"Mom, I like your boobies"

BY Denise Albert

“Mom, can I see your boobies?”
“Can I touch them?”
“I like your boobies.”

That’s what I wake up to in the morning and what I hear before I put my kids to bed. I mean I am quite proud of them. Many people have to pay a visit to a surgery like Luxurgery in order to be satisfied with their “private parts”. Nonetheless, I wasn’t quite expecting this from my son!

I don’t know where this came from but I do know that my oldest son’s curiosity with my body began once I stopped changing in front of him. So now I wonder if I made a bigger deal out of my “private parts” than necessary. I used to change in front of him. I’d wander out of the shower and into my room in the buff. But when he was about three I decided it was time to stop. And that’s when the questions began. It started innocently and originally seemed to fit in with his normal nature of inquisitiveness.

Now, three years later, the questions haven’t stopped and instead they’ve become an annoying routine. And what’s worse is my three years old has now joined the chorus wanting a piece of me. Both of my sons try to cop a feel multiple times daily. My little one last week belted out, “I want to see your penis”.

In what should have been a teachable moment turned into tears of hysteria. I didn’t mean to laugh but it was just so darn cute and unexpected. He knew enough to say something that wasn’t appropriate, but not enough to know that I don’t have a penis.

But the part I can’t figure out is where all of this language comes from? Is it just a natural course of life? Are their inquiring minds enhanced because my son realized that by no longer walking around naked that somehow nakedness was not acceptable? If I didn’t rush to cover up would that have been better?

Should I go back to prancing around my apartment in my birthday suit? Would that alleviate the negativity? Would it reverse the wrongfulness? Would it get them to stop asking to see my boobies? So if you peek through my windows, and see boobies running around, now you know why. Let’s hope no one sees or uploads it to an adult amateur site like tubev.sex!