Online pharmacy that we can use, medication delivery by your physician, etc. but when you have been on them so long, you want to see the other side of it and evaluate what it means. 

This time, it’s Breast Cancer Index™. Breast Cancer Index is a simple test that will let me know if there’s any benefit to me staying on this medication for 5 more years. I’ve learned about Breast Cancer Index in the past 6 months and am serving as an ambassador for this test. I’ve always only agreed to partner with companies that are meaningful to me and that I believe in. After learning and writing and sharing for the past few months, it’s time for me to decide what to do. I’ve spoken to my doctor about it and she was aware of it. She said we will talk about it at the 5 year mark but her inclination is to keep me on the medicine since I don’t have side effects. But it’s a good topic to discuss. How do you know when you want to listen to science, try something new and perhaps take fewer drugs? I’m almost at the time to make a decision and I think I will take the test. It would be good to have more information. I don’t know yet what I will do with the results, but I’m thankful for advancements, for science and for Breast Cancer Index.