Family Getaway to Celebrate Life

As the last day of my 43rd year approached, I was so grateful to end this year with so many of my favorite people at one of our favorite places, Woodloch Resort with my boys & my love & my MOM & my bonus kids & my BFF and her kids. It is great to get away sometimes, you need to take a break from your everyday life and do something that makes you feel good about yourself, so I was very lucky to get to do this with the ones I love very much!

I know not everyone can go away for their birthday but making it special is certainly on the list. And yes, this can be done in various ways. For example, if you have to book a dry hire London venue or a venue closer to where you are, and have it decked out in all your birthday glory, then why not! It is one day a year that people celebrate you so it is worth doing it in style with a lot of fun. Or, if you prefer to celebrate your birthday in a funky she-shed decorated with neon signs (to see some options, visit Neon Mama), balloons, and other birthday decors, and spend the day with all your favorite people, then feel free to do so. The choice is yours. Just celebrate another year on this earth, it is totally worth it!

I am ending the year the happiest and healthiest I have been in awhile. Birthdays are not just about the cake and gifts (although getting antique silver cutlery or similar precious gifts do add to the joy), I am reminded how lucky I am in life and health and choose to see it that way. I will think about how to make 44 the happiest and fullest of life and love and hard work and passion as ever before. I remind all of you to try to do the same. Live and love life.

One of the kids said to me one morning when we were choosing between all of the activities here at Woodloch Resort, “We know you just want all of us to be happy today.” They were right. I’d say we all had a great day and few days for my birthday because as you probably know by now…I love to celebrate life.

This is 44. Big Smile! That’s the outside. Happy. Full of love. Comfortable. Living. Just being me. That’s the inside. All together…44 is being happy & healthy & comfortable being me. Anywhere I am. Whoever I am with. Doing what I am passionate about. I am confident and happy! My skin might look older, but I’m told skin fillers can help. One of my friends suggested that I check Deep Wrinkle Filler reviews to get an idea of how these products work. Maybe as time goes on, I can look for rejuvenation treatments. For now, I am happy with my life and looks. I hope you all find this too – no matter your age. I am grateful to all of you. I am grateful to be Woodloch Resort with so many I love and looking forward to the road ahead (and continued celebrations).