Our Kids’ Invisalign® Treatment Experience Overview

Our children received complementary Invisalign treatment as part of our sponsored partnership with

Align Technology, Inc, the makers of the Invisalign brand. All opinions and thoughts expressed in the post below are our own.

We’re now little ways into 2019 and it’s a nice time to reflect on what was good about the previous year and what’s already going well for 2019. One thing that has been consistently wonderful has been our families’ InvisalignÆ treatment experiences. The transformation has been incredible and the process of fixing their little teen smiles is happening so quickly! We can truly see the changes taking shape right before our eyes, setting our kids up for an easier dental experience for the rest of their lives, or we hope – for those that haven’t had much luck and you’ve noticed your oral health decline as you age, you might want to look into dental coverage plans for seniors like these compared over at Let’s Say Thanks. Here is a bit more insight into each of the journeys our children have gone through with Invisalign clear aligners.


What a great experience we are having with our InvisalignÆ treatment. We can see a HUGE difference in my daughter’s smile! What an easy process invisalign treatment has been and continues to be for my kids.

The great thing about having Invisalign clear aligners is that it doesn’t interrupt their lives, and you have a highly trained professional orthodontist working with you every step of the way. So regardless of whether you decide to visit a Dentist in Temple Terrace, in New York or a dental clinic closer to home, if starting Invisalign treatment is something you are looking to do, be sure to speak to a professional dentist who will be able to give you all the advice you’ll need. And since they’re virtually invisible, it doesn’t get in the way of their performance schedules or stage confidence. My youngest Sydney Rose performed all 25 shows of The Nutcracker this past December without one issue and with big smiles every time. The beauty of Invisalign treatment is that it doesn’t get in the way of all her performing and dance classes. My kids receive several aligners in advance and change them up weekly*. We aren’t running back and forth to the orthodontist for broken brackets or wires popping out. It makes everything so much easier. Finding a professional dentist who can perform treatment for Invisalign could be as simple as doing a google search into orthodontist lincoln ne (location varies). Speaking to a dentist about how this process works will help people make a decision on whether this is the right step for them to take when it comes to improving their smile.

We have seen major transformations in my daughters smiles in such a short time and we also have had the peace of mind that my girls can eat whatever they want because the aligners are removable. That is the best news since they both love popcorn and candy. They simply take them out, brush and floss and pop the aligners right back in.

In one short year, we have seen so many changes. One daughter had some spacing issues while my other daughter had more complex issues and Invisalign treatment is working well for both of them! I too have Invisalign treatment and my smile began to shift so quickly. I never loved my smile until now.


I was worried when I went to our orthodontist appointment recently because I had to cancel the previous one and reschedule. You know how life is as a busy mom. But, because my boys are so responsible with their aligners and their Invisalign treatment it all worked out. In fact, they may even finish early because they have not only worn their aligners and been compliant with their treatment, but they actually enjoyed it. My older son’s overbite is now gone, and his teeth are nearly perfect. My younger son’s crowded, crooked mouth is now a big smiling success.

They were able to do this all while continuing their daily lives. All while carrying their case in their backpack and even keeping one in their lunch boxes. They wore them all summer while away at camp without any issues. They wore them during their basketball and baseball games without worrying about broken wires or brackets. I can’t believe the amount of change in such a short time, not only with their smiles but with their sense of responsibility.

If you’re working through what the best orthodontic treatment options are for your teens, it is in your best interest to check out www.invisalign.com to learn more about the process, what other parents like us are experiencing with our teens, and to find a trained orthodontist or dentist in your local area. Your kids’ smile will thank you!

*Invisalign clear aligners may provide up to 50% shorter treatment time with weekly aligner changes, compared with two-week aligner wear. Weekly aligner changes are recommended for all Invisalign treatments (with default staging protocol) for Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Assist and Invisalign Go products. The decision to prescribe weekly aligner changes is at the doctor’s discretion. Monitor tooth movements such as rotations, extrusions, and significant root movements; particularly blue and black movements in the Tooth Movement Assessment (TMA). Depending on the patient response to treatment, particularly mature adults, consider longer periods between aligner changes.

The MOMS and Rachel Bay Jones

Rachel, who has played the role of a mom with suicidal kids and now addiction problems in Ben is Back…shared with the audience how she went through her own experimenting at 13 and 14.

Even running away from home and missing school but it was her drama teacher who set her straight and kept her safe always welcoming her into her classroom for anything.  She still speaks to her teacher to this day and she comes to see Rachel in every thing she does.

Watch below for the whole video.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
It’s the most stressful time of the year!

We are weeks away, are you ready?
Hosting Thanksgiving can be overwhelming and stressful and beautiful all at the same time, so it’s important to stay calm and prep ahead. There are so many things you can do in advance to make life easier, like cleaning out the fridge and even cooking ahead. To give the homes a Thanksgiving ambiance, many people decorate them with vintage floor lamps and other antique things, especially in the living room and dining room.

My day doesn’t usually start until I’ve had that first cup of coffee. My Keurig brewer has been a lifesaver, especially on busy days like Thanksgiving. I never used to drink coffee however after trying a coffee at my friend’s house a few months ago, I decided I wanted to buy a coffee machine. She told me she spent a while reading reviews on websites like https://greatcoffeebrewers.com/keurig-k-select-single-serve/ before she bought a machine for herself. Coffee machines can be expensive so doing your research before buying one can be really useful. It’s also important to know the difference between an espresso and a nespresso machine, click here for a full explanation of what nespresso is so that you can make an informed choice when choosing the right coffee machine for you. So before I get started, I enjoy a little me time and use my Keurig K-Latte Single Serve Coffee and Latte Maker to brew a fresh cup.

Then, it’s off to the races as I dive into meal prep, decor and making room in the fridge.

Before you know it, everyone has arrived and we’ve all enjoyed a delicious meal together. From there, it’s time for dessert and no dessert is complete without coffee for all, especially on Thanksgiving.

I also like to set up a dessert and coffee station with everything my guests need, including the Keurig K-Latte coffeehouse brewer. A lot of specialty coffeemakers can be complicated, time-consuming and messy, but the Keurig K-Latte Coffeehouse Brewer is simple to use. Everyone of my guests can enjoy exactly what they want, from a fresh cup of coffee to a creamy latte made from any K-Cup pod in just minutes and all from the same brewer!

Then we all find ourselves in my living room on the couch, stuffed and happy.

The Keurig K-Latte Coffeehouse Brewer is available exclusively at Walmart for only $99. I know that some people can’t justify spending that much on a coffee maker, so if you’re holding out for a deal, be sure to wait until Black Friday and Keurig Coffee Makers will most likely have some deals on then!

This Post is in Partnership with Keurig

The MOMS and Jada Pinkett Smith

The MOMS hosted Jada Pinkett Smith and her mom, Adrienne Norris for an event at a private residence in New York City for the launch of the 2nd season of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch.

The MOMS also introduced Jada to The MOMS Marketplace filled with mom business owners and mom entrepreneurs. Nothing was off-limits with The Moms and an audience of over 100 Mom influencers. Her number one piece of advice to all Moms is “let your kids be who they are” Women in business are important, there need to be more conversations about working Moms doing what they can to start their own businesses or thrive in the corporate world whilst bringing up a family. That is why when moms are pushing themselves to do everything they can, they need some inspiration, whether that be checking out some Stay at home mom quotes or getting business and financial advice from other working moms. Supporting each other is a must, so when Jada and Adrienne came to speak to us all, it was evident they had worked hard to get to where they are now whilst being full-time moms.

Jada spent time with each of the entrepreneurs in the The MOMS Marketplace to learn about their companies and the stories behind them, including a new fitness app, Gixo, founded by Selina Tobaccowala – the founder of Evite.com, a customizable handbag company, Goldno.8 , a T-shirt you can design called Chalk of The Town and a makeup Line by Khuraira Musa , and NY Cakepops, a dessert company started by a Mexican immigrant now sold over the country including in Yankee Stadium.

A Minute With The MOMS & Jessie James Decker

Just Jessie on National Taco Day with Old El Paso at Mondrian Terrace in NYC.

Jessie told the room full of Moms that her self care is a Bubble Bath with Eric. She will shut the door and have him pour her a glass of wine and draw a bubble bath. When it comes to parenting, Jessie talks about how she sometimes feels like Charlotte from Sex and the City2 when she needs to escape and close the bathroom door to get some R&R in. She even FaceTimed her own mom during our interview to get her opinion on a few things about bullying and how her mom handled it when Jesse was young.

Get to know Jessie a little bit better by watching our Minute with The MOMS and Jessie James Decker below!

Event produced by Geanine Cilenti

The Great Exploration with The Ford Expedition

Every year one of our summer travel traditions is that we head up to Canada and every year it is a long drive.

Sometimes we can do the drive in less than 10 hours, but with 3 kids and several different bladder schedules (most moms know what I am talking about here) and various appetites, we often make a lot of stops. I had considered just shipping our car out to where we need it and just getting a flight out there. I even googled something like ‘Cars Arrive Auto Relocation‘ and I was tempted to do it, but then I realized that this long car drive is now a family tradition. So even though it’s long and sometimes uncomfortable, I love it.

One of the cool things we do at The MOMS is we get the opportunity to try new products and sometimes test out new cars and we are currently on the hunt for a new vehicle now. We definitely need a 3rd row SUV with 3 kids in this family and safety comes first.

We got to test-drive the new Ford Expedition on the way up to Canada. The vehicle was by far the most comfortable for a family of 5. Everyone had their own space and enough room to really spread out. Equipped with driver-assist technology such as Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection, Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert, and lane-keeping assist, I felt safer and more confident on the road than ever before. It is unlucky that most cars don’t have these perks, as it could potentially prevent accidents from occurring, and people having to reach out to a car accident attorney in illinois to get assistance because someone has been hurt, or cars have been damaged. However, I am very happy this car had these specifications for this long trip as they were needed!

Our first stop into Canada was Toronto. We spent time with my husband’s family before heading further North to “cottage country” which was another 3-hour drive. This has become a family tradition of ours where every summer we drive up to Toronto first and then to Lake Muskoka to spend time with more Canadian family.

Lake Muskoka has become a very special place for us, where we can really relax and where we are really away from everything. We kayak, canoe, go boating, make s’mores and sleep. Which reminds me, one of our friends recently showed us this kayak review website: Bestkayaks.reviews/top-rated-inflatable. Be sure to check it out if you are on the lookout for a new kayak of your own! It is really peaceful compared to action packed New York City where we live. The drive to Lake Muskoka has some very windy long dirt roads and the Expedition was so safe and again super comfortable for all the back bumpy roads.

After Muskoka, we then head to Haliburton, which is a tiny town near my son’s sleep away camp. We actually pull directly into his camp and drop him off. That is the hardest moment of our trip for me. I know he has the best time. I know the independence is good for them. I know being in the wilderness and camping is his favorite, but when he leaves, it is like a stinger to my heart. It is hard to watch your kids grow up and become so independent. You want this for them and you don’t, all at the same time.

Following the Haliburton camp drop off we then adventured into Algonquin Park in our Expedition. The park is famous for its wildlife and home to a large population of moose and bears, so if you are planning on camping here you may want to buy the best bear spray and research the local advice on how to not attract bears to your camp. My son actually canoed through the park with his camp this summer, which is his favorite activity of all.

We then drove back to New York City and did the drive straight without overnighting. I sat in the back with my youngest daughter and we watched a movie together. That is another bonus to The Expedition; you actually want to sit in the back with your kids because it is so comfortable! I am not saying I want to do this on all car rides, but for the right vehicle and of course the right movie, anything is possible.

School Year is Parents New Year

Some members of our families received complimentary Invisalign® treatment but we really love it and all of the opinions below are our own.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It may only be August, but for moms and dads and families, this is the real-time to celebrate the New Year. Some of us might still be in the midst of summer mode, but we are winding down and beginning to prepare for the new school year.
We are starting to plan our kids after school activities. We are starting to get emails and mail from the school. We are starting to connect again with the local moms who we may not have seen with all of our busy summer schedules. We are gearing up for carpools and back to school shopping.

The Family New Year is also the best time for Family New Rules. With my boys away at camp this summer, I have thought about things that have been working and things that haven’t. As a mom who doesn’t cook, I realized, one of the biggest fights with my boys is about food. What to have for a snack, what to have for dinner. Well now, I’ve hung a sign on the refrigerator, in preparation for the new school year, that lists each day and what dinner will be served, so they know in advance. I have always been organized with our daily schedules, sending an email out every week to their dad, my mom, and our sitter with all of the activities and who is dropping off and picking up. I have always had a central dry/ erase calendar in the kitchen that is color-coordinated for each child and, because we are divorced, for each parent as well. Now is the time to add more organization with the daily dinner list, and other new rules. We will have a family meeting to sit and go through our Family New Year. We also will tackle technology rules and homework rules.

It’s also the best time to celebrate how responsible they have been with their ®Invisalign® treatment. They both have new, improved smiles and are proud to show them off. Who knew that visiting someone like a Dentist in Middletown, for example, could have made that much difference to a person’s confidence? They have been so great taking charge of their treatment: remembering to wear the clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day, changing them weekly (since treatment times are now up to two times faster with weekly aligner changes), keeping their cases with them and brushing their teeth after each meal before putting the aligners back in. The process of getting Invisalign is generally not as long as getting braces (if you’re consistent). It could be as simple as visiting a Phoenix Invisalign dental clinic, for example, and speaking to a professional who can provide the best advice on moving forward with this treatment. In case there are any changes, a dentist can monitor invisalign treatment for you and your family. This means they can adjust the treatment if it isn’t going well, but the only way we can know if things are changing is to do what the dentist says to the letter. So, it’s great that they are keeping on top of their treatment. It shows me that they can handle more responsibilities. I can’t wait to sit with them to decide what to add to their New Year list!

Back to School means back to the juggle. Back to school can feel so overwhelming for so many mothers. It’s important to ease into all the routines instead of making that switch the night before and expecting all the kids to just go to bed at a new hour. You do have to start planning everything earlier so you don’t feel maniacal when it happens and so the kids don’t feel lethargic and confused.

Planning schedules early is crucial and making those appointments now will make life easier. For our household, our kids are going to have Back to School orthodontist appointments before school starts. We are doing an exciting giveaway that you can all enter here to win an Invisalign treatment. The winner will be selected at the end of the year, just in time for a holiday gift! With Invisalign treatment, we won’t have to worry about scheduling many of these visits because they get all their clear aligners in advance for weekly changes, and this saves us all so much time. We also aren’t back and forth to the orthodontist due to broken brackets or wires, either. So, at the top of our to-do list is our Invisalign appointment at our dentist that is pretty similar to our friend’s Dentist in Seattle. The other big one on our to do list is back to school shopping. In the past we have always waited because we are in denial about school starting and we end up at the store with so many supplies sold out. This year we won’t live in denial and we will plan ahead. Another big to do for our family is all the school lunches and meal planning. My big goal this year is to have at least 3 home cooked meals planned each week and where we can all sit down together as a family. A mom can dream right?!

Lea Thompson Reveals She Missed Out on a Role in Steel Magnolias: ‘That One Hurt’

Check out our quote on the Puzzle poster, an item on People.com from our Luis And The Aliens event.

Lea Thompson might have struck gold as the leading lady in the classic Back to The Future trilogy, but the actress recently revealed her biggest career regret: missing out on a role in 1989’s female-centric drama, Steel Magnolias. That movie went on to star Sally Field and a young Julia Roberts.

“I didn’t get Steel Magnolias,” she said during a “Mamarazzi” event in Los Angeles to promote Thompson’s upcoming role in the animated film, Luis And The Aliens. “That one hurt.”

The actress, 57, who played the titular character in the 1990s NBC sitcom Caroline in The City, has a star-studded family. She tied the knot in 1989 to Pretty In Pink director Howard Deutch — and the two are proud parents to actresses Madelyn, 27, and Zoey Deutch, 23.

Despite not being cast in Steel Magnolias, the actress did get her dream collaboration: working with her family. This past June, Thompson made her directorial debut with the comedy The Year Of Spectacular Men, starring herself along with daughters Madelyn and Zoey.

The three previously co-starred in 2011’s Mayor Cupcake, and Thompson played alongside Zoey in ABC Family’s hit drama, Switched At Birth. The best part about working together? “We can talk about it at dinner,” the actress said.

Prior to her film’s release, the star told ABC News. “By the time you get to be my age, the great parts go to women who have Academy Award nominations. I don’t have one! I have a People’s Choice Award but I don’t have an Academy Award,” she said. “I certainly love acting, but I don’t want to just do the parts I’ve already done before. I keep my options open because I know this business can always surprise you. When you turn one corner, something will happen that you never expected.”

Freaky Friday with The MOMS

Another day, another city, another Mamarazzi. If you could switch places with one of your parents, what would you want to do?

That was one of the best parts of today’s MAMARAZZI with Disney Channel’s FREAKY FRIDAY! What a treat to host Heidi Blickenstaff Cozi Zuehlsdorff and Executive Producer Susan Cartsonis. Heidi’s was to drive, Cozi’s was to eat dessert whenever, mine was to work (shocking, right!) Off to the premiere (I saw it already and LOVED it!) Watch with your kids starting Aug 10th!

Event produced by Geanine Cilenti

Back to School Survival Guide

Don’t look now, but summer is winding down, and kids around the country are getting ready to go back to school. After a summer of lazy beach days, it can be tough to shift gears into school mode. Recently, Melissa, teamed with YourUpdateTV to provide some helpful tips on navigating the stressful back to school season.

Perk Up The Morning:

Going from summer mode to back-to-school is not always an easy transition to make. With super-early wakeups, busy mornings, and packed after-school activity schedules, it’s important to take moments to unwind. A cup of fresh coffee in the morning or an afternoon latte can go a long way in this regard.

The new Keurig® K-Latte™ Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker allows coffee lovers to enjoy regular, single serve coffee or creamy lattes in the comfort of their own home using any single cup coffee pod including any K-Cup® pod. This is the perfect time-saving and cost effective addition to any back to school routine. Why drive 3 miles when you can enjoy a latte and coffee for under a dollar and in less than 3 minutes? While most specialty coffeemakers can be complicated, time-consuming and messy, the Keurig® K-Latte™ Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker is simple to use, allowing you to prepare coffee or lattes in minutes. Brew. Froth. Enjoy. This coffeehouse brewer is available exclusively at Walmart.com and in Walmart stores for $99.00.

Creating a ‘Cool’ Environment:

For moms, it’s very important to make sure they are doing everything they can to help their kids, and that starts with the temperature. The first weeks of school can still be really hot! So, when my kids come home, I want to make sure they have a cool, study-friendly environment for them to stay focused. Research has shown that hot temperatures can really impact learning, decreasing both interest and alertness for children.

Maintaining your family’s comfort as they transition back into school mode is essential. LG just released a new line of smart window air conditioners that deliver advanced cooling and an unprecedented increase in energy efficiency of 40 percent on its best-performing model. LG is the first to use an innovative DUAL Inverter Compressor™, which allows the units to constantly adjust speed precisely to maintain desired temperature levels – unlike typical units that turn on full force and then off to reach the desired temperature, and waste energy in the process. Not only will these the units save energy and you money on your energy bills, they are ultra-quiet – just 44 decibels – which is perfect for when kids need to study – and offer smart connectivity which allows you to adjust temperatures, fan speed, and power, all from your smartphone – no matter where you are, using the LG SmartThinQ app, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. For busy moms, this is a lifesaver. It’s not just a lifesaver, but it’s also a money-saver as well. Everyone who has a house will be able to tell you that your energy bills can vary considerably. Most of the time you don’t even bat an eyelid at them, but then you get one and you’re just like how did that become so expensive? Now though, it’s a lot easier to keep your eye on things and make sure that you don’t get left with an expensive energy bill at the end of the month. I remember I once got one energy bill that surprised me, as the amount was a lot more then I was expecting. It surprised me so much that I spent that evening looking up different energy providers like Startex Power, just to see if that would help me. I went onto comparison sites and started to compare energy prices in the hopes that I could find a cheaper energy provider. I even came across this article that talked about how you can save money on your energy bills. Then I realized that my biggest problem was just that I hadn’t been paying attention and that I just needed to be more careful when it came to using electrical things. I realized that my biggest problem was just that I hadn’t been paying attention and that I just needed to be more careful when it came to using electrical things.

Making Time Amidst Busy Schedules:

With school around the corner, parents are thinking about their summer to-do lists. Orthodontic treatments are usually at the top of the list, as parents look to take advantage of the last bit of time off for scheduling appointments.

Invisalign clear aligners take the hassle right out of the process. Do you live in New Jersey? If so, you can get Invisalign aligners fitted at a Dentist in Little Falls. They are the most technically advanced clear aligner system in the world and can fix simple to complex cases for teens. They are removable so kids can still eat and drink whatever they want – simply brush and put back in. With this being said, they aren’t the only clear aligners on the market today with even cheaper options like the Beforedent aligners available. Be sure to do your research and find the option that is best for you. With Invisalign clear aligners, treatments are now up to 2 times faster with weekly aligner changes as opposed to two-week wear (at the discretion of the provider). To learn more and find a provider in your area, visit www.invisalign.com.

Last Days of Summer Mean Last Minute Trips:

Taking advantage of the last days of summer to get away with the whole family before school starts can help ease the pain of adjusting to the daily rigors of the school year. The good news is that the end of summer is a great time to save on last-minute trip ideas.

Megabus.com is a terrific low-cost bus service – with fares as low as $1 – that can take the whole family from city-center to city-center, on an awesome and comfortable double decker bus. Thanks to onboard technology like the megabus Ride App, free WiFi, and power outlets at each seat, the entire family can relax and enjoy the ride. It’s a great alternative to cramped and crowded family car rides OR overpriced airline tickets. Megabus.com serves more than 100 major cities across the U.S., so before you start planning that last-minute trip, make sure you check it out!

Parenting Struggles With Neil Patrick Harris

We jiffed it up with Neil Patrick Harris, a great group of moms and Jif Power Ups! We laughed out loud with Neil as he and a team of actors acted out Parenting Struggles from potty training to snack time to car rides. We can all relate.

We laughed. We laughed a lot! and thanks to Jif, we may laugh more when we find ourselves stealing our kids snacks! They are delicious and a great solution for parents looking to end the snack time struggle! They are made with peanuts as the first ingredient, they are chewy creamy peanut butter granola bars filled with the goodness moms want and the taste kids love, provides 6 grams of protein and 2 grams of dietary fiber per serving, no corn syrup, no hidden ingredients, and are individually wrapped for go-to deliciousness! Who can say no to that?! Mom and kid approved.

#JifPowerUps #JifPartner ❤ #sp

Watch Neil Patrick Harris – Jif Power Ups – The Struggle is Real…Funny HERE.

Also, check out Jif Power Ups

This post was in partnership with Jif.

Rocked It Fathers Day Weekend!

For years, we have been hearing about Rocking Horse Ranch and for years we have wanted to visit. We finally found the perfect weekend to head up, which was this past Father’s Day. This wasn’t all that we had given him for this special day. Before we set off, the kids gave their father a custom photo wallet that had a family photo on the front. I thought this was very thoughtful and something that we know he’ll use. He definitely looked like he enjoyed receiving it. With future father’s day gifts we will have to look to do even better. Our man of the house deserves it, he always goes the extra mile for us so we will need to get him a thoughtful gift every year. To help us keep the standard high on father’s day gifts we started brainstorming a gift idea for father’s day for next year already. Anyway, back to the trip itself. This family of 5 with a 16 year old, 13 year old and a 9 year old, need space for our road trips. We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to test drive the new Chevrolet Equinox, which made our ride extra comfortable and allowed me to relax too.

When we arrived at the ranch, we were welcomed by an outdoor barbeque with a country western band. Immediately, we felt like we were in the wild wild west with the sounds and smells of this gorgeous ranch. After lunch, we toured the property and the kids didn’t’ know where to start first.

We kicked off our activities with a dip in the pool, followed by a banana boat ride on their lake and then a mini golf game. After drying off, it was our turn to saddle up and take in a trail ride. We have a horse back rider in our house, so this was her turn to shine. She got right on her horse as if she just rode yesterday (even though it had been months). She asked for more time, so we were lucky enough to schedule a quick private lesson.

After the Horseback riding, we were back in the outdoor pool which was then followed by bungee jumping and then the indoor pool which was like a water park with obstacle courses and splash areas. Bungee jumping was an experience in itself. Although this was something I wanted to tick off my bucket list, I was still so nervous. It is the idea that anything could happen while you are up there. It is understandable as to why sites like https://www.moneyexpert.com/life-insurance/ advise you to take up life insurance for high risk activities, in case anything was to happen. It sounds scary, but this is definitely necessary. You just never know, so it is better to be safe than sorry and know that you did all you could to protect yourself and even your family. This year round resort also offers wintertime fun and activities that include snow tubing, skiing, sledding, skating and I hear the best hot chocolate around.

Then came time for our Fathers Day dinner set in a gorgeous western décor dining room. Our Fathers Day dinner turned into a date night for us as the kids ate in record time and left us alone to take on the arcade. To be honest, we didn’t mind the alone time. During this meal, I was finally able to present my husband with the gift of attending the Cotswold Gin Pantry. As we are already planning on a trip to the UK soon, I thought I might as well add this to the to-do list. I’m so happy that he loves the gift. I knew he would anyway.

After the busiest day ever, we headed back into our Chevy Equinox and drove back to Manhattan. The vehicle is quite impressive with the warning seat vibrations. When you don’t drive often, these extra safety features are an added comfort when driving around a family. Of course the kids loved the Apple Car Play and 4G LTE Wifi, and what Mom does not love that for a long car ride!

We rocked our Fathers Day weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch thanks to Chevrolet and everyone at the ranch. Maybe this will be our new Fathers day tradition, if not, we are more than happy to take on another adventure soon with the Chevrolet Equinox.

You Will Never Believe What Made My Boys Responsible!!

My boys received complimentary Invisalign® treatment in exchange, we are sharing our real treatment experience with you.

Have you had that moment when you felt like your kids were all grown up? Even though they are still kids, have you had a moment when you felt like they were responsible? Have you had that moment when you realized they understood the value of something and did their best to appreciate and take care of it without having to tell them?

I am living that moment right now. I can’t even believe it. I can’t be the only one who feels like I’m always repeating myself to my kids. “Pick up your clothes.” “Put your dishes away.” “Please go shower.” “Time to brush your teeth.”

But recently something happened. I no longer have to tell them to brush their teeth. Now they tell me! Multiple times a day. The moment occurred precisely nine weeks ago. I remember because that’s when they began their Invisalign® treatment. Just a quick note – there are other options on the market that may be better options for you. For example, if you’re from Thailand then you might want to look at จัดฟันแบบใส Aline. It’s up to you though, make sure you do your research and assess your options!

If you’re interested in Invisalign then check out the resources available online for more information. It’s never too late to get it! The boys have been so excited that each time they eat, they take their aligners out, place them in their case and then miraculously after they finish eating, immediately go to the bathroom to brush and put them back in. The process of getting Invisalign is a lot easier than getting braces, which is why many people go for this option instead. If this is the treatment that you feel is best for your child to undergo (and your child agrees), it could be as simple as visiting a Dentist in McAllen (or your local dental clinic) to get started! You can speak to them about the whole process if it’ll make it easier for you to understand. Plus, they aren’t there for no reason! They have your best interests at heart when it comes to your teeth.

You’ll find that many clinics such as Dentist Lancaster offer this treatment. If you or your child is considering getting Invisalign, doing some research into it or speaking to a professional dentist could help you get a better understanding of what this all includes.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Before bedtime. It’s as if they are under a spell. I thought it would get old fast. I thought after the first week; they would go back to old habits. NOPE! Nine weeks in and it’s still the same excitement, the same sense of responsibility.

This miracle has even stayed on track when they are in school. They each keep their case in their lunch box. They do not ever take it out. They also keep a case right by the sink at home. There’s never an opportunity to miss or lose it because we established this routine right from the start.

We also decided that every Wednesday is the day they change their aligners and move on to the next week’s set. As a busy mom, I often forget, and I still haven’t remembered to set an alert on my phone. But I don’t even need one. My 9 and 13-year-old boys are my human alerts! They wake up each Wednesday morning and say, “It’s new Invisalign® aligner day!”

Invisalign® clear aligners are custom made for an individual’s teeth and the boys can see how much straighter their teeth are each week.

At our last visit to the orthodontist, we took a look at the 3D plan on the computer and it was fascinating to see the planned movements each week and how their teeth are precisely where the computer said they would be.

Each set of Invisalign® clear aligners shifts their teeth slightly and the boys are enjoying seeing the results from their hard work and responsibility.

My boys are smiling bigger and with more confidence. Take a look on https://garycashdds.com/cosmetic-dentistry/invisalign/ to find out more!

Or you can find an Invisalign® provider near you here!

Denise’s story on People.com, “Sharing My Story Helped Me Each Day”

Denise Albert is co-founder of The MOMS media company. She is a cancer survivor and the mom of two boys, Jaron, 13, and Jaylan, 10. She speaks and moderates panels at many breast cancer-related events and was the recipient of the 2017 Susan G. Komen NY Impact Award. She lives in New York City.

I am a survivor every day. I remind myself that every day. I may be cancer free, but the diagnosis and continuing medications and decisions are forever.

I began my cancer journey in January of 2015. I was finally happy. I was a happily divorced mom of 2 boys, happy with my boyfriend and building my business, when I felt a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer just 3 months after a clear mammography.

I had a lumpectomy, aggressive chemotherapy for six months, radiation daily for six weeks and immunotherapy infusions for a year. When my treatment ended a year ago, I called it #MyBreastYear (though it was 2 years of treatment).

Just like there’s no parenting manual, there’s no cancer manual. Everyone’s journey is different. For me … I tried to live my life. I threw parties and planned trips with my kids for the end of each phase to have something to look forward to.

Sharing my story helped me each day, and speaking to my new cancer-community friends across the country each day gave me more inspiration to keep sharing and hopefully helping others.

I hosted one of our Mamarazzi events with Jennifer Garner just an hour after shaving my head. I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert the night before chemo began. Some days, walking my kids to school was all I could do. I lost my taste and had no appetite, lost 10 lbs., lost all my hair everywhere. I couldn’t look in the mirror – with no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes it was impossible to think I would ever look healthy again.

Denise Albert:
On my first business trip to California after chemo ended, I was mistreated by the TSA – you may have seen the video. I then volunteered my time to shoot a public service video to make sure every one knows the best way to travel with cancer and to remind their agents of the protocol.

My hair is now growing back, though I prefer the wigs (no hair drama ever!). I have gained the weight back and I’m finally back to a normal lifestyle.

I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and have also been living with rashes all over my body for the past two years. When I was diagnosed, I did a lot of research into rheumatoid arthritis and found that it can potentially cause pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints, (something that I wasn’t looking forward to). My doctor told me that rheumatoid arthritis and physical therapy often go hand in hand and it can really help with some of the joint pain and encourage me to keep my mobility. The last thing I want is to lose my freedom and not be able to move about when I need to. Plus, minimizing my pain is very appealing. I don’t think I could live with any more pain, and that is when my friend told me that I should have a look into something similar to these CBD oil UK brands and products to see if I can find a form of pain relief that could help me battle with this new diagnosis, as well as dealing with my cancer. However, I know that there are also CBD pain relief edibles too that could be easier for me to take on the go. My friend told me that you just have to buy CBD isolate and then it can be made into edibles to take whenever I feel any pain. That should help me to reduce some of the suffering, allowing me to live a little more comfortably.

I have scheduled surgery three times in the past nine months. I have cancelled it each time. The surgery is called a salpingo-oophorectomy. It’s an elective surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes. I asked my oncologist why some women decide to do this surgery. His answer was so simple. “Well, for women similar to you … if you keep thinking and worrying about cancer recurring there.”

I keep thinking about it although I have no evidence of cancer. The doctors don’t really believe I’m at increased risk for ovarian cancer but can’t say for sure. Because of the kind of breast cancer I had, I am on medicine for ten years and also get a shot every three months (also for ten years) to shut my ovaries down. I get another shot to strengthen my bones since estrogen is needed for that too.

The estrogen the ovaries make is what feeds my cancer, but not having the estrogen puts me at risk for other things like osteoporosis, mood swings, anxiety, depression, change in sex drive, and possibly pain during sex. Did I want to live my life like this? I was completely lost. I mean, I knew that things like CBD oil would help to control specific ailments like mood swings and depression, but do I want my cancer to continue being fed? This was one of the toughest decisions of my life. I didn’t know what to do.

I met with the gynecology oncologist surgeon last summer. After I asked him a million questions, he said it was a reasonable and good choice. I scheduled the surgery. Then cancelled it. I sent an email and asked my oncologist about it again. I scheduled the surgery again. I cancelled it. I then set up another meeting with the surgeon. I probably asked him the same questions. I scheduled it.

I don’t think my decision or emotions about this surgery has anything to do with the fact that now I really won’t be able to have kids anymore. It sounds so final but I don’t think that’s an issue for me. It’s more about my life now. I’m finally on a good run. But after further questioning and research I learned that ovarian cancer is hard to detect. It’s often caught too late.

Now I’m really beginning to think I should follow through with the surgery. Maybe I learn to live without my ovaries the way I’ve learned to live without my hair and with my wig. Newer, easier, better. And just keep living. Positively. Why would I keep my ovaries and tubes?

Maybe the surgery is just the next step in this journey.

Click here for the story on People.com

The MOMS and Kidz Bop

We recently rocked out (or tried to) with KidzBop and our kids celebrating KidzBop new 2018 Tour.

These kids are the real deal! Super talented! So kind! Took time with all the kids in the audience and gave us all an a cappella performance to remember. Not only can they sing but they can dance too!

Thanks to our partner Old El Paso who also rocked everyone’s tummy’s at the event with their new mini tortilla bowls. They make Tacos more enjoyable not just for kids but for everyone. Taco Night is our saving grace because it is the only night where everyone is eating the same thing ALL together! Who can relate?

Take a watch of KidzBop groovin’ and singing and let’s all take a moment to thank them for their cleaner version of today’s hits so we can all rock with our kids.

Also, a big thanks to The Pennsy as the location for the Kidz Bop kick off event!

What are you having for dinner tonight? ?? #KidzBopMoms #Ad


Event produced by Geanine Cilenti

What Do You Do When You Have No Headspace Left?

Are you a mindful parent? I think as a parent we all try to be mindful. But I bet you didn’t know that meditation can actually make you parent better. Tapping into your spirituality is a wonderful thing. Some people do this through meditation, others do it through cannabis using tools like an American made glass bong in order to so.

I recently attended a beautiful luncheon hosted by Momtrends and learned that parents who practice meditation are more responsive to their children. A mindful parent can actually help a child learn to manage their behaviors and how they respond to you and also in the classroom. But it’s not just mindful parenting that attracted me to Headspace. It’s the lack of peace I have in my life.

My headspace has actually reached maximum capacity. Recently, I feel like I am on the edge of breaking down because of the amount of overload and the stress that happens to me as a working parent and especially during the end of the school year. You would think that we are all winding down but I feel more overwhelmed than ever. A friend mentioned I should try the best CBD Oil to try and overcome this sense of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Well, she actually said “beste CBD olie” given that she’s Dutch!

To be honest, CBD products seem to be more popular than ever before. In fact, most people I know seem to be talking about the potential health-boosting benefits of CBD at the moment. You see, there is a lot of research out there to suggest that CBD can be used to help people living with stress and that it can have a positive impact on your sense of wellbeing. Accordingly, CBD products are now available in a wide range of different formats. So, whether you want to get your CBD fix via Private Label CBD Softgels or any other CBD health supplements, the choice is totally up to you.

So, what could I do to tackle the stresses of my daily life? Yes, I exercise almost daily which is a great release and I try to take time for myself but to be honest those things don’t solve the underlying problem. I was left wondering about what I should do next; I didn’t know where to turn. But then my friends told me that I should consider taking cannabis for medicinal use, as they had heard that something like the gas monkey strain was meant to help with symptoms of stress. Don’t get me wrong, I had considered it because I had nothing to lose at this point. But a part of me was still wondering about the other options that are out there. How do I become less stressed daily and how do I find the peace in my everyday life?

With Headspace I discovered that I will be on a new journey. A journey that can hopefully help with my stress, happiness, work, parenting and so much more. The App allows you to try several levels of meditation and allows you to discover so many things about yourself you may not have even known. The App also has sessions for students. This is so helpful for all those stressed out teens who might be taking final exams right now.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is your Headspace at maximum capacity? If so, I have a special gift for you.

You can try Headspace for 40% off. This offer expires July 4, 2018! Click the link below and upload the code. This will give you access to the full Headspace library.


I know I am not alone here when it comes to feeling overwhelmed as a Mom. I am hoping the Headspace App can be my start to managing some of the stress in my life and hopefully this App can be helpful for you too.

Let’s all try to find some Headspace.

This is a Sponsored Post, all opinions are my own.