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I thought there was something seriously wrong with me after I had my 3rd baby.  I will never forget the day.  I went to the gym a few months after she was born went to do some jumping jacks, and realized that I had leaked.   I called my Mom, because I was so worried, she explained that I had LBL and not to worry.  Following the days after the gym, there were more LBL moments while sneezing and laughing.  

1 and 3 women experience LBL (light bladder leakage) and many aren’t comfortable talking about this.  That is why I chose to partner with Poise to help empower other women and bring this topic and conversation to the forefront.  It was liberating and important to share my story so that other women don’t feel like they are alone.

Just this past month, I hosted an event at BlogHer, (the biggest blogging conference for women in the world) where we brought together women from all across the country in an intimate setting for wine, yoga and conversation.  I was joined by OBGYN, Dr. Jessica Shepherd and pelvic health expert, SarahHaag to discuss my personal story and to learn how to take control of LBL with better solutions.

I was surprised by the community of women in the room and how open so many women were about their own LBL struggles.   Everyone shared their own personal stories and so many women had so many questions.  Sarah brought in an actual model pelvis and many women didn’t even understand this area of their bodies.  There were laughs and comfort and we all discovered that LBL does not have to slow you down, thanks to Poise.

Poise has a variety of products – from Pads and liners to Poise Impressa Bladder Supports which is an over the counter product designed to stop bladder leaks before they even happen.  Women were relieved to learn about this as they discussed their own struggles with working out, sneezing, laughing and even sex.  For me personally, I found myself feeling for the first time, not alone and not ashamed. I had felt for sometime that there was something wrong with my body or that I didn’t focus on those kegels enough, but what I realized is that so many women have this problem and so many are ashamed too when you just don’t have to be.

At the end of the yoga class and pelvic demonstration, all the women gathered with a glass of wine on their yoga mats and it was kind of like sitting around a campfire with your friends.  We all just opened up about our LBL issues, our kids and bodies.  It made me realize again, why I love what I do and how we have to continue the conversation, so that so many more women, don’t feel alone like I did.

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Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.