Do You Do MultiGenerational Travel?

Recently we headed down to the Dominican Republic with the grandparents in tow. We headed to Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana, which is an all- inclusive resort in Punta Cana. This is now our seventh trip as a multigenerational crew, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To see your own children with your parents, experiencing a new city, food or adventure, is one of my greatest pleasures. When you take everyone out of their daily environments and routines, it is like a breath of fresh air washing over you.

I am not saying that everything is perfect, and, at times, we can even look like a hot mess debating over restaurants and activities, but that is why you can break off into smaller groups much more easily, as well. Quite often, my son, my husband and my dad will want to golf or snorkeling, whereas we girls and Nana are left with more artsy adventures, like seashell collecting.

The key to multigenerational travel is keeping the agenda light and knowing these are precious moments that do not last forever. I also reflect upon how much my parents did for me as a kid, and I want so badly to return that favor. Having them join us on our family vacations is not only meaningful but is also my way of saying thank you. Going on a road trip vacation with the extended family is not that easy in a single car and perhaps an RV is worth considering. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store it – RV Storage Buildings are available to be constructed on your property should you need it.

Of course, if you do intend on traveling with older relatives it is important to make sure that you visit somewhere that everyone can afford. Our parents are very financially independent and have even released some of the equity from their home. They had thought about freeing up some of the value of their home to live out their retirement in style for some time, and after a friend told them to check out The Equity Release Experts online, the deal was all but sealed.

Our parents decided that they would much rather have the cash value of their property in hand to enjoy while they are still relatively active so that they can travel as much as possible. So far they have put the money towards well over a dozen exciting vacations. I do not blame them at all. Your retirement is all about doing what makes you happy after all, and thanks to retirement mortgages, more elderly people than ever before are enjoying their golden years to the full.

The other bonus to this traveling crew is built-in babysitting! I find that my husband and I can take a break and go out for dinner, and even have an evening alone. Sometimes when I get this opportunity I play bingo games on my mobile because it tends to give me stress relief as well as winning some cash. Recently I have decided to compare bingo sites so that I can find the best one for my money, either way, an evening alone is still bliss. It is hard to have a family vacation and also, somehow, simultaneously give oneself a vacation. The grandparents are the secret weapon for this. Even if you are still “on duty”, having another set of eyeballs on your kids, whether they are building sandcastles or monitoring pool-time, is extremely helpful. I actually read an entire book this past vacation.

Yes, there are amazing kids clubs, too. I have experienced them at Dreams Resorts & Spas and Beaches Resorts; however, still being able to all be together during the day is important to me. I don’t want to take a family vacation and not see my children.

The bottom line is that you should be appreciative when you are a multigenerational traveling crew. It is about time together, and we all know time is fleeting, especially when it comes to our grandparents.

No matter where you are going on your vacation or how many people you take, you’ve got to be on top of all your financials for it. Taking everyone on a countryside trip, (if you’re going across the pond to England) means that you’ll need to know the tax laws of that country and how they apply if you want to get a caravan, for instance, it also is the same for motorhomes and campervans and must be adhered to.

#SummerDreaming With The MOMS

Everyone needs a little summer dreaming — especially after the polar vortex. So what perfect timing to host a spa day for Dreams Resorts & Spa and Now Resorts & Spa? With unlimited luxury at all of their locations, it’s the perfect getaway for any family. What does unlimited luxury mean? It means gourmet meals, kid zone activities, brand name drinks- you name it, they’ve got it! Maybe you are laying on your rattan sun lounger in your backyard reading this and thinking how you could top off your summer if you were in a spa right now, well you could be!

We know at The MOMS how important time is, especially when you are going on vacation. There’s nothing like relaxing in custom pools and spas to really wash the stress away. You don’t want to miss anything on those precious vacation days. Dreams Resorts & Spa and Now Resorts & Spa have very accessible destinations. We know this is key when you are a traveling family. You can hop on a plane to one of their many vacation spots and be on the beach within hours. That will put a smile on anyone’s face which we learned at our summer dreaming spa day.

Looking forward to a vacation is an exciting time, the anticipation of knowing that you are going to be lounging on a beach somewhere or relaxing in a luxury hotel or even taking half term holiday breaks in the north east either with your family or with a loved one. The thought in itself can make you feel that rise of happiness inside you. We know how hard it is to book a vacation, especially if your life is filled with family and work (that you can’t seem to escape), that is why many will go for timeshare options so they have a set time and place they can vacation at, however, it is not all roses and they can find themselves dealing with more financial ties to their timeshare then they initially wanted. That is why something like timeshare exit companies are needed so that people can free up their time and go on a vacation they actually want to go to… resort and spa anyone? You deserve a vacation that makes you feel happy and content.

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