We Need To Laugh Harder…More Than Ever

I have avoided the news since the election. I have really turned it all off, this is probably because I am so disgusted and turned off.

I am a former breaking news producer who ate and breathed any and all news stories. I was on the front lines of every story and knew every up to the minute detail and all the players involved. So for me to be disengaged and disenchanted with the news is something I never thought would happen. I have been back and forth over how I’m going to deal with the next four years and the news that is coming out everyday. How are we all going to make it through 4 years, 48 months, 208 weeks and 1460 days? Then today it hit me. This is what we have to do.

More than ever, we have to laugh harder and love stronger. More than ever, right now, with what’s happening in America. I will do my best to stay positive but I might need to lean on others and on you. You might need to lean on me too. I can only pray that when my son votes in his first election 4 years from now that we are looking forward with progress and that we can see a light at the end of this tunnel.

When I find myself stuck, sad and frustrated, I will look to laugh. I will watch more TV comedies and go see every funny movie I can. I will look to laugh with friends, and laugh with my family. I will push myself to go out more. Then we have to dance.

We have to dance more. Dance with our kids, and dance with our spouses, and friends. We have to stop and say hello to strangers more and have conversations with more people in our community and take time with one another at our local shops; more than ever. We have to enjoy life, look for entertainment, go to concerts, travel and meet new people, and experience a new culture. We have to genuinely ask how they are and not just in passing. We have to sing. We have to sing in the car, and when we are out and sing with our children. The little things that make us smile and laugh.

We have to celebrate each other and lift each other up; more than ever. With laughter, and dance and song, maybe, just maybe, the four years will pass and we will soon be watching someone else dance the night away at an Inauguration. Hopefully that next time, and that someone, will be one to watch. Where you can sit with your children and feel proud to share in that historic moment. Here’s to the next four years, may we dance, sing and laugh more than ever before.