What Do You Do When You Have No Headspace Left?

Are you a mindful parent? I think as a parent we all try to be mindful. But I bet you didn’t know that meditation can actually make you parent better. Tapping into your spirituality is a wonderful thing. Some people do this through meditation, others do it through cannabis using tools like an American made glass bong in order to so.

I recently attended a beautiful luncheon hosted by Momtrends and learned that parents who practice meditation are more responsive to their children. A mindful parent can actually help a child learn to manage their behaviors and how they respond to you and also in the classroom. But it’s not just mindful parenting that attracted me to Headspace. It’s the lack of peace I have in my life.

My headspace has actually reached maximum capacity. Recently, I feel like I am on the edge of breaking down because of the amount of overload and the stress that happens to me as a working parent and especially during the end of the school year. You would think that we are all winding down but I feel more overwhelmed than ever. A friend mentioned I should try the best CBD Oil to try and overcome this sense of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Well, she actually said “beste CBD olie” given that she’s Dutch!

To be honest, CBD products seem to be more popular than ever before. In fact, most people I know seem to be talking about the potential health-boosting benefits of CBD at the moment. You see, there is a lot of research out there to suggest that CBD can be used to help people living with stress and that it can have a positive impact on your sense of wellbeing. Accordingly, CBD products are now available in a wide range of different formats. So, whether you want to get your CBD fix via Private Label CBD Softgels or any other CBD health supplements, the choice is totally up to you.

So, what could I do to tackle the stresses of my daily life? Yes, I exercise almost daily which is a great release and I try to take time for myself but to be honest those things don’t solve the underlying problem. I was left wondering about what I should do next; I didn’t know where to turn. But then my friends told me that I should consider taking cannabis for medicinal use, as they had heard that something like the gas monkey strain was meant to help with symptoms of stress. Don’t get me wrong, I had considered it because I had nothing to lose at this point. But a part of me was still wondering about the other options that are out there. How do I become less stressed daily and how do I find the peace in my everyday life?

With Headspace I discovered that I will be on a new journey. A journey that can hopefully help with my stress, happiness, work, parenting and so much more. The App allows you to try several levels of meditation and allows you to discover so many things about yourself you may not have even known. The App also has sessions for students. This is so helpful for all those stressed out teens who might be taking final exams right now.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is your Headspace at maximum capacity? If so, I have a special gift for you.

You can try Headspace for 40% off. This offer expires July 4, 2018! Click the link below and upload the code. This will give you access to the full Headspace library.


I know I am not alone here when it comes to feeling overwhelmed as a Mom. I am hoping the Headspace App can be my start to managing some of the stress in my life and hopefully this App can be helpful for you too.

Let’s all try to find some Headspace.

This is a Sponsored Post, all opinions are my own.