Exploring With The Explorer

For the first time, in a long time, we went on the Great American Road trip around the state of New York. I have lived in New York City for over 20 years and have never taken the time nor had the time to really explore what is right here in my backyard. I had the perfect opportunity to do this with my folks in town from St. Louis. They booked a trip to New York City for 10 days and I took them on a serious adventure.

We kicked off the road trip in the Ford Explorer, which had plenty of room for all of us. We all felt safe because of the safety rating of the car and the car was safe due to the policy with One Sure Insurance. We headed upstate to Lake George and spent a few days exploring various little towns along the way. We even took the side roads at times to see all the farms and barns, which my daughter adored. Whenever we caught site of cows or horses we had to pull over and take in the view. When you live in New York City, sights such as these are not only so joyous to see but you can forget how simple life can be just a few hours away.

We stopped for the night at the historic and beautiful Sagamore Hotel, which has views for days. We plopped ourselves down at the bottom of the dock after a delicious lobster dinner and just watched the sunset go down as the boats went by. I loved watching my Dad take it all in. When you live in St. Louis you a landlocked so you really appreciate lakes, oceans and anytime you can get on the water.

The next morning we piled back into the Explorer and headed southwest towards Cooperstown New York. It’s been a dream of mine to take my Dad to the Baseball Hall of Fame and being only 2 hours from Lake George we made that our next stop. Growing up in St. Louis, you become a die-hard Cardinals fan, so I have baseball in my blood and to visit the Hall of Fame was pretty awesome for me too. I loved watching my Dads eyes light up and tell stories of the old players and just ramble off facts as if he was a baseball historian. We explored Cooperstown after the museum and took in a fabulous lunch and found the best bakery too.

After Cooperstown we made our way to Woodstock. My dad was dying to see where Woodstock took place. The drive to Woodstock was stunning. We took in the mountains and hills of the Catskill region. We stayed with friends who have a weekend home up there, and great knowledge about the area. We drove into the town of Woodstock and it is still filled with many hippies and musicians playing right in the middle of the town. Great shops to pick up little trinkets and of course the coolest Woodstock tie-dye T-Shirts one could find.

Our next road trip stop took us to Westhampton New York. We have always loved The Hamptons but this was our first time in Westhampton. It had a more laid back vibe than we were used to and a terrific little town that had such quaint shops and restaurants. A favorite find was John Scott’s Surf Shack. It is just right off Dune Road, with a casual atmosphere and the best lobster roll.

The next morning we discovered Pike’s Beach off Dune Road. It was quiet, it was beautiful and it had a food truck that pulls up around Noon offering sandwiches, and ice cream and every drink. This was essential with the kids and we were at that food truck for ice cream one too many times.

The last stop on our great New York Road trip was over to Riverhead. Riverhead is a short 20 minutes from Westhampton and we were told to not miss the Farm Country Kitchen. It could be one of the best meals we have ever had!

We ended our Great New York Road Trip back in New York City. We explored our last few moments with the Explorer by taking the car through Times Square to see more action on our way home. My parents eyes still light up even thought they come to visit me all the time, I guess it is still so incredible to see.

Our great American Road trip through the state of New York was exhausting and beautiful all at the same time. Hopefully our next American Road trip will take us out of the State of New York, because this country has so much to see.