Sometimes You Have To Get Far Away From Your Children….

After you have children, it is all about the children. Sure there is date night but that lasts only a few hours and you often return home and the kids are still up. Those days of lying in bed, long talks and intimacy slowly trickle away unless you can get away and after a long time, that is exactly what we did!

This was the first time we have ever left our children for almost two weeks. My husband continued to remind me that they would be ok but would I be ok? Packing up everyone and getting the children to St Louis to stay with my parents was the only real obstacle unless you want to include my nerves. In the last hour I felt unsure about going away and for so long. My youngest is only 6 and would she completely understand? They were in the best care with my folks; it was just more about me missing them and letting go a little. Luckily, my parents had a Wireless alarm fitted not too long ago. This was just to add more security to their home, making them feel much safer. With having an alarm system, it did help to ease my nerves because I knew they were being looked after in a secured home with my parents. Unfortunately, it was still difficult leaving them. I think I need my kids more than they need me.

As we headed to the airport, I had anxiety about being so far away. We were heading overseas to Europe and that is not around the corner. I have always wanted to visit England and stay somewhere like the voco Oxford Spires hotel, but I’ve always been worried about being far away from my kids for so long. Europe is a little closer for us so that seemed the best option (although I’d definitely like to go to London at some point in the future). I became anxious and nervous, and began to wish that I looked for a medical marijuana card online before leaving so I wouldn’t be feeling as anxious as I am now. I just knew that I had to calm down, and quick. But then something happened… I boarded the plane, and relaxed and I remembered what it was like to be alone with my husband. We completely immersed ourselves into each other. We were just a “young” couple in love all over again and even the plane ride was dreamy.


We started our love-fest in gorgeous Lake Garda I had heard about this breathtaking lake for years and we now made a dream visit come true. We stayed at The Villa Feltrinelli for one night and it was like being in an old castle. In fact, it was! It could possibly have been the most spectacular place I have ever stayed, it was completely over the top luxury. We were within walking distance to a little town called Gargnano and everyday we walked from the Villa to have dinner or breakfast by the Lake. Following Villa Feltrinelli we

Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda

Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda


Villa Sostaga and the owner Gabrielle

wanted to experience Lake Garda up in the mountains, which took us to Villa Sostaga. Here is where we just sat back and had vino and the most breathtaking view in the world. The owner of the Villa, Gabriele literally invites you into his “home” and makes you feel like his Villa is your Villa. He was telling us about a website called Rental Cloud where you can advertise your holiday rentals as I was asking more about the holiday villa industry. He told us that his villa was booked up for 6 months and that we were lucky to book it! He was such a lovely man and his villa was truly beautiful.
I remember just sitting and staring out at the view thinking, I don’t want to leave. I became so comfortable just as a couple. The kids would call and that was hard. To hear their voices was wonderful, but also left me feeling guilty for some reason. It was almost better to fully distance myself from my children and phone calls back home.

After two days of Lago di Garda we headed to Verona. We had no idea that Verona was so special. We stayed at Palazzo Victoria, which was the perfect location for everything in Verona.

The town of Gargnano

Palazzo Victoria

It is steps away from the arena and all the shops and cafes. The hotel was very romantic with Old Italian furnishings and our two days and nights in Verona were very romantic. The highlight was having dinner at Osteria Ponte Pietro on the river and walking to the top of Castle San Pietro to overlook the city. That is the one thing not to miss and of course the Opera.

Following Verona we took the train to Florence, which was so easy.


Il Salviatino Hotel in Florence.

It took less than two hours and was a very comfortable ride. We took a Taxi to our hotel, which was on the outskirts of Florence. You drive up a long winding road to find Il Salviatino, the Villa of your dreams waiting for you on top.

Il Salviatino Hotel in Florence.

One of Il Salviatino’s Service Ambassadors

You walk in and you are instantly transformed into a historical palace. The views over looking Florence will take your breath away and from our room we could see the Duomo. Il Salviatino also has a swimming pool for some relaxation after long days walking around Florence.

A room with a view! Il Salviatino.

A room with a view! Il Salviatino.

Here in Florence we wandered all the beautiful streets and headed over the Ponte Vecchio for a very special hidden treasure. Our hotel manager at Il Salviatino suggested visiting an old craftsman, or artisan who designs for all the top designer houses.

Our day with Artisan Giancarlo.

Our day with Artisan Giancarlo.

It was by far one of the coolest experiences meeting this elderly Italian man and having him show us his work.

But it wasn’t the Villas, and it wasn’t the Italian streets and it wasn’t the food that made this trip so heavenly. It was the time alone with my husband. It was walking in silence holding hands. It was sitting in cafés and laughing. It was taking our time and no rushing around. It was that we could take time for ourselves. It was just what your marriage needs after 15 years together. Towards the end I didn’t want to leave. I got comfortable again just the two of us. Is it ok to feel that way once you are a family? But when we arrived home and landed, I could not run off the place fast enough to my babies. I will forever crave alone time with my husband. To be just the two of us, to be his only priority sure felt good for 12 days. But hopefully we can escape again sooner than later, because it was Bellisimo!


Verona, Piazza Erbe