Ballet Above Lincoln Center!

One of the great loves of my life is Ballet. 
One of my biggest dreams came true! To not only produce a Ballet Performance, but to bring dance back to life, in person was a glorious undertaking. To produce at a time, for an audience who needed to be in the presence of live dance and for dancers who needed to dance, has changed me. It’s now a calling to produce more and to help dancers.  
On a recent Sunday, on a rooftop overlooking Lincoln Center, dancers spoke to the turmoil of the moment, with falls to the floor, deep contractions and imploring arms. It was emotional and beautiful. 
The Dancers of N.Y.C.B., a new organization developed to support members of The New York City Ballet during the pandemic, came together for a benefit performance at the Empire Hotel featuring choreography by former and current members. 

As a former dancer I couldn’t sit idle any longer. I had to find a way. I had to create something for the dancers, I had to help all these dancers.  I found a way. It was smaller. It was more intimate with performances every other hour.  It would work.  It did! The excitement was overwhelming. During my welcoming speech, I took off my mask for a brief moment to scream, “Yes!” People applauded louder than before.  It happened, all while abiding by all the CDC guidelines with everyone socially distanced.  Now what to produce next? There is the excitement for more. But for now we will have to continue to create and find a way to make things  “Figure-outable.”  

That is my word for 2020. 
Click the HERE to read more about the benefit performance.