A Surprise For My MOM

By Denise AlbertIMG_2340

How do you thank your mom for everything she does for you? And I mean, besides words. My mom is my everything. My mom is another mother to my children. My mom is a daily part of my life with my kids so I can be me. So I can work. So I can chase my dreams. So I can provide for my children. So I can enjoy my life too.

My mom is also my attorney… for everything. She was my divorce attorney. My mom is also the attorney for my business. My mom is the reason why I feel like I can do everything. And her life is full too. She also still works as a volunteer mediator at a court and still occasionally practices as an attorney as well. She is social and has a busy life…but makes it all happen for her kids.

So it’s hard to say thank you to someone who does everything. So for now, I’ll start with something to make her more comfortable every time she needs to rest. For Mother’s Day, Tempur-Pedic launched its “You’re Important. Sleep Like It.” campaign to recognize moms and encourage children (of all ages) to thank them for the sacrifices they’ve made.

A group of moms thought they were auditioning for a game show but little did they know, the day was all about them. During a “confessional-style” interview, each mom received a heartwarming video message from their loved one. Completely caught off guard, the footage captured the mom’s tearful reactions – when the curtains were lifted, the family member along with a brand new TEMPUR-Flex bed was revealed on the other side. I was so inspired by this video that I wanted to give back to my own mom. So, for Mother’s Day, I am surprising my mom with a brand new TEMPUR-Flex mattress! I didn’t need too much help in choosing a mattress for her as I already had one in mind, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek information online if you’re considering a mattress upgrade.


Despite purchasing her a TEMPUR-Flex mattress, the decision to purchase that one wasn’t easy. There are so many different mattresses out there, choosing the perfect one is a difficult task. One of my friends did tell me to look at some of the best hybrid mattress brands. Apparently they contain multiple features, such as springs, foam, and gel. Whilst that sounds amazing, I eventually decided that the TEMPUR-Flex was the right bed for her. However, that’s not to say that the mattress will work for everyone, as some people may need a different type of memory foam mattress for example. Sleeping is different for everyone, so it’s vital that your mattress is perfect for you.

Tempur-Pedic also commissioned a survey of 1,000 moms across the U.S. and found the following results to see why they are in need of more sleep.

  • All moms (87 percent) say that certain things keep them up all night whether it’s:

o concerns about their kids’ future and safety/health (37 percent)

o finances or job-related (54 percent)

o or the biggest culprit of restless or lost sleep – deep thoughts (63 percent)

And clearly, as a divorced and “independent”, entrepreneurial, dating mom, clearly my mom thinks of all of those things for me often. Now, hopefully, when she wakes up every day, my mom will be more rested….to come to help me!

Watch the Mother’s Day campaign video here and to learn more information about the TEMPUR-Flex mattress, please click here.