La-Z-Boy Brings Me Home


St. Louis is my home away from home. I was born and raised there until I was 17 and then The Big Apple took over. I always visit twice a year and I so look forward to the downtime where I get to unwind and be with my family. Now, as The MOMS grows it seems St. Louis is just not home for me now. I am finding with our business, many cities have many connections to what we do.

Just last week, I headed back home and found that my usual downtime, became busier than ever for most of my St. Louis trips. Missouri, known as the show me state, showed me more business opportunities than I ever expected and has opened many doors that I look forward to exploring, one including La-Z-Boy.

I was recently re-introduced to The La-Z-Boy brand this year through a friend. I always knew of La-Z-Boy as the brand with the recliners. That image of a man on football Sundays and wings immediately comes to mind for me. However, that is no longer the case. The company and store has gone through a fantastic re-branding where you can get beautiful modern pieces and fabrics at an incredible price with your own personal shopper.

I was so thrilled when the company asked me to return to my hometown and host a store opening with fellow St. Louis bloggers and media. It was truly an incredible experience to be back at home and to be aligned with La-Z-Boy.

It was a perfect fit for me as I have always suffered from design confusion, to the point of being almost colorblind. Be it choosing a round rattan garden furniture or a dinner set, I cannot pick or choose anything without breaking into a sweat. This seems so silly for a woman like me who can make instant business decisions and who also has strong convictions when it comes to choices for my family. My friends are constantly on websites like El Dorado Furniture to find new interior design pieces, I wish I could be as decisive as them.

They have people on staff at La-Z-Boy who will hold your hand through everything you do. They are patient and informative and they also have great design stylists who have insight to where you are confident in your decisions and feel like you are getting the benefit of the services of an interior designer near me so that you know your new furniture is going to fit beautifully in your home. You never feel rushed or pressured and the prices are incredible.

So for all you out there who might be thinking about a new couch or chair from wear and tear of having kiddies, you should check out La-Z-Boy where you might be pleasantly surprised with new updated, modern looks to compliment all your other stunning furniture and decor (like how one friend of mine is looking for things to match their Personalised neon lights they got recently). It really takes the stress out of the whole situation, as furniture shopping can really drive you up the wall. And for those of you who still love the recliner for football Sundays of course they still have many to choose from too.