Boston Strong

By: Melissa Musen Gerstein

Have you taken one of your kids on a roadtrip? What a treat to be able to do with my son….so instead of a family trip – I decided to take an adventure with my mom and son.

Boston is strong and rich with history and culture. We took a recent road trip to visit my moms family in Boston. We piled into a Subaru Forester that got us there safely and comfortably where everyone had plenty of room.

This trip was not only about family it was an historical journey through time for me. Our oldest son is studying the Revolutionary War and Colonial America in school. To see the joy in his eyes as we walked the Freedom Trail and to listen to his history lessons was quite entertaining.

There was such excitement as he pointed out places from Colonial times that he had studied in school and now they were coming to life for him.

His history lessons brought back 5th grade school memories for me. It seems I needed a refresher course which he certainly delivered.

Here’s a sneak peek into history….

Walked the Freedom Trail

Walked the Freedom Trail.

Me and my son Elias

Outside Old City Hall.


Paul Revere's House

Paul Revere’s House.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere?

Kayaking the Charles River w a duck too.

Kayaking the Charles River w a duck too.