We Need To Laugh Harder…More Than Ever

I have avoided the news since the election. I have really turned it all off, this is probably because I am so disgusted and turned off.

I am a former breaking news producer who ate and breathed any and all news stories. I was on the front lines of every story and knew every up to the minute detail and all the players involved. So for me to be disengaged and disenchanted with the news is something I never thought would happen. I have been back and forth over how I’m going to deal with the next four years and the news that is coming out everyday. How are we all going to make it through 4 years, 48 months, 208 weeks and 1460 days? Then today it hit me. This is what we have to do.

More than ever, we have to laugh harder and love stronger. More than ever, right now, with what’s happening in America. I will do my best to stay positive but I might need to lean on others and on you. You might need to lean on me too. I can only pray that when my son votes in his first election 4 years from now that we are looking forward with progress and that we can see a light at the end of this tunnel.

When I find myself stuck, sad and frustrated, I will look to laugh. I will watch more TV comedies and go see every funny movie I can. I will look to laugh with friends, and laugh with my family. I will push myself to go out more. Then we have to dance.

We have to dance more. Dance with our kids, and dance with our spouses, and friends. We have to stop and say hello to strangers more and have conversations with more people in our community and take time with one another at our local shops; more than ever. We have to enjoy life, look for entertainment, go to concerts, travel and meet new people, and experience a new culture. We have to genuinely ask how they are and not just in passing. We have to sing. We have to sing in the car, and when we are out and sing with our children. The little things that make us smile and laugh.

We have to celebrate each other and lift each other up; more than ever. With laughter, and dance and song, maybe, just maybe, the four years will pass and we will soon be watching someone else dance the night away at an Inauguration. Hopefully that next time, and that someone, will be one to watch. Where you can sit with your children and feel proud to share in that historic moment. Here’s to the next four years, may we dance, sing and laugh more than ever before.

A Getaway With My Mom Is an Integral Part of Fighting My Cancer

I’ve always joked with my married friends that I did it right by getting divorced: I get time off when my kids go to their dad. While other parts of being a parent on your own might not always be easy, when my kids are with their dad, I can actually try to relax, do whatever I want and even travel. (This did take time getting used to, and the reality isn’t always easy.)

Then, when I was diagnosed with cancer, being a parent on my own – or an “independent” mom, as I like to say – became more complicated. Worried thoughts run through my head about what happens should treatment not be successful. Besides that, the added stress of going through treatment yet being “on” and “not sick” for my kids all the time was, and is, a lot.

Honestly, there are some days when I feel like I can’t go through with it anymore. The initial diagnosis was hard to handle and a lot of other cancer patients will tell you the same. But what the nurses and doctors don’t prepare you for is how it will truly affect you as a person. It’s not their fault, they don’t know the full extent. While I was preparing myself for the pain, and the potential need to use something like this breeze recreational cannabis delivery service because I wanted to use their products to unwind and forget about my problems for a time, I completely forgot about what it would to not only my mental state but to the thoughts and emotions of my kids too. It really was, and is a lot, for one individual to handle. I don’t know how others managed to do it. Is that why so many cancer patients tend to require therapy for mental preparedness? Some might even be prescribed cannabis products (find some here) from their doctors to help them with the pain. But I don’t think that is the route for me. Still, I have to keep moving forward, no matter how hard this may be for me to do.

Going through something like this changes you as a person, you see another side of yourself and you see another side of those around you as they adapt to what you are going through. Health is truly a precious thing. If you are able to live without any sort of illness, you are truly blessed. Following a proper diet, handling stress properly with supplements (for example, check rae destress review), exercise, and mindfulness are essential to be healthy in today’s fast-paced world. There isn’t really a day where you aren’t thinking about the future, whether that be near or far, you have always got something in your head that can set off your anxiety levels once again. People cope in different ways, some need peace and quiet and will use medicines from prescription-based to natural to help with getting through it, this could be herbal supplements or marijuana with websites like weedsmart which they have discussed with their doctor, others will want to be constantly doing something to keep their minds preoccupied so they are not thinking about what could happen every single day.

It is a road that nobody wants to go on or down, but the right support system will get you through it and help you when you feel like you don’t know which way to turn, you just have to believe in yourself.


A Minute with The Moms: Nicole Kidman

January 2017

The MOMS kicked off 2017 with a Mamarazzi event with Nicole Kidman for her new film, Lion.

Kidman was candid and honest about what she does when she gets time alone, how she disciplines her kids and time alone with her husband…well…watch the video above for a Minute with The MOMS.

Why Him?

December 2016

The MOMS hosted an advanced screening of Why Him? and a hilarious MOMS night out at Dolby 88 Screening Room.

Mom influencers enjoyed make up applications, and eyelash extensions from Blushington and we are sure they were the perfect touch to get everyone ready for headshots by Jonathan Breton.

Why Him? hits theaters Friday, December 23rd!

Sterling K. Brown

December 2016

Sterling K Brown sat down with The MOMS while in New York City to talk about his new hit NBC Show, This Is Us.

Brown talked about balance and his new fame and being recognized now, and how he is managing it all and also dished on his hometown St. Louis with fellow St. Louis mom, Melissa.

SING Mamarazzi

December 2016 | LA and NYC

The MOMS hosted Bi-Coastal events for the holiday hit movie, SING, starring Matthew McConaughey.

One thing is for sure, you will leave wanting to just SING! Do you sing with your kids? Check out photos from the event below.

Kristin Chenoweth and Warriors In Pink

October 2016

Most meaningful Mamarazzi ever. It still feels surreal that we are spreading the messages of @WarriorsInPink #MoreGoodDays because of Denise’s Breast Cancer and she was clearly inspired to rock the real look.

It was so special to do it with Kristin Chenoweth, Ford’s Models of Courage, all of the guests and YOU, who have supported US and joined our emotional day. Go to themoms.com to see all of our tips on #moregooddays! #warriorsinpinkmoms #sp

As a Cancer Patient, Here’s Why I Think Radiation is Almost as Bad as Chemotherapy

I thought being tired and losing my hair was the roughest part of having breast cancer, turns out, radiation is awful in other ways.

Try this: Lay on the floor. Stack a baseball bat and hockey stick below your back but above your butt. Make sure the room temperature is about 50 degrees.

Take off your shirt or pull one arm out of a robe, and put your arms above your head. Have someone place a little box in the middle of your body just below your breasts. If it itches, too bad.


Don’t move. Your life relies on it.

Wait 5 minutes. Don’t scratch that itch. Don’t move your arms. I know the blood rushing makes them feel numb. And cold.

Don’t move that robe that is lying in a place you didn’t realize would be annoying. Don’t worry about the hair lying across your face; imagine you don’t have any. Keep fighting that urge to move your hands and fingers. If you do, you’ll just have to start over again.

Stay like this for anywhere between 20 minutes and 45 minutes.

Visit Good Housekeeping to read the full article.

Touchdown for Breast Cancer!

Touchdown for Breast Cancer! So honored to ring today’s bell @NYGiants game to raise awareness for BreastCancer as part of NFL A Crucial Catch. To do this my my kids, (Melissa and other survivors) and to include them in this important message is the good that comes from a bad diagnosis by hopefully helping others! Thanks to NYGiants (and Don Sperling) for a day will we always remember.



What’s for Dinner?


Just as we are heading back to school, and back to work we are also struggling with mealtime and snack time. We all just want the best for our kids even though we were raised on Kraft Mac n Cheese and how about Spaghettios, remember those! This Fall we are going for a win-win! Envirokidz granola bars and crispy rice bars are the first organic, gluten-free, peanut-free bars for kids. So they are great snacks for kids with allergies as well as peanut-free schools, and are available in four flavors: chocolate crispy, berry blast crispy rice bars, chocolate chip, and strawberry granola bars. Amazing right!

If you want a further food selection that you can enjoy too (why not, we are kids at heart still), you may want to check out some gluten-free snack bars that you can keep on hand for when they get back from school or after they’ve been playing with their friends, so they feel satiated and full after a day filled with a lot of running, playing, and general childlike wonder at the world.

It is important that we give our kids healthy and nutritious food; that does not mean that you don’t include some variety! In fact, I’m sure you would enjoy making a meal from a different cuisine once in a while for dinner. Maybe some Ramen and Yakitori from an online japanese food store? Or some spicy curries and biriyani from that Indian place that you like. Your kids might actually end up having fun during dinner, because they get to taste different kinds of food. Besides, you can offer up some yummy snacks to them also. There’s no harm in giving them a little bit of indulgence once in a while so they have a healthy attitude towards food. So when you are setting the dining room table with a decorative easy to clean round plastic tablecloth (they will make a mess, you know it) and fun cutlery to amuse your children for dinner time, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you are feeding them nutritious meals but you are also letting them have some fun with what they eat so they don’t feel stuck to one type of food.

As full-time stay-at-home working moms, we not only have to make the kid’s lunch and dinner but our own as well! With Reynold’s new heat & eat containers tonight’s dinner easily becomes tomorrow’s lunch. We really love them because we simply heat it, and eat it! Clean all those messes up after with Wet Ones ®, all you need to do is run it over an easy wipe table cloth. Although we all hate the messes, those messes are making memories our kids will never forget.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

November 2016

No School, No Problem! The MOMS hosted a Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Mamarazzi® event with Lauren Graham, Griffin Gluck and Alexa Nisenon at the Tribeca Screening Room.

The film is now open nationwide, so head on over to your local theater and bring your family along for lots of laughter.

Wendy Williams loves Sirius XM

We are fans of Wendy as well! The MOMS with Denise & Melissa are live on Sirius XM Stars channel 109, Mondays at 12 PM.  No worries if you miss us on Monday our show replays Tuesday’s at 5 am, and Saturday’s at 6 am, 5pm.  Tune in and listen up as we tackle topics both big and small, that resonate with moms today. We are brutally honest–and sometimes have conflicting–opinions which are not only entertaining, but also  take the parenting conversation to a whole new level.

Denise Albert on HLN for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I never thought October would be an awareness month that includes ME! I am now and forever tied to #BreastCancer and I’ll be using this month especially to live out loud and tune in NOW on HLN. I try to be honest and make a difference in everything I do, whether on @SiriusXM, on social media, or with my friends and family. I speak out on social media about my life as a mom, my social life, my divorce, and my work (with lots of fun hashtags!), so it only felt natural for me to continue living publicly as a #FutureCancerSurvivor. My public journey, and my work with Ford @WarriorsInPink, has taught me a lot about how to enjoy #MOREGOODDAYS during breast cancer treatment, and how to extend more good days to others in the fight. As I continue treatment and move toward embracing my new #Survivor status, I’ve shared some of the lessons I’ve learned on how to enjoy more good days during my breast cancer journey. Please go to TheMOMS.com to see more tips on how to help your friends have #MOREGOODDAYS #SP

A #FutureCancerSurvivor’s Secrets to #MoreGoodDays During Treatment

By Denise Albert, Co-Founder of lifestyle brand and media company TheMOMS.com, Co-host of “The MOMS on SiriusXM Stars with Denise and Melissa,” and Co-host of The MOMS Mamarazzi event series. Denise was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December, 2015 and is currently in the middle of treatment.

MoreGoodDays I measure my life in good days, and I’m on a mission to keep it that way.

When you are 41 years old and an #independent, #fulltimeworkingstayathomemom – and then you’re diagnosed with early stage breast cancer – it might be hard to find the good during unexpectedly difficult times. But for me, I had to continue living my way despite breast cancer, ensuring that I would continue to have good days – both for my family, for my work, and for myself.

I live out loud. I try to be honest and make a difference in everything I do, whether on the radio, on social media, or with my friends and family. I speak out on social media about my life as a mom, my social life, my divorce, and my work (with lots of fun hashtags!), so it only felt natural for me to continue living publicly as a #FutureCancerSurvivor. My public journey, and my work with Ford Warriors in Pink, has taught me a lot about how to enjoy more good days during breast cancer treatment, and how to extend more good days to others in the fight.

As I continue treatment and move toward embracing my new #Survivor status, here are some lessons I’ve learned on how to enjoy more good days during my breast cancer journey:

1. #LiveLaughLovelive-laugh-loveThat’s always been my motto, so I wanted to continue to live, laugh and love every day. And to embrace that spirit, maintaining some normalcy during treatment is key!

According to Warriors in Pink’s 2016 survey of breast cancer patients, maintaining day-to-day routines during treatment is the primary concern of 83 percent of respondents – second only to life expectancy, at 86 percent. But how do you do that, when it feels like your world has been turned upside down?

Whether through work, running from my kids’ pickups to activities kids’ carpools, scheduling social outings or exercise, I tried to keep my normal routine in place as much as possible so I could feel like myself. Sometimes, on hard days, I simply tried to do one thing more than I did the day before – and there were certainly days when I could really only do one thing! So each day, I’d try to add one more step toward living, laughing, and loving, embracing normalcy in the process.

2. #WorkItOut

More Good Days

Exercise not only helps you maintain strength and a sense of normalcy, but it can ease the physical and emotional toll of treatment. I’m a spinner, and so I chose to #FlyThruChemo by spinning a few days a week (or on my off-chemo weeks) at Flywheel. I certainly didn’t have my best workouts – and oftentimes didn’t even break a sweat – but moving and being active felt great.

Staying fit also helped me motivate to eat better, giving my body nutrients it needed to recover. I don’t cook, but I changed my eating habits to help my body beat cancer, cutting out most sugar, carbs, red meat and some dairy. Eating well takes energy, research and some resources, but with Warriors in Pink’s new partnership with Green Chef, free organic meal kits are being made available for door-to-door delivery to breast cancer patients nationwide – this is exactly the type of service that me and my boys could use to keep our healthy meal plans on track!

3. #OneTeamOneDream


The same survey found that 96 percent of Americans believe that small gestures from friends and family can make a big difference in the fight against breast cancer – yet only 28 percent of Americans felt confident that they knew what to do to help someone in treatment. Forming a team of supporters around a patient in treatment is an amazing way to extend little gestures that mean so much, giving the patient something to look forward to. Even if you just spend time looking into something like Icon immunotherapy with a patient, this could make all the difference, as allowing them to speak about what they are going through and find out about potential treatments will hopefully make their diagnosis a little bit easier to deal with.

For me, it was #TeamDA. Melissa planned a surprise party for me before chemo and ordered shirts for everyone with #TeamDA. I was so touched, and it reinforced for me how much fun it was to be with my family and friends and celebrate life! So I planned #TeamDA celebrations throughout – a birthday party amidst chemo, a celebratory dinner with friends at the end of chemo, and even a trip to London for myself, my mom and my two boys (along with Melissa and her kids!) between chemo and radiation. Plans with my dream team of supporters gave me something to look forward to!

4. #AskForHelp

No matter how strong you think you are, ask for help and talk to a professional. Warriors in Pink’s research revealed that 44 percent of patients report needing help to maintain a positive outlook, and I know this was definitely the case for me!

Before treatment, I thought I was so strong and wouldn’t need help, but I’ve learned that cancer diagnoses hit people at different times. I was so strong the first few months after diagnosis, and then it hit me hard a few months into treatment. Luckily, I have a wonderful team of doctors at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center who constantly offered to put me in touch with professional help. Then when I was ready, I wasn’t afraid to take advantage of the support! If you or a patient you know needs emotional support, Ford Warriors in Pink offers health and financial information from its four charity partners at fordcares.com. And with the free access they offer to MealTrain Plus, your supporters can rally around you, creating a schedule to cover childcare, meals and other household chores, helping to keep life on track while you pay attention to what matters most – your health and well-being. Depending on your prognosis, it might also be in your best interests to make plans for your future care such as whether or not you would prefer to be treated in a hospice facility. For more information about hospice facilities in San Diego, click here.

5. #CreateCommunity

Warriors in Pink MOMS

Create your own community of people who know what you’re going through. To get started, reach out to someone also going through breast cancer treatment – you can really learn from those who are ahead of you (and you can really help those behind you).

Because I have been public about my story, I have heard from people all over the country. I’m in touch with over 20 people going through cancer treatment, and others achieved #Survivor status. A 5-year survivor sent me a list of some of her side effects from chemo, which taught me that my nose was running excessively because I lost my nose hairs. That had never occurred to me before, and it’s certainly not what most people talk about! On the flipside, I taught others behind me simple things like how to put on eyelashes, as well as more serious things like potential questions to ask their doctors.

If you’re struggling to get started, look to Warriors in Pink’s community of Models of Courage – over 100 women nationwide who are being recognized for their strength and courage as breast cancer survivors and thrivers. Visit fordcares.com to learn more about these inspiring men and women, and connect with them or their breast cancer networks.

6. #MoreFearlessDays

Do something you wouldn’t have done the day before your diagnosis. You can’t control everything, a fact quickly made clear during cancer treatment, but by taking control of your fears, you live better, fuller days.

People have fear about cancer. But once I didn’t have a choice about fighting that, I decided to tackle another lifelong fear – flying internationally. I flew to London and had the best flight ever on British Airways, and my trip was among the most incredible and rewarding experiences I’ve had yet. Conquering the fear allowed me to embrace new adventures with my sons and my mother, and #TeamDA is now deciding where to go next!

7. #PayItForward

More Good Days

There will be more #FutureCancerSurvivors after you, especially if more people start using cbd as a potential treatment, and they need your help. Why do I mention cbd? Because it has been said by many that it can help alleviate the symptoms of cancer and some even believe it can cure it. You can read about cbd oil and cancer on veckomagasinet.com. CBD is a more natural health method to relieve some of the pain and may be able to reduce the cancer cells, in addition to CBD oil, you could also use hemp seeds from places like Cope CBD, which could be used in cooking or baking. Though Americans are largely aware of the health threats associated with breast cancer, more than 40 percent are unfamiliar with the challenges patients face in maintaining routines and day-to-day life while in treatment. But you do know, and these patients need you to share the resources, perspective, and wealth of experience you’ve gained!

An easy way to get started is to give something away to another patient. I gathered about six or seven hats that I don’t wear and gave them to someone recently diagnosed who was preparing to shave her head. So many people sent me ginger candies, socks, robes, gifts, and books, and I certainly didn’t need it all. I packed these items in boxes each month and sent them to someone newly diagnosed. I included a letter that asked them to enjoy the items if they needed them, but if not, to please pass along the gifts to someone who might.

Through its More Good Days program, Warriors in Pink offers free and easy gifts for breast cancer patients. You can gift a “Jacki Jacket,” or style-minded recovery garment, to a friend or loved who has recently undergone surgery. Or if you don’t know what to send someone going through treatment, send help to their home. Through the More Good Days initiative, breast cancer non-profit Cleaning For a Reason provides free home cleanings to patients undergoing treatment.

I’m honored to work with Ford Warriors in Pink to share more good days tips and resources throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re looking for ways to help a breast cancer patient you know and love, please check out fordcares.com where there are free tips, tools and resources for patients, survivors, and their families. You can even WIN a “good day” with a Green Chef meal delivery or the grand prize of an all-new 2017 Ford Fusion!

For daily tips on how to help the #FutureCancerSurvivor, go to TheMOMS.com and follow TheMOMS on Instagram @themomsnetwork and on twitter @themoms.

Moms Take London!

I have always thought of myself as a doer. In work, I definitely was and continue to be. As a mom, I’m mostly a doer. I take my kids everywhere. I expose my two boys to adventures. I include them in my work. I try to teach them by doing. However, my treatment for breast cancer made me realize I have not been a doer the way I want to be now — but that is about to change.

I have been afraid of flying since I worked in news and covered many plane crashes (and had my own horrific experience). To read the full article visit Good Housekeeping 



Make Breakfast Happen So Kids Are Hungry for More

Emmy Award ®-winning actress Viola Davis, the Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have come together to produce the new Hunger Is “Hungry for More” campaign which focuses on the importance of daily breakfast for children, seeking to provide five million more breakfasts this year to children in need. Hunger Is, a joint charitable program of the Albertsons Companies Foundation and EIF, designed to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood hunger in America, will feature this PSA campaign in select Albertsons family of stores during the month of September. The print, broadcast, digital and out-of-home PSA campaign will begin running in August.

Shoppers at the Albertsons family of stores – which include Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Shaw’s, Star Market, Tom Thumb, Randalls, ACME Markets and others – will have the opportunity to fight childhood hunger in their communities by giving to Hunger Is during an in-store fundraising campaign the month of September at more than 2,300 Albertsons family of stores across the U.S. Funds raised through the in-store campaign will contribute toward reaching the five million breakfasts goal.

The program has seen continued success over the last three years, raising $12.5 million to date, to support local hunger programs. The year-round campaign, which kicks off with the September in-store effort, will encourage individuals and communities to unite with the goal of providing healthy breakfast to kids in their neighborhoods and developing a lasting solution to childhood hunger in America.

“I am so thrilled to see our communities coming together to support eradicating childhood hunger in America,” said Hunger Is Ambassador Viola Davis. “The ‘Hungry for More’ public awareness campaign is integral in educating the public on how severe childhood hunger is – in every community – in America. It also demonstrates the importance of children starting off their day with breakfast. They’re able to learn more, achieve greater success and live healthier. I am honored to continue to stand with my friends at the Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation while working to put an end to this significant problem in our country.”

Funds raised will go towards programs focused on eradicating childhood hunger and improving health-related outcomes for hungry children and their families. In the last two years, Hunger Is has awarded 230 grants that have helped local and regional programs provide breakfast and lunch when school is closed and teach families how to most cost–effectively shop and cook healthy food on their limited food budgets.

In the future, the program may even reach out into other aspects of helping families make a better life for themselves. A large part of staying healthy is definitely having access to nutritious food. Be it the fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients or different supplements that can boost immunity and help maintain a balanced diet (check out this Bio X4 review as an example), it is important that everyone has access to healthy diet. However, being able to afford healthcare also comes into the picture. Not everyone can afford good food and they may have to adjust with whatever resources they have within their reach and funds. In fact, there are many NGO’s and organizations working ardently to help those in need. With that thought, campaigns that focus on providing families with urgent care in los angeles and other cities could also play a prominent role in the coming days. For now, the program’s main aim is to provide wholesome, healthy meals so children can grow up hale and hearty.

“When children struggle with food insecurity, they struggle to just enjoy life,” said Christy Duncan Anderson, Executive Director of the Albertsons Companies Foundation. “We are committed to ensuring that children throughout the country can start their day with a good meal and are ready to learn, play and grow.” These days, when it comes to healthy eating, most of us are conscious about what we eat. However, this does not apply to children. They might love junk foods and other unhealthy ones. But, if you take the example of teens and youth, they are more concerned about their body figure and how much they eat. They might choose to fast and sometimes even Google random facts like “Does cinnamon break your intermittent fasting“. What they don’t understand is choosing to do things like this occasionally when their mood demands it can in fact cause more harm to their body rather than making them healthier. Instead, if they had chosen to stick to healthy foods and exercise regularly, they may not have to fret about eating what, when and where.

Hunger Is grant recipients were selected with the help of the Hunger Is Advisory Committee (HIAC), comprised of leaders from the most respected hunger advocacy organizations in the U.S. including Center for Hunger-Free Communities, Drexel University, Feeding America, Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, and WhyHunger. The HIAC provides guidance in defining and addressing needs and makes funding recommendations for approval by The Safeway Foundation and EIF Boards of Directors.


“We are thrilled to have Viola share her personal story and lend her voice again to this cause that continues to be prevalent in our communities. Her story and passion continues to inspire so many to help put an end to childhood hunger,” said Lisa Paulsen, President & CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation. “1 in 5 children in America struggle with hunger every day, and with this new campaign, we’re hoping to change that by providing kids with the breakfast they need in order to grow and succeed all year-long.”

More information about the issue is available at HungerIs.org, along with simple ways for individuals to get involved and donate.

Find Your Park!

I recently had the pleasure of taking my youngest daughter to Brooklyn to celebrate the National Park Foundation and National Park Service, In partnership with Brooklyn Bridge Park and One World Trade Center for the celebration, for the first time ever, New Yorkers worked together on a giant digital circuit board to control the color of the lights of One World Trade Center’s spire. The celebration featured music by Ramblin’ Dan, which kept my little one grooving all afternoon.

Much like Central Park, which is our backyard every weekend, Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the great Parks with views that are astounding. The skyline is picturesque, and the number of fun activities that this city has to offer is endless. Having the opportunity to unplug with my little one and participate in a celebration of the Parks we love and take full advantage of with a few local bloggers was an amazing afternoon.

Our day began with an ice cream social at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory with national park­ themed flavors. Followed by carnival-style sand art necklace making, and trivia questions and prizes. The highlight that really had us all moving our feet was the musical performance by the kid­-friendly band, Ramblin’ Dan.

National parks are kept in the beautiful condition they’re in thanks to the hard work of the National Park Foundation and their Park Rangers. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t gone camping in a national park over a weekend to go out and experience it! If you’re new to camping then you can always look online for more details about the park you’re going to be staying at. For example, campingfunzone.com goes over all the stuff you can do in the Big Bend National Park if you’re based in Texas. I’m new to all this too but I’m looking for my next trip where I can stay in a park for longer, over a weekend!

National Park Foundation and Find Your Park partners also hosted interactive sessions such as American Express ­and its nonprofit partner Games for Change hosted an interactive game experience showcasing the new iOS game, ­Save the Park. Save the Park allows you to play as a park volunteer and experience the conservation activities that support the national parks. We even got to meet some Park Rangers and thank them for their hard work.

Subaru of America was on­site to raise awareness of its National Park Zero­Landfill Initiative, an effort to significantly reduce waste going into landfills from all national parks while educating attendees on how they can help keep the parks remain beautiful for another 100 years. To further divert waste from landfills, Subaru will also be collecting soft drink and water bottle caps that will be recycled into a park bench and donated to an organization or park in need. There are so many things that you can do with recycled materials at the moment. People seem to be speaking more and more about being able to recycle plastic into objects, including benches. We’d been told that recycled plastic benches are manufactured with high-quality sustainable materials that are meant to keep the benches looking better for longer. It’s a great idea and I can’t wait to see what this bench will look like when it’s finished.

The most important message from the day is to remember as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary, we must keep our parks beautiful and clean for our children’s children and their children. Our parks are a treasure and when you breeze in and out for a game of catch or a bike ride, you can forget the beauty behind them and the dedication it takes to keep them running and clean. We can always do more. So many people clearly love our parks as they are always busy with families and cyclists. Due to this, it’s important that everyone is respectful of each other. Sometimes, those on a bike ride might experience something that results in them having an accident at one of these parks, this has happened before and a bike accident lawyer had to be called to help the victims. As this city is so busy, it’s important that we all do our part to keep each other safe.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own.