#myBrEaSTyear celebration

I choose my family. I choose my friends. Thank you Amanda Uprichard for making my dream shirt. Thank you Nelson Braff for this special night at Southern Hospitality. I planned this last minute party though treatment is not done for a month but it was on an off NBA night for my dad. I keep my mom pretty busy between my work as our attorney and the kids but she changed her plans too.

Luckily David Blaine was in town prepping for his upcoming tour. My brother had a home Ranger game. My #workwife and I took a break from Mamarazzi and our podcast. While missing some, so many of my friends celebrated with me. The biggest stars…my two boys…who worked the room like pros and clearly like a good party..like their mom.

Thank YOU. All of you.  

#survivor #futurecancersurvivor ? Jonathan Breton (and thx Hanky Panky too).