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Strut Style in pink

Lovin the first warm day of the year in my full Gap outfit.  Best way to feel spring is to look spring with a white shortsleeve sweater and pink jeans.  Top it off with Bauble Bar jewels and Stuart Weitzman boots and it’s a perfect look for a perfect day.  (Although had I left home later today, I would have gone with a spring-ier shoe but still obsessed with these gray wedge boots!)

Crafty and CelebraTORI

When we last spoke to Tori Spelling, she was newly pregnant with her third (although she hadn’t announced it yet, we had mother’s intuition).  We bonded over jewelry (she also has a line at HSN, spoke endlessly about our kids fashion choices and compared notes about date night)  Now, less than a year later, the super-mom of three is launching another collection to add to her brand – a new craft line on HSN on March 13th.  The collection will include customized stationary, memory books and stamp kits.  And if you want it all in one place, Tori’s line includes the “craft clutch” that stays together in a cute clear clutch.  All of this will also be showcased in her new book, CelebraTORI which will be released on April 3rd.
We had a few questions for the crafty mom….
The MOMS –  We are so inspired every time we hear about something else you are doing – the perfect example of a mom entrepreneur doing it all.  Where does your inspiration come from?
TORI – My inspirations come from my passions. If I love doing something then I want to create with my spin on it and share it with others. Crafting is definitely one of my lifelong passions!
The MOMS – What is your favorite craft / activity to do with you kids?  Do you find time to do it everyday? 
 TORI – The kids and I love making things for people. Homemade to me equals love and that’s what I’m teaching my kids. Together we make cards, presents, home decor, and treats. We try to craft at least once a week and we live for holidays!

The MOMS – What is your advice for moms who might not be crafty? 

Strut-ing with Iman

We’ve spent years in the television business interviewing celebrities.  But there’s something different when you’re working together.  And this week, we learned what that feels like while we shot a video for Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show with Iman and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the Fashion Director of Lincoln Center.