Denise Albert on HLN for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I never thought October would be an awareness month that includes ME! I am now and forever tied to #BreastCancer and I’ll be using this month especially to live out loud and tune in NOW on HLN. I try to be honest and make a difference in everything I do, whether on @SiriusXM, on social media, or with my friends and family. I speak out on social media about my life as a mom, my social life, my divorce, and my work (with lots of fun hashtags!), so it only felt natural for me to continue living publicly as a #FutureCancerSurvivor. My public journey, and my work with Ford @WarriorsInPink, has taught me a lot about how to enjoy #MOREGOODDAYS during breast cancer treatment, and how to extend more good days to others in the fight. As I continue treatment and move toward embracing my new #Survivor status, I’ve shared some of the lessons I’ve learned on how to enjoy more good days during my breast cancer journey. Please go to to see more tips on how to help your friends have #MOREGOODDAYS #SP