Do You Eat Your Kids Leftovers?

Today our lives are busier than ever. Today more than ever we are rushing from work to the kids to making and shopping for meals. We are constantly taking care of our families. We are constantly juggling all day long, with no time to sit down and relax together. The home is now simply a place to wash and sleep, with no time to use it for quality family interaction.

The family mealtime in particular is something of the past. Despite the advice that we should Cook as a Family, many of us simply don’t have time. We are actually scheduling family time in our calendars now. We are eating on the go. We are eating our kid’s leftovers. We are eating standing up. Many new homes are built with no dining room, and there is simply no space for a dinner table or chairs in the kitchen because the room is often too small. This has led to the demise of the family dinner.

When we were approached by a new food company that offers parents the opportunity to cook a well-balanced meal in minutes; we were enticed. Personal Trainer Food gives you everything you need to put together a delicious, healthy dish that the whole family will enjoy, without having to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. We asked several moms and dads across the country to try this new program. So many jumped on board and are thrilled with the results.

The food arrives at your doorstep, already pre-packaged and fresh. For us, it was about the food organization, not just the weight loss around this program. We of course researched the nutritional elements of this program and how good the food really is for us! By using websites such as, we learnt all we needed to about the most recent nutrition tips and reviews before deciding this was right for us.

Although, it’s always nice to lose a bit of extra weight, especially when nothing else you’ve tried has made a difference. With that being said, many people have probably looked at supplements, that you can read more on at places like when you have nowhere else left to turn because they have been known to make a positive difference to your weight management.

But at the minute, many of us will probably benefit from this amazing food that is all ready for us when we want it. The only issue now is to find a space to eat together as a family. Many kids eat up in their rooms, leaving mom and dad on the sofa by themselves. Ideally, a table and chairs would suit much better, but many simply don’t have the space for it. Luckily, Furniture Shops Gateshead and similar furniture shops in your local area often have space-saving solutions for small homes, with folding tables and stackable chairs fitting perfectly into any small corner. With the time saved by your new meal program, it’ll be easier than ever before to lay the table and eat as a family, together.

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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Personal Trainer Food, all opinions expressed are our own.