Hugs with 98 Year Old Grandma

My 98-year-old Grandma is in assisted living and hadn’t had a hug in over a year! Wait until you hear some of the conversations and special moments we all shared with my Grandma! It’s truly incredible and we are so grateful for the science that made this all happen! We hadn’t been inside with my mom without masks in over a year. Our recent trip to Ohio in this incredible Outdoorsy RV Van brought so much love and joy along with the most amazing conversations.

This time together allowed us to reminisce about days gone by and I can’t even begin to tell you how magical it was to see her face light up when we were talking about all these memories. While not the most ideal of scenarios, assisted living for the elderly tend to be a practical housing option for those in their golden years. Senior housing developers who make such properties available to senior citizens on lease (AAOA has some useful info on various types of leasing prerequisites) include a multitude of add-on services like lifestyle concierges, car services, and even gourmet dining. However, the above-mentioned services are not all that is included in an assisted living situation. While housing, meals, and assistance with medicines are what would come under personal care, assisted living would include additional skilled healthcare services that can typically allow someone to age in peace in one place (learn more about assisted living vs. personal care online). Although, despite the facilities, sometimes it might be hard for people to leave their loved ones in a senior care home. And yet, it is funny how you forget about how much you cherish this time together as a family until it is taken away from you. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is something I will remember forever. Of course, we spoke about stories that we had heard 100 times before, but there were several new ones that we were able to speak about.

My Grandma spoke a lot about her family, some of whom I had never even heard of before, and that is when I realised that I don’t know much about my ancestors, and how I would like to do some further research into them. Many people I know have pointed me in the direction of a site like Genealogy Bank (check out here for more information) that will allow me to search the names of these family members in the hopes that it will provide me with all the information I need to learn more about where I came from and what my roots are. I think anyone should do it personally, especially if they don’t have a bond with some of the older members of their family.

I’m just so glad we were able to have this amazing visit with my Grandma, and I’m hoping and praying that we can do it again very soon because these times are precious.

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