Minute With The MOMS: Nut Job 2 Cast

Breaking news: Though Maya Rudolph, Will Arnett, Bobby Moynihan and Gabriel Iglesias are all in The Nut Job 2… Our #Mamarazzi was the first time they were all together…There’s just too many funny stories to share so please watch the full video here!

Click below for A Minute with the cast from The Nut Job! Time to laugh NutJobMoms Will Arnett, Gabriel Iglesias, MayaRudolph, and BobbyMoynihan



Halle Berry talks family, and career, on Mamarazzi LIVE-Stream interview series on Thursday August 3rd, on Time Inc.’s People Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Halle clues us in on the WiFi wipeout that happens during the school year at her home, and how far she has gone to protect her children and her fight for the Senate Bill #606.

To watch the entire Mamarazzi show with Halle Berry visit:



Toni Collette talks family, and career, on Mamarazzi LIVE-Stream interview series on Wednesday August 2nd, on Time Inc.’s People Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).

On this Mamarazzi episode we got the scoop on Fun Mom Dinner from Toni Colette! Click below to watch her recap on working with legendary Funny Females,  the Fun Mom Dinner after party and how she handles being a MOM away from her kids.

Captain Underpants Mamarazzi

Today more than ever we are fighting technology, especially with our kids.  Pushing books down their throats is not ideal, but unfortunately we are living in new times with new battles. So when a character like Captain Underpants enters your world with characters like Professor PoopyPants, it is hard to not love this series and wild superhero.

The film is a surprising gem with the biggest laughs and it has the biggest heart.  Parents you too will be hysterical….take a sneak peek at our Captain Underpants Mamarazzi event with the filmakers.


The moms hosted Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn for a Mamaraazzi event for their new film Snatched. The actresses sat down with The MOMS to dish on the film and during the interview Amy admitted “her uterus remains empty for now, but she would like to have kids someday.”

Click below for typical Schumer Humor, and you may want to make sure the kids aren’t in the room before you click play.

The MOMS & Miles Bakshi, Ramsey Naito, Tom McGrath and Marla Frazee

The MOMS hosted a Mamarazzi event with Miles Bakshi, Director Tom McGrath, Producer Ramsey Ann Naito, and Author Marla Frazee to discuss their new hit film The Boss Baby, and The Dolby 88 screening room.

Take a look at some shots from the event where our guests had the chance to meet The Boss Baby himself! The Boss Baby that arrives in theaters next Friday, March31!

A Minute with The MOMS and Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals has appeared in over 50 films. But no one can forget her iconic 80’s hit movie, Flashdance that put her on the map.

The MOMS sat down with Beals, a mother of one to talk about her new NBC TV Show, Taken and film, Before I Fall.

Beals talks about her projects, motherhood and her favorite kind of date night (this you don’t want to miss). Here is a Minute With The MOMS…

A Minute with The Moms: Nicole Kidman

January 2017

The MOMS kicked off 2017 with a Mamarazzi event with Nicole Kidman for her new film, Lion.

Kidman was candid and honest about what she does when she gets time alone, how she disciplines her kids and time alone with her husband…well…watch the video above for a Minute with The MOMS.

Sterling K. Brown

December 2016

Sterling K Brown sat down with The MOMS while in New York City to talk about his new hit NBC Show, This Is Us.

Brown talked about balance and his new fame and being recognized now, and how he is managing it all and also dished on his hometown St. Louis with fellow St. Louis mom, Melissa.

Kristin Chenoweth and Warriors In Pink

October 2016

Most meaningful Mamarazzi ever. It still feels surreal that we are spreading the messages of @WarriorsInPink #MoreGoodDays because of Denise’s Breast Cancer and she was clearly inspired to rock the real look.

It was so special to do it with Kristin Chenoweth, Ford’s Models of Courage, all of the guests and YOU, who have supported US and joined our emotional day. Go to themoms.com to see all of our tips on #moregooddays! #warriorsinpinkmoms #sp

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

November 2016

No School, No Problem! The MOMS hosted a Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Mamarazzi® event with Lauren Graham, Griffin Gluck and Alexa Nisenon at the Tribeca Screening Room.

The film is now open nationwide, so head on over to your local theater and bring your family along for lots of laughter.

Scrubbing the Comedic Dirt with Marlon Wayans & Scrubbing Bubbles ®

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles® and SC Johnson.

As Moms we are all aware that both cleaning and comedy go hand in hand. We’ve shared those moments that make us go “Ugh” with you before and not too long ago we were invited by Scrubbing Bubbles® to spend the afternoon at New York City’s iconic Gotham Comedy Club for an exclusive comedic event with Marlon Wayans! His performance focused on those surprising, yet amusing moments he experienced both growing up and as a father.

Upon arrival guests were invited to a pre-reception down in the Scrubbing Bubbles® lounge where the kiddos got in on the act and fellow moms shared their utmost hilarious “Ugh” moments with one another. Do we spy future comedians in the room?

Guests were then brought to the main stage where Marlon brought a full supply of giggles and delivered laughter for all! We laughed out loud, because who doesn’t love a good joke? We cried, because we were laughing so hard. To be able to laugh along with Marlon with our kids by our sides was a great bonus. Both Marlon & Scrubbing Bubbles® delivered a comedic sketch that was genuinely hilarious and appropriate for all ages, proving that Scrubbing Bubbles® can clean even the toughest of jobs.

Laughter is the best medicine and lucky for you we’ve got it on tape! Check out the highlights from Marlon’s Scrubbing Bubbles® routine below!