After Surviving Breast Cancer, I Was Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis

I’m still here. I can still do things to feel good. I can still enjoy life with my kids and family. Many people who have been in my position, and experienced the conditions that I too have experienced, discovered that coping with it all was made easier through using high quality CBD products due to their pain and inflammation reliving properties. Those suffering from a myriad of conditions that would otherwise seem as if there’s no natural remedy to manage associated pain and discomfort found a product that they felt really helped them through this period of their lives, which is amazing news. CBD is extracted from cannabis, which can also help those suffering from pain and inflammation. Some people like to use CBD products, some like to smoke cannabis, and others like to use bc vapes. However they consume it, people are utilising the healing properties of cannabis to great effect. I’ve written this piece so many times in my head. Now that I’m actually typing it … I realize it is hard to share these thoughts. Each time I share something I try to convey my experiences; my life, my journey with breast cancer, my experience with the TSA, my divorce, parenting and my work, in an authentic way that perhaps also may help others.

I have written and said I have never thought, “Why Me?” when dealing with my cancer. I have said that I knew why. I felt I had a voice and a way to help others. I would be lying though if I didn’t admit that in the past few months I did think, “Why Me?” I wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t admit I have felt sorry for myself. You know what … I think that’s okay too. I have gone through a lot beyond my chemo and radiation treatments.

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