“Have you ever had anything removed from your skin? Do you or your family have a history of skin cancer?” The nurse’s questions weren’t what I wanted to hear. She added, “It’s a standard question we ask all new patients.” Issues involving your skin are something that we’d all like to avoid wherever possible. The risk of contracting something like skin cancer is enough to make anybody want to seek confirmation from a medical professional like a dermatologist. These medical professionals, the likes of which you can find at websites like https://premierdermatologyatlanta.com, are experts in skin health and are the right people to turn to if you are ever worried about the health of your skin.

Cancer of any form is a sickening thought, but still not one that many people truly understand the full impact of before it begins to affect them. Therefore, these standard questions can seem normal for most patients who’ve never had to go through cancer treatment. Once again, I’d reaffirm that you should always see your dermatologist to discover more and learn about your options at the first sign of any unusual or concerning development regarding the health of your skin.

Thankfully, it is much easier to treat many forms of cancer these days. Advancements in treatment methods and reliable healthcare providers (similar to San Diego oncology) have meant that skin cancer is no longer the killer it once was, and there are many treatment options available to patients. There are even natural treatments available to ease symptoms, such as RSO (or phoenix tears as it is sometimes known). RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil that was originally developed by medical marijuana specialist Rick Simpson, who created it to treat his own skin cancer. It is available in Canada as phoenix tears canada, making it one of those drugs that we are all thankful for.

Last year, that would have been a fine question at a routine appointment. But this wasn’t a routine checkup. It didn’t matter that the question was explained the way it was (which was, I’m sure, perfectly acceptable to most people). This appointment was with an oncology dermatologist at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center where I’m now seeing all of my doctors. I am most comfortable being treated there.

Once you have been diagnosed with some sort of cancer, your reactions change. I heard the question above as “I’m sorry, you have skin cancer.” Read the full article on Good Housekeeping.