Rocked It Fathers Day Weekend!

For years, we have been hearing about Rocking Horse Ranch and for years we have wanted to visit. We finally found the perfect weekend to head up, which was this past Father’s Day. This wasn’t all that we had given him for this special day. Before we set off, the kids gave their father a custom photo wallet that had a family photo on the front. I thought this was very thoughtful and something that we know he’ll use. He definitely looked like he enjoyed receiving it. With future father’s day gifts we will have to look to do even better. Our man of the house deserves it, he always goes the extra mile for us so we will need to get him a thoughtful gift every year. To help us keep the standard high on father’s day gifts we started brainstorming a gift idea for father’s day for next year already. Anyway, back to the trip itself. This family of 5 with a 16 year old, 13 year old and a 9 year old, need space for our road trips. We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to test drive the new Chevrolet Equinox, which made our ride extra comfortable and allowed me to relax too.

When we arrived at the ranch, we were welcomed by an outdoor barbeque with a country western band. Immediately, we felt like we were in the wild wild west with the sounds and smells of this gorgeous ranch. After lunch, we toured the property and the kids didn’t’ know where to start first.

We kicked off our activities with a dip in the pool, followed by a banana boat ride on their lake and then a mini golf game. After drying off, it was our turn to saddle up and take in a trail ride. We have a horse back rider in our house, so this was her turn to shine. She got right on her horse as if she just rode yesterday (even though it had been months). She asked for more time, so we were lucky enough to schedule a quick private lesson.

After the Horseback riding, we were back in the outdoor pool which was then followed by bungee jumping and then the indoor pool which was like a water park with obstacle courses and splash areas. Bungee jumping was an experience in itself. Although this was something I wanted to tick off my bucket list, I was still so nervous. It is the idea that anything could happen while you are up there. It is understandable as to why sites like advise you to take up life insurance for high risk activities, in case anything was to happen. It sounds scary, but this is definitely necessary. You just never know, so it is better to be safe than sorry and know that you did all you could to protect yourself and even your family. This year round resort also offers wintertime fun and activities that include snow tubing, skiing, sledding, skating and I hear the best hot chocolate around.

Then came time for our Fathers Day dinner set in a gorgeous western décor dining room. Our Fathers Day dinner turned into a date night for us as the kids ate in record time and left us alone to take on the arcade. To be honest, we didn’t mind the alone time. During this meal, I was finally able to present my husband with the gift of attending the Cotswold Gin Pantry. As we are already planning on a trip to the UK soon, I thought I might as well add this to the to-do list. I’m so happy that he loves the gift. I knew he would anyway.

After the busiest day ever, we headed back into our Chevy Equinox and drove back to Manhattan. The vehicle is quite impressive with the warning seat vibrations. When you don’t drive often, these extra safety features are an added comfort when driving around a family. Of course the kids loved the Apple Car Play and 4G LTE Wifi, and what Mom does not love that for a long car ride!

We rocked our Fathers Day weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch thanks to Chevrolet and everyone at the ranch. Maybe this will be our new Fathers day tradition, if not, we are more than happy to take on another adventure soon with the Chevrolet Equinox.