The MOMS on PIX11: Getting Your Kids to Unplug

The MOMS, Melissa Musen Gerstein and Denise Albert, share their thoughts on getting children to unplug. Check out Melissa of “The Moms” simple tips.

Melissa’s Take:

  • First start the conversation now with your kids that everyone will be downsizing their tech and devices over the holiday. Talk about how this time together where no one has school and how the holidays are about family should be important and precious moments.
  • Set up a game or movie night and everyone checks in their devices. This takes discipline and it’s up to the parents to enforce this. Make a calendar of plans so that the kids can see what’s ahead
  • Buy your kids journals so they can write about their holiday and Xmas memories. Kids can get into scrap booking too.
  • Remove all social media Apps for a week. “I challenge everyone to do that–even Mom.”
  • If you’re going to family parties and events all devices should stay at home or in your purse and away from distraction.
  • Make sure your out of office is on even if you are only taking a day or up to a week. Everyone is always reachable with our phones so make sure your work knows that you are not working. You are doing the family thing.
  • Remind yourself if you are tempted to email or check in that taking time away makes for more productivity when you return. You will be recharged and ready to go. It’s healthier.