Fashion Follow Up

By: Kelly Ross

Another Busy week for The MOMS. But Fashion is never forgotten!

Always fun to see Denise and Melissa on HLN’s “Raising America” . What are your thoughts? Check out the segment and weigh in in the comments section below!

“it’s always fun to go back to where you started.” Denise began her career at Inside Edition there is nothing better than now appearing on the show as a parenting expert.

Let’s talk about the magic of Musical Theater. The MOMS and a bunch of moms and little ones had the pleasure of seeing a preview of the beautiful fairytale Cinderella come to life on Broadway.  Priceless moments: Did you see your childs face when the fairy godmother turned Cinderella into a princess? The cast was superb, my personal favorite was Harriet Harris as Madame…HILARIOUS! This show will knock your glass slippers off! I can’t wait to hear your reviews. Plus “Glass Slippers Are So Back”. And a big shout out to Andean Dream and Willa thank you for fun eats and treats!

The MOMS Denise and Melissa were on a mission this time to support  Rebecca Levey at her event for New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio. What a treat to fight for public school education along side Rebecca and Cynthia Nixon.

Don’t forget to sound off in the comments below.

Ramy Brook  BaubleBar  Ann Taylor  Jay Godfrey  La Marque  Stuart Weitzman  J Brand  Three Dots  Elliot James  BCBG  K Mart  Zoya

Denise in Ramy Brook and Baublebar. Melissa looking fabulous in Ann Taylor and Jay Godfrey.

Denise in Ramy Brook and Baublebar. Melissa looking fabulous in Ann Taylor and Jay Godfrey.

Denise in a Le Marque jacket, Stuart Weitzman boots & J Brand jeans from three years ago!

Denise in a Le Marque jacket, Stuart Weitzman boots & J Brand jeans from three years ago!

Denise in Ramy Brook. Melissa in BCBG paired with a a fabulous jacket from K-mart.

Denise in Ramy Brook. Melissa in BCBG paired with a a fabulous jacket from K-mart.

Denise in a Three Dots top, Baublebar & Elliot Jeans. Melissa in Jay Godfrey.

Denise in a Three Dots top, Baublebar & Elliot Jeans. Melissa in Jay Godfrey.




Fashion Friday

By: Kelly Ross

Another busy week for TheMOMS Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein. New York was on Fire with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in full force. Fashionistas painted the town fabulous and TheMOMS did not miss a beat…making a quick stop to see Herve Leger at Lincoln Center before heading off to a screening of Escape From Planet Earth. Family in tow Denise and Melissa help to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Power Rangers show with Knicks player, J.R. Smith! Denise and Melissa looking beautiful on HLN’S Raising America, did you notice Melissa’s neck bling? She snagged this piece from her daughter Lily’s jewelry box! Rounding the week off with a Q&A with the fabulous and funny Jane Lynch, scroll on down to that last picture, you’ll have to agree with me when i say CHIC ladies! While i’m on this forum using the word fabulous way too much, i want to introduce you to a fabulous cause, we are all united to find a cure for breast cancer, check out Walk the Walk America to learn about Moon Walk NYC. Yes, i said Moon Walk…you know you want to join me.

Gap  Zara  Laundry  Crew Cuts  Ramy Brook  La Marque  Stuart Weitzman  DVF  True Religion  Twenty 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - NYC

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – NYC

Denise wearing a Twenty Tees shirt, True Religion jeans and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Denise wearing a Twenty Tees shirt, True Religion jeans and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Denise (L) in a La Marque jacket. Melissa (R) in DVF.

Denise (L) in a La Marque jacket. Melissa (R) in DVF.

Denise in Ramy Brook and Melissa in a Zara Jacket, Gap t and her daughters Crew Cuts necklace!

Denise in Ramy Brook and Melissa in a Zara Jacket, Gap t-shirt and her daughters Crew Cuts necklace!

Denise in Ramy Brook, La Marque jacket and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Denise in Ramy Brook, La Marque jacket and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Melissa wearing Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Melissa wearing Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Melissa in Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Melissa in Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Melissa (L) in Laundry by Shelli Segal. Denise (R) in Ramy Brook and a La Marque jacket.

Melissa (L) in Laundry by Shelli Segal. Denise (R) in Ramy Brook and a La Marque jacket.













Fashion Friday

By: Kelly Ross

New York Fashion Week is upon us, with it, men and women emerge from all corners of the world to inspire and be inspired. Whether they are moderating an event with Sesame Street, appearing on HLN’s Raising America or hosting the Perfect Pearl Launch at Fred’s at Barney’s, The MOMS are always thinking fashion and couldn’t do it without their favorite brands and designers. Between Motherhood and their job, The MOMS Denise and Melissa are no exception to the fashion inspiration domino effect. Sacrifice style for Motherhood? You tell me.

Jay Godfrey  La Marque  Ramy Brook  Stuart Weitzman  Baublebar

Denise wearing La Marque jacket and Jay Godfrey dress

Denise wearing La Marque jacket, Jay Godfrey dress and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Denise wearing La Marque jacket, Jay Godfrey dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes

Denise wearing La Marque jacket, Jay Godfrey dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Denise wearing La Marque

Denise wearing La Marque

Denise (L) wearing Ramy Brook and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Melissa (R) in Jay Godfrey and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Denise (L) wearing Ramy Brook and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Melissa (R) in Jay Godfrey and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Melissa in Jay Godfrey

Melissa wearing Jay Godfrey










Fashion Friday

The MOMS Denise and Melissa got a little domestic this week, while shooting videos for Good Housekeeping and P&G. When it comes to these ladies, it’s clear that domesticity and fashion are synonymous.

Ramy Brook  Baublebar  Stuart Weitzman  AG Jeans  DVF  Twenty  Theory

Denise (L) Ramy Brook, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) DVF, Twenty & AG Jeans.

Denise (L) Ramy Brook Top, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) DVF Jacket, Twenty Top & AG Jeans.

Denise (L) Ramy Brook, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) BCBG & AG Jeans.

Denise (L) Ramy Brook Top, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) BCBG Top & AG Jeans.

Denise (L) Theory Top, Twenty Pants, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) BCBG Top, AG Jeans & Stuart Weitzman.

Denise (L) Theory Top, Twenty Pants, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) BCBG Top, AG Jeans & Stuart Weitzman.

Denise (L) Ramy Brook Top, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) DVF Jacket, Twenty Top & AG Jeans.

Denise (L) Ramy Brook Top, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) DVF Jacket, Twenty Top & AG Jeans.

Melissa in BCGB & Stuart Weitzman

Melissa in BCGB & Stuart Weitzman










Fashion Follow Up

By: Kelly Ross

Looks like Denise and Melissa are leaving their noir et gris hues in the back of their closets. These moms get around  the city looking fabulous high voltage style.

Ramy Brook  Baublebar  Stuart Weitzman  True Religion  La Marque  AG Jeans

Denise (L) Wearing Ramy Brook, Baublebar  & Suart Weitzman. Melissa (R) wearing Ramy Brook & Baublebar.

Denise (L) Wearing Ramy Brook, Baublebar & Stuart Weitzman. Melissa (R) wearing Ramy Brook, AG Jeans & Baublebar.

Denise (L) Wearing Metallic Gold True Religion Jeans, a La Marque jacket &Suart Weitzman Boots. Melissa ( R) Wearing a Ramy Brook top & Suart Weitzman booties

Denise (L) Wearing Metallic Gold True Religion Jeans, a La Marque jacket &
Stuart Weitzman Boots. Melissa ( R) Wearing a Ramy Brook top AG Jeans & Stuart Weitzman booties






Melissa's Shopping List

It is that time of year for holiday shopping! Cyber Monday, Black Friday..the rush to get the best gifts for your loved ones. This is never an easy task.
We have discovered many many cool gifts this year and we have found some “mommy-certified” holiday must haves for you and your loved ones. It was exciting for us to partner again with some fun companies to showcase a few holiday must haves and to be able to discuss all these cool gifts across the country on a Satellite Media Tour.

Fall Fashion with The MOMS

It’s cyber Monday, so to help you get even more fashionable for the fall, we’ve put together some of our favorite looks of the season so far.  Check out, Tt Collection, Bod and Christensen, Jay Godfrey, Ramy Brook, Rent The Runway, BCBG, Twenty Tees, and Stuart Weitzman.

Denise (L) in top Tt Collection, Stuart Weitzman Boots. Melissa (R) in Bod and Christensen leather jacket

Melissa (L) – Bod and Christensen leather jacket and Jay Godrey top, Denise – Bod and Christensen leather jacket

Melissa (L) – BCBG, Denise (R) – Rent The Runway dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes

Denise (L) – Ramy Brook Jumpsuit, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Melissa (R) – Twenty Tees Dress and Stuart Weitzman shoes

Melissa (L) – Twenty Tees Dress, Denise (R) – Jay Godfrey Dress

Tis The Season for Target, Technology and Toys!

What’s better than Target and technology combined? Perhaps Target’s Top 20 Toys and thankfully this season we can actually have it all wrapped up in time for the big day.

We were delighted to host Target’s Top Holiday Toy Playdate at The Target Studio on the Monday before Thanksgiving to showcase their Top 20 toys. We had the opportunity to mingle with moms and media (one of our favorite pastimes) chatting about the Target shopping tools and tips that make busy working moms’ lives just a tad easier this shopping season. It can be hard for some moms’ to find the right gift for their kids, so things like this can help a great deal, they also have the option to check out websites similar to to find something that they may specifically need, or they can pop into their local stores. There is much to choose from to help the shopping experience.

For Denise, it’s all about technology. There’s nothing better than the digital wish list. All year, Denise can hear herself repeating to her kids, “put it on your Christmas list”. But if you’re a busy parent, that list never gets done, or it gets lost, or it winds up as numerous emails clogging your inbox. So now, with Target’s digital wish list, that list will be saved and emailed out to the grandparents so everyone can easily see what the kids want.

For Melissa, shopping with three children is never easy. One option for her might be to head to a site like for some funny gag gifts that will make perfect stocking fillers, but there are many options available now for those with a little more tech knowledge. Melissa just downloaded her Target app and will be scanning QR codes throughout the store. And since her nieces and parents are in St. Louis, she is going to have the gifts shipped directly to them! That will not only save time but it’ll be convenient too. For this non-techie mom, it was truly eye-opening how easy and non-stressful the shopping experience can be with QR codes.

For more on all of Target’s exciting holiday news, go to

So what are our top picks from Targets Top 20 Toys?

Well, for Denise’s boys it’s all about the Hasbro Spider Man Dual Action Web Shooter that actually shoots a special web fluid. Her 4 year old thinks he is a superhero. And ironically her almost 8-year-old asked for a flying helicopter this morning so it was great practice to use the Spin Master and of course his ultimate favorite, The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster. Denise’s son has also asked for a hoverboard, so she’s been trying to find hoverboards that cost less than $100. I think shes’s managed to find one so her son is going to be super excited on Christmas day!

Melissa’s children are 10, 7 and 3 and the variety of selection is just perfect as there is something for everyone. Her three year old adored the Easy Bake Oven which was a favorite for mom growing up and she also had a ball playing with The Furby’s and feeding them with the free app that will help translate Furbish too. They are super soft and come in many colors, and of course she wants the pink one. Her middle one loved the Monster High Scary Tales doll that is exclusive only at Target and the Leap Frog Leap Pad2 was a hit with both girls.

And our personal favorites? Well Denise is a mom to 2 boys, but had a blast with the Barbie Fashion Doll where you can take pictures with the embedded camera and then watch them appear on Barbie’s shirt. You can then download the photos into your computer too, it is a classic but updated with technology.

And Melissa loves the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. Her family is big bakers and it is going to be so special to share this toy with her kiddos now and watch her mini chefs enjoy what she loved doing as a child. It is great to see the classics have a comeback.

Tis The Season to Shop and now Target makes it so much easier with the convenience, value and overall toy selection. Now you don’t have to stress or procrastinate or forget what your children and loved ones want this holiday… because you can keep it all organized with the digital wish list and not break the bank by making Target your one stop shop for everything holiday. Happy Holidays!

Legal Disclaimer

Moms on A Mission for Hurricane Sandy

Moms On A Mission…

Are you a mom in need because of Hurricane Sandy? We want to help – mom to mom. If you have a need, email us and we will try to find another mom to match you up with to help. Are you or your kids in need of clothes? Do you need toys for your kids? Is your stroller gone? If you have bigger issues such as damage to the home, you may want to view page to see how you can be helped during this time without the worry of not knowing what to do next. From big to small we want to ease your worries.

We think there’s no better way to help then to match moms up so everyone can do their little part to help each other — mom to mom, family to family. If you’re a mom that wants to help — let us know! We hope that you had home insurance set up with someone like Home Owners Insurance Cover (see their website here as this will be key in recovering any financial losses you may have incurred, and we can help you figure out how to do this too, but in terms of the more pressing short terms solutions you need we’ve got your covered.

Please understand that we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find a suitable match, volunteer or donation, but we will try!

We know that we can’t bring your stuff back and the devastation and damage done to your homes are horrible for you to deal with, we can only offer you the best help we can and any guidance along the way. If your home sustained some exterior damage to the guttering, you might be able to be put in touch with a service like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Orlando to assist you with restoring the gutter to its previous state and remove any unsightly blockages too. If you have home insurance but aren’t sure how to go about dealing with it, there are people out there who can help you with going about it so you know what help you can have from your policy. If you do not have home insurance, the best thing would be to look up some policies that can help you with the future, comparing them like the ho3 vs ho5 policies can help better prepare you for the future. Just know that you aren’t alone and there are people here to help you along the way. and

Children's Place and Pajama Program Twitter Party

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow….literally for so many kids thanks to a special partnership between The Children’s Place, The Pajama Program and the Broadway Show, Annie. We recently hosted a special night on Broadway for moms and their kids but the best part about the night was doing something meaningful with our kids. Each child was able to donate pajamas and books to the Pajama Program on their way into the theater.

You too can take part and learn more about the Pajama Program and about The Children’s Place, the one-stop-shop for all things fashion for kids – has also stepped up to support this charity by providing adorable and comfortable sleepwear for children in need.

To help them with this we’re going to host another one of our classic Twitter parties. The hashtag we will be using is #PLACEholiday and we want to see lots of people coming together to talk about the importance of this charitable partnership, clothing, bedtime stories, or relatable experiences you want to share with the crowd.

It’ll be a great way to share the event, not to mention a great way to find and talk to new people on our favourite social media. Lots of people these days are looking to buy real Twitter followers so why not try getting some the old-fashioned way? It’s all for a good cause after all!

So if you’ve read all that and are rearing to go, please join us as we celebrate these partnerships and talk about children’s fashion and bedtime favorites at the…

The Children’s Place & Pajama Program Twitter party with Resourceful Mommy

When: Monday, October 22nd from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #PLACEholiday on Twitter

How: To participate, use the party tag during the hour and follow hosts @ResourcefulMom and @TheMoms.


  • TEN (10) winners will each receive a $50 gift card

Here Comes The Dads

Kevin James may just be another comedian on the big screen, but at our recent Mamarazzi screening for his new film, Here Comes The Boom, we found out there’s much more to the funny guy. He’s a caring family man who shares a huge mutual admiration for his co-star, Henry Winkler. We moderated a conversation between both actors about their new film and about parenting.


Who inspires Kevin James? Who are Henry Winkler’s heroes? What do they worry about in their roles as dads?

And here’s more from the two dads…

The Moms at The White House

We have rarely been speechless. But as we approached The White House for meetings we can’t yet talk about, we both had nothing to say. We just took it all in. We were full of emotions as we went through security, strolled inside the gates and walked throughout the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

We can’t disclose the purpose of our visit, but we what we can talk about at this point is our fashion for the White House.

What do you wear to a meeting at The White House? How do you look professional, yet keep your edgy, hip looks? We went to some of our favorites to find the perfect combination of both.

Melissa chose a sleek white dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal and Denise chose an edgier pink layered dress also from Laundry by Shelli Segal. We both rocked our favorite Stuart Weitzman heels and mixed in some Bauble Bar jewels for our fabulous day.

We hope to be back soon, rocking great looks and great things to come….

La-Z-Boy Brings Me Home


St. Louis is my home away from home. I was born and raised there until I was 17 and then The Big Apple took over. I always visit twice a year and I so look forward to the downtime where I get to unwind and be with my family. Now, as The MOMS grows it seems St. Louis is just not home for me now. I am finding with our business, many cities have many connections to what we do.

Just last week, I headed back home and found that my usual downtime, became busier than ever for most of my St. Louis trips. Missouri, known as the show me state, showed me more business opportunities than I ever expected and has opened many doors that I look forward to exploring, one including La-Z-Boy.

I was recently re-introduced to The La-Z-Boy brand this year through a friend. I always knew of La-Z-Boy as the brand with the recliners. That image of a man on football Sundays and wings immediately comes to mind for me. However, that is no longer the case. The company and store has gone through a fantastic re-branding where you can get beautiful modern pieces and fabrics at an incredible price with your own personal shopper.

I was so thrilled when the company asked me to return to my hometown and host a store opening with fellow St. Louis bloggers and media. It was truly an incredible experience to be back at home and to be aligned with La-Z-Boy.

It was a perfect fit for me as I have always suffered from design confusion, to the point of being almost colorblind. Be it choosing a round rattan garden furniture or a dinner set, I cannot pick or choose anything without breaking into a sweat. This seems so silly for a woman like me who can make instant business decisions and who also has strong convictions when it comes to choices for my family. My friends are constantly on websites like El Dorado Furniture to find new interior design pieces, I wish I could be as decisive as them.

They have people on staff at La-Z-Boy who will hold your hand through everything you do. They are patient and informative and they also have great design stylists who have insight to where you are confident in your decisions and feel like you are getting the benefit of the services of an interior designer near me so that you know your new furniture is going to fit beautifully in your home. You never feel rushed or pressured and the prices are incredible.

So for all you out there who might be thinking about a new couch or chair from wear and tear of having kiddies, you should check out La-Z-Boy where you might be pleasantly surprised with new updated, modern looks to compliment all your other stunning furniture and decor (like how one friend of mine is looking for things to match their Personalised neon lights they got recently). It really takes the stress out of the whole situation, as furniture shopping can really drive you up the wall. And for those of you who still love the recliner for football Sundays of course they still have many to choose from too.

What are your summer survivals?

What are your summer survival secrets? Are there a few things you just won’t leave home without?

Now that the kids are out of school…. It’s our job to keep our kids safe and entertained — but how do you do it without losing your mind? Here are some of our summer survival kit tips for summer family planning that’s fun for both moms and kids and will make your life easier!

I love being able to spend more time with them but it can get a little overwhelming filling their schedule with safe and fun activities to keep the whole family happy.

Well, I always say you don’t have to go far to get away! It doesn’t have to be extravagant but my biggest tip is to be organized and plan in advance.

Taking day trips together as a family can be a great bonding experience and create happy memories. Try exploring your neighborhood or city and check out places you haven’t been before. You may even choose to go all out and use a campervan hire company for a vacation in New Zealand for example. No matter where you go, spending family time this summer could be a lot of fun!

But what three things should you have packed and ready to go?

I’m working with some great companies to help you survive and thrive this season. Remember to plan! First, don’t forget the kids. Second, don’t forget your survival kit!

The key to summer survival is safety! Don’t leave home without sunscreen, drinks to stay hydrated and hats if you plan to be outside for a length of time. But it’s also important to keep your personal belongings safe outdoors.

I won’t leave the house without my Masterlock SafeSpace to keep my wallet, cell phone, car keys, iPod and whatever else I need safe. It’s the perfect portable security solution to lock up all your valuables while you’re at the pool, taking a family bike ride or day vacation. It’s got this neat integrated cable that locks the safe down to any stationary object so you can run around with the kids instead of playing babysitter to your stuff. Available in gray, white or pink and under $20, this is the ultimate summer survival gear to keep everything safe!

It’s easy to forget survival basics but keeping your kids and yourself hydrated in the summer sun is essential. But while you’re at it, go ahead and sneak in a full serving of fruit and vegetables.

Capri Sun now has a delicious and nutritious way to keep them going strong both outdoors and in: Capri Sun Super V. My kids won’t eat veggies but they LOVE juice so this is a perfect way to give them what they want while getting in a
full serving of fruits and vegetables. With three great flavor choices, it’s every mom’s secret survival weapon.

However, just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you should be having any less fun! Some of my friend’s children like to play video games, for example, if they have a day inside. The biggest and most popular game at the moment is supposedly League of Legends and I’ve heard plenty from my friends about their children who want to buy lol smurf accounts to play at a higher level.

Then there is all the gear they need. For example, recently we have been thinking about investing in a new VPN to speed up our game loading times. One of our friends has sent us over some vpn reviews so I am going to have to take a look to see if I can find a VPN that could work for us. There is nothing more frustrating than a lagging game after all, especially during an online multiplayer game!

Furthermore, apparently, next to a good gaming mouse, there is one type of equipment that is often overlooked: so-called gaming chairs. They offer a wide range of health benefits and usually greatly improve posture. This makes playing video games safer for children’s health, allowing them to comfortably play video games. Perhaps I should consider one as I can’t get enough of IMVU, the social network and gaming community for teens and adults. Here’s a look at my personalized Avatar

People from around the world come together in this fun and engaging online social environment to hang out, chat and play games with each other. I just created my own profile and now I’m one of the 80 million users already enjoying IMVU where creativity and self-expression, two of my favorite things, are highly encouraged! How cool does my Avatar look?!? Best of all, it’s totally free to join!

Summer Fun with Your Kids

What do you like to do with your kids in the summer? We always try to think of new ways to do fun things with our kids. And what we always tend to think about is some of our favorite things from our childhoods. So put the iPads away, hide their iTouches, and shut the TV’s off, unless you’re using them for educational purposes. For example, a fun activity could be to watch videos for kids to learn singing skills on YouTube. This is fun for kids, and you could even get the whole family to take part! Although you could always think about those days when you would play kickball in your driveway, run to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee, chase lightening bugs and have family movie night. Now bring those same activities into our generation. Here’s our top Mom list for the summer:

• Family Movie night – pick a movie from another generation and watch all together.

SlurpFREE Day – Make a Slurpee run – but do it on May 23rd – it’s SlurpFREE Day which means a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee for you and your little ones from 11am-7pm. And for those of you looking to watch your calories, they have the new Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango with no sugar and only 20 calories per 8 oz serving.

• Be tourists in our your own town – pick a local place you have never explored and do a new one each month.

• Do something you have never done as a parent – for your kids and with your kids. If you don’t cook – cook a meal with your kids. If you don’t normally play games with them – pick a game. If you don’t normally play sports with them – try it.

• Playing sports with your children is a great way to ensure they get some exercise! Don’t worry though, the sport doesn’t have to be extremely active. You could suggest bowling! That’s a fun activity for everyone. If you go to your local bowling alley, it’s likely they’ll have all the equipment you’ll need. However, there’s nothing stopping you from reading reviews, like for example, and purchasing your own ball. Having your own ball could motivate you to go to the bowling alley more often, furthering your family time and keeping your kids entertained.

• Ask your kids if there is something new they want to do or try….it can be so simple…sometimes we don’t have to plan so hard but just have to ask…

• Write a book or song together with your kids – see how creative you can all be together.

• Camp in your back yard.

• Make a garden and plant with your kids. Nothing like homegrown fruits and veggies and flowers. But make sure to keep the rest of the garden looking clean and fresh using the likes of or somewhere similar, so it’s ready for you and the kids to play in as well as plant some fruit and veggies.

• Family bike rides to new places.

• Try to picnic in a new spot or park.

• Make a water slide in your backyard. Alternatively, you can look into this water slide hire for some fantastic summer fun.

• Make a lemonade stand and have the proceeds go to your kids charity of choice.

We were paid by 7 Eleven for the post and accepted because of our true childhood memories of 7 Eleven.