I Hated Being Pregnant!

BY Denise Albert

I’m proud to say that out loud. It seems the more people I say it to, the more people admit they disliked being pregnant too. Loads of people struggle with different things when it comes to pregnancy, some women struggle with stress incontinence, some get really bad morning sickness. Some just hate everything. So I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

I love my kids. That might be a better way to start. I am certainly grateful that I was able to have them but I really hated being pregnant. There are certain things about pregnancy that I enjoyed. I loved designing their nursery – choosing the colours and the furniture in particular. I must have spent hours online looking at Pinterest boards of things like nursery wall decals and colour schemes. I also loved buying them little cute outfits in anticipation. Mostly, though, I enjoyed the day my babies were born. But the whole pregnancy process was extremely stressful for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have a natural pregnancy so, after a few weeks of trying with no avail, I began asking my doctor how much does IVF treatment cost. My doctor told us to keep trying and eventually, I got pregnant. That was when it all went downhill!

I’ll start with the obvious. I hate being fat. And I do get fat! I eat, but certainly not enough to warrant the 50 pound gain during both of my pregnancies. When my OB suggested buying a scale, I knew I was in trouble. I always used the zipper trick. If my jeans closed, I was fine.

I hated feeling nauseous every day, all day. It did not go away. I never threw up. I would have felt better if I did.

I hated burping, tooting and the feeling of a big bubble under my heart all of the time. It’s amazing I didn’t OD on tums. It now makes complete sense why 5 ½ year old keeps asking for those “yummy tummy vitamins” – he was born addicted!

I also hated you. You, and you, and you! All of you! (My guess is you hated me too!). Everyone and everything bothered me. I had no patience, no sensitivity and certainly no filter. It was a problem at work and at home. I began to hate my job, hate my friends and sometimes even my husband. I also hated every question from every single person. When are you due? What are you having? (Don’t know – that’s the only thing getting me through this miserable experience). Oh how cute – are you having twins? (No, I’m just fat!)

Luckily, there were a few things that helped me out here and there throughout the pregnancies, like the many vitamins and supplements places have on offer to help with certain issues us women experience. I even know some other pregnant mums at the time that invested in White label supplements and started their own business from their experiences, helping others alike! Which is completely inspiring. So there are definitely some things that can help you out through this process!

After each pregnancy, I did realize what I’d always been told – it was all worth it! But after two boys – I know I will never do it again! I’m choosing to stay married, stay employed, and stay happy. And happy for me – is NOT being pregnant. And please stop with the questions, I am not having a third. (Translation: I am not going for a girl.)