More gifts that give back

BY Denise Albert


There’s nothing better than giving. We know that first hand. Last week, we hosted a blogger party at 77 Kids. There’s nothing better than giving to our peers, especially with great gift ideas, so thanks to 77 kids we were able to give shopping sprees to over 50 bloggers and their kids.

We brought our kids to our holiday event which featured DJ on the rise DJ Fulano, his mentor (and DJ to the stars) DJ Cassidy.

And Cassidy is not only a mentor to Fulano but a great gift to all kids who are looking for inspiration. Cassidy even let the kids know some of the ins and outs of becoming a DJ if they so wished to in the future, he even highlighted points in which it can be easier to “make it” with fewer resources, such as options to put equipment on dj finance, so new and upcoming DJ’s can afford some top-of-line equipment to improve their music production quality, plus loads more! He was the perfect gift for the day for our kids who couldn’t wait to talk about music and ask him questions about what he does.

In our spirit of giving back, we are also donating some of our items to other kids.

And last week we suggested custom gifts idea that gives back and many of you asked for more. Some of us would like to give the gifts personally, but not everybody can afford the time. You can turn to courier services to send the parcel on time, as some services like startrack couriers can get them delivered interstate and internationally. So with that in mind and in the spirit of giving – we’ve put a few more together for you….

So if you still have shopping to do, or if you want to get a head start for next year, take a look.

A great webstore selling gifts for kids, cares about giving back. They want every child to feel as fortunate as theirs do. So, this December, they are letting our customers be gift heroes! They have 3 awesome hero-themed gifts and will set aside 5% of retail sales of these products to purchase toys for children in need.

Good Deeds Gifts & Bid for a Dream Holiday Auction
t_image003-2_1.jpgBloomingdale’s has now launched Good Deeds Gifts and theBid for a Dream Holiday Auction. Purchase Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Teddy Bear by Gund for only $18, ornaments from Radko, designed by celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Al Roker and more at only $40 a piece, or the Theodora & Callum multi-print scarf for $175. A portion of each sale will all benefit the Child Mind Institute this holiday season!

t_25_17_SKIP-Silver-Pendant-Large.gifSKIP of New York
Deirdre Imus suggests the jewelry from Skip of New York. The No Place Like Home silver pendant is the perfect gift to mark any milestone. You are giving someone a beautiful gift that signifies home and the love it represents so they always carry it with them. Offering two sizes and starting at only $175, 100% of profits from Home Collection jewelry sales go to SKIP of New York to help make the dream of home real for thousands of sick and developmentally disabled kids.