Legal Disclaimer

About MOMS Events, Reviews and Product Promotions

What We Say & Write

The MOMS are a multi-platform lifestyle brand and event company with exposure on the web, television and in print. Our content includes first-person accounts on all topics related to motherhood, parenting, topical issues and video interviews, product reviews and endorsements.

What we say and write reflects our honest opinions, beliefs and experience at the time we say or write it. The MOMS, will never endorse a product, partner with a company or provide a favorable review for any product or service that we do not truly believe in.

Compensation from our Sponsors & Partners

What our readers think is very important to us and we want to make sure that we are open and clear about our relationships with our partners, sponsors and other companies we work with.

Most all of our events have sponsors – those are the companies that enable us to bring exciting and informative programs to you. Our sponsor and partner relationships also enable us to bring attention and sometimes financial assistance to non-profits and other causes and individuals that we believe in.

In many cases, our sponsors and partners provide us with products for our own use, and for our guests – you! Our sponsors and partners also often compensate us directly. This is what enables us to do what we do – providing entertaining, edgy and informative programs about parenting and other topics of interest to our followers.

We also sometimes provide product and service reviews. We do this because we think there is something worth telling you about – whether positive or negative. We want you to know that in some cases, we have been given the product or service we are reviewing for free, or sometimes we have been compensated directly by the seller of the product or service.

Although we do not always receive free samples or compensation relating to something we write, or one of our programs, you should always assume that we have been compensated in some way by our partner or sponsor for that event, review etc.

We want to make sure that you are aware of these relationships because your trust is of the utmost importance to us.

Make Up Your Own Mind

The MOMS only provide positive feedback about products and services we genuinely like or believe in but of course we cannot and do not warrant results or satisfaction with any product or company we review or write about. The same goes for negative feedback we give about products, services or other matters.

Please be aware that we are not experts – we are moms. What we say is simply our opinion and we do not take any responsibility for any outcome following the use of a product or service we’ve discussed. In addition, we do not routinely update our reviews, articles or posts so it is possible that a matter about which we have commented has changed from the time we first commented about it. For instance, if we write about a product we like, it’s possible that some feature of the product has changed after our post which could affect our opinion.

In all cases, you should make up your own mind about the topics we cover. Any use of the information we provide, or products and services we write about, should be based on your own independent assessment.