A Getaway With My Mom Is an Integral Part of Fighting My Cancer

I’ve always joked with my married friends that I did it right by getting divorced: I get time off when my kids go to their dad. While other parts of being a parent on your own might not always be easy, when my kids are with their dad, I can actually try to relax, do whatever I want and even travel. (This did take time getting used to, and the reality isn’t always easy.)

Then, when I was diagnosed with cancer, being a parent on my own – or an “independent” mom, as I like to say – became more complicated. Worried thoughts run through my head about what happens should treatment not be successful. Besides that, the added stress of going through treatment yet being “on” and “not sick” for my kids all the time was, and is, a lot.

Honestly, there are some days when I feel like I can’t go through with it anymore. The initial diagnosis was hard to handle and a lot of other cancer patients will tell you the same. But what the nurses and doctors don’t prepare you for is how it will truly affect you as a person. It’s not their fault, they don’t know the full extent. While I was preparing myself for the pain, and the potential need to use something like this breeze recreational cannabis delivery service because I wanted to use their products to unwind and forget about my problems for a time, I completely forgot about what it would to not only my mental state but to the thoughts and emotions of my kids too. It really was, and is a lot, for one individual to handle. I don’t know how others managed to do it. Is that why so many cancer patients tend to require therapy for mental preparedness? Some might even be prescribed cannabis products (find some here) from their doctors to help them with the pain. But I don’t think that is the route for me. Still, I have to keep moving forward, no matter how hard this may be for me to do.

Going through something like this changes you as a person, you see another side of yourself and you see another side of those around you as they adapt to what you are going through. Health is truly a precious thing. If you are able to live without any sort of illness, you are truly blessed. Following a proper diet, handling stress properly with supplements (for example, check rae destress review), exercise, and mindfulness are essential to be healthy in today’s fast-paced world. There isn’t really a day where you aren’t thinking about the future, whether that be near or far, you have always got something in your head that can set off your anxiety levels once again. People cope in different ways, some need peace and quiet and will use medicines from prescription-based to natural to help with getting through it, this could be herbal supplements or marijuana with websites like weedsmart which they have discussed with their doctor, others will want to be constantly doing something to keep their minds preoccupied so they are not thinking about what could happen every single day.

It is a road that nobody wants to go on or down, but the right support system will get you through it and help you when you feel like you don’t know which way to turn, you just have to believe in yourself.