Believe It Or Not … It’s Time To Talk Back To School!


Even though it seems like summer has just begun, it’s time to start thinking about getting back into the swing of all things school and here are some of my favorite Back To School deals that you do not want to miss!

First let’s start with fashion!

H&M is gearing up for the fall with the best Back To School styles starting at $9.99! From top trends, to sustainable style, and transitional staples, the have it ALL! For girls this season it’s all about the faux leather and suede jackets, chunky knitwear and denim. H&M has a huge selection and some are even made from sustainable materials. Accessorize with a cool fringe backpack or trendy lunchbox. For boys the falls’ trends gear towards a cool downtown feel with playful pops of color! Plaid button downs, graphic tee’s and sweatshirts paired with padded bomber jacket and high top sneakers are a must! Not only is H&M the best stop for the latest fashion trends but they also give back! Donate any old or unused clothing during your next visit to H&M and get 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!

Bed Bath and Beyond is the destination for all college essentials and helpful services! They have a great in-store service called “pack and hold” where students can shop at a store close to home and have everything ready to pick up at a store near their campus which is perfect if you have a child that will be going to a school far away from home. Using a mattress topper and a mattress pad are great ways to make your child’s dorm room feel a bit more like home than with a comfy place to sleep at night and this doesn’t need to be expensive, as long as you use GetYourCouponCodes to save yourself some money. I can’t stress enough how important a good night’s sleep will be for your child. If they are not happy with the mattress provided on campus, you may wish to visit bestmattress-reviews. There are so many quality mattresses out there that will ensure sleep is not on the list of things you have to worry about whilst your child is away. I’m sure the comfort will help them settle much quicker too! With so many different types of mattresses, like latex and memory foam, there’s something for everyone, and it’s all about ultimate comfort. Luckily, there are specific reviews for specific mattresses, like this noa mattress review in Australia. This allows people to see whether certain mattresses are good for them as an individual or not. After all, everyone is different in what they want in comfort from their bed. Let them add their personal touch with a bedding dorm kit. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great dorm bedding kit that comes with everything all packed up in a laundry bag! If you would like something a little more personal to you, you can head to Vision Bedding to make your own custom bedding sets. Dorm rooms are notorious for being small so make sure to bring extra shelving to cut the clutter. Bed Bath and Beyond has colorful reversible cube bins and grids which come in handy for organizing your child’s personal belongings!

We all know about the importance of great skin, especially for teens and young adults going back to school! For a limited time only the experts from Biore skincare are bringing fun and playful graphic prints to their deep cleansing pore strips! Biore limited edition deep cleansing pore strips make the already satisfying process of de-junking your pores now feel fashionable! These strips contain bonding agents that work like a magnet, locking onto and lifting out deep-down grime, blackheads and oils from your pores. In just 10 minutes, they’ll minimize the appearance of your pores revealing a healthier-looking complexion. So go back to school looking flawless with this perfect skincare staple where you can find at any drugstore near you for only $6.49.

Looking for something extra for your child’s dorm room? The Keurig 2.0 250K is the perfect addition to making your child’s dorm room feel just like home! It is designed for a smaller space and is the perfect dorm room addition! The brewer comes in a wide range of unique colors that add to ANY dorm room including four pantone in orange zest, sandy pearl, violet and turquoise. Not only does the Keurig 2.0 250K come in a variety of colors but can brew a variety of beverages pleasing all palettes. The Keurig 2.0 250K has more than 500 different beverages from 75+ brands that college students know and love, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Snapple! There’s also a new Green Mountain Coffee organic line too featuring fair trade single origins and artificial blends. The Keurig 2.0 250K is also great for the home too to make your kids favorite after school beverages like hot cocoa and lemonade. The one reason why I love the Keurig 2.0 250K is because it helps cut down my morning routine! It’s also the first Keurig not only make a single cup but a four-cup carafe with the touch of a button! Looks like I’m going to get one for my home today!